A conversation with George Michael

How I ended up speaking to the spirit of George Michael

In 2019 I was on Twitter scrolling through the journo request hashtag and found a lady looking for a medium. I reached out and asked if I could help. She was from the Daily Star and asked if I could contact the spirit of George Michael as it was coming up to the anniversary of his passing. I told her I would let her know. You know when you have one of those WTF moments. This was one. I wrote down George Michaels name on a piece of paper and literally asked aloud, Can I speak to the spirit of George Michael. The answer was yes. The journalist sent her questions over. Funnily enough the song Last Chistmas was constantly on prior to this. Every time I got in the car it was playing, my kids started singing it so it was probably no surprise that he came through.

I was actually at a gathering that day but took time out to find a quiet space and ask to connect with the spirit of George Michael. What follows was our chat and I have also included the link to the Daily Star in case you want to read that version too. It has taken me nearly 11 months to type this up but I feel Georges words at the end are very poignant for us, as a collective, right now

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My chat with George Michael

What are your feelings towards Fadi Fawaz?

I bear no resentment or ill feelings towards him. The feelings I have for him are ones of love, for that is all you can feel spirit side.

Are you disappointed in some of the negative things he’s said about you?

I am not disappointed. I understand why he is saying these things. I have a higher perspective and know why he is saying these things. There is an element of hurt and pride.

He has made some wild accusations about you, do you think he has hatred towards you or do you think he’s just hitting out because he’s hurting?

Hurt. When you are in the public eye all elements of your psyche are up for examination. There is pain that he is working through and this is on public display. Also grief.

Why did you keep him out of your will?

It was a conscious decision. I didn’t want others to believe that we were together for my money. I knew I was going to pass before him. It would have complicated matters even further for him

Your family don’t have a high opinion of him do you blame them?

My family have their beliefs and their opinions based on his actions as well as what others have said.  ( won’t go more into it)

Are you worried about him? It’s reported he’s homeless?

He has his path to follow in life as did I. If I was still here he wouldn’t be facing the challenges he is now. These challenges will allow him to grow in a way I never could have challenged him.

How are you? Are you at peace?

I am well and yes at peace

Do you feel like you left this world too soon?

I left this world at the exact time I chose to leave it. We all decide before we are born when we pass. It was my time.

Do you have any regrets in your life?

You can’t have regrets when you have already made certain choices. I chose to be in the public eye. I chose to be in the media. I met everyone I needed to to experience life as I was meant to

Is there anything you didn’t have chance to achieve that you wish you would have done?

Learning to fly a plane

Did you want a family?

That wasn’t part of my life plan this time. I’ve had families previously but for this lifetime I chose not to have one.

Were you happy your music was made into film Last Christmas?

Yes, the song I believe, brings people together. It is fun to see it being resurrected.

If you were still alive what do you think you’d be doing now?

He wouldn’t answer this question but when I asked if there was anything else this is what he said

Regardless of a persons status it is worth considering the challenges we face, they face. If someone is grieving don’t stamp on them. If hurt, don’t hit them. Our capacity for love is so much greater than we even think possible. Judging a person based on ones actions harms all

Link to the Daily Star article can be found here https://www.dailystar.co.uk/showbiz/george-michael-thinks-fadi-fawazs-21143915

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