Are you going through a spiritual awakening?

  • Are you feeling stuck?
  • Are you lacking direction?
  • Are you feeling lost?
  • Are you struggling with clarity in your decision making process?
  • Do you want to leave your 9-5 job? Maybe you already have
  • Are your relationships changing?
  • Are you starting to think that you might be going ‘crazy’ as no-one else thinks like you?
  • Are you seeing things you can’t explain?
  • Are you hearing voices?
  • Are you wanting to heal your past to move forward?

For whatever reason you have been guided here. You may be going through a spiritual awakening and the questions above are some of the ones you may be asking yourself.

Let me introduce myself

My name is Lindsay Banks. Having gone through my own spiritual awakening back in 2017 I now support others through theirs. My own awakening was triggered through the loss of my best friend to cancer, shortly followed by the collapse of my marriage. I didn’t felt like I was being true to me anymore. I had become emotionally numb to life. In order to get through it I utilised every tool I had in my spiritual toolbox.

I had read about mindfulness, meditation but wasn’t practising it. I started to meditate, to connect with myself again. Speaking with Angels, using crystals, practising Reiki on myself. I did what I could to get me through a difficult, dark time. And I did get through it. When I did I put these tools into a book so others could utilise them to help them on their path. A Gentle Hug for the Soul was born in Oct 2018. You can check it out here

If you’re having an awakening what do you need to know??

There are a variety of stages with spiritual awakening, and not everybody’s is the same. Some people’s awakenings occur post tragedy or trauma. The loss of a loved one, a divorce, a nasty accident. You are left thinking what is life about? What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What’s my purpose? You start digging for meaning.

The stages of awakening

  • Stage 1 is probably the most confusing time. You have no idea what the hell is going on. You’ve never heard of an awakening. You just know you don’t feel quite right and things don’t sit with you as well as they did.
  • Stage 2 is when the realisation hits that you need to get out of this hole you are currently in. How do you do that? By finding other people who have been in it, by talking to them, beginning to practise meditation, healing, yoga, journalling. Start to listen to what your soul wants you to do.
  • Stage 3 is acceptance. You are mastering the art of practising various tools that are keeping you on track, mentally. Emotionally you still may have up and down days. These will always be with you as you start to adapt to the rhythms of natural life, not the work life you may have been conditioned to.¬† You accept that you are on a different path to the one you maybe thought you were going down
  • Stage 4 is when you have worked on yourself and feel in a good place, you then can share your own awakening story with someone else who maybe needs to hear it
  • Stage 5 is the realisation that this is just the beginning. Like an onion as you heal, there is more to be healed, more to be learned. The spiritual journey is an exciting one, if you allow it to be as well as having its more challenging moments. It is how we choose to respond and how much we are willing to heal ourselves in order to heal others in order to heal our children and our planet.

As we move from the 3D to the 5D we often go through No Mans Land, the 4D. Here I explain the different levels of consciousness for you to see where you may be at

So with that in mind how can I help you?

I empower you by teaching external tools such as crystals/tarot/energy healing to access your inner knowing. I work as a psychic medium/channeller/intuitive healer. I connect with spirits who have passed as well as higher beings to bring messages of love and light to you. I can tune into your energy system to locate any energy blockages. This can be done via distance or in person. I run workshops that help you connect to your soul. I love what I do and love sharing my passion with others through writing and speaking.

I speak with others on the variety of tools that are out there on my YouTube channel which can be found here

If you want to connect or reach out contact me via the form below.