A conversation with William Wallace


Earlier today I was having visions of Braveheart. Then Rob Martin, a cartoonist, called me and mentioned William Wallace. I have just led a guided meditation and felt William Wallace come through again. As I was walking through the graveyard I felt his presence again. His opening line was, “ You’re going to need balls of steel for this lass” Let’s see what else he wants me to say.

“Leading from the front requires courage, leading from the front in a way which is true to you and honouring your soul takes even more courage. When I was alive we channelled our anger by picking up our tools. We fought with our hands. Egos coming into play and power trips. This battle requires coming from your heart, from a place of love. No violence. No weapons. Merely your hearts and your voices. This, I would have found very difficult. Imagine a big strong Scottish guy trying to win a battle with his voice. I had a loud voice, don’t get me wrong and it may have frightened away the meek but not the strong. We didn’t know any better. It was indoctrinated within us from an early age that battles had to be fought with weapons. We didn’t need to be clever, just brutal. I was good at that and had to be. Your battle is more challenging but not unachieveable. Many voices are louder than one. What is a Prime Minister anyway? It’s a label given to someone to lead the country. Your leader is eak and fragile. I would have knocked him over by breathing on him. His foundation is not solid. The structure of the government is not solid. Just because things have always been a certain way does not mean they have to continue. A shambles they have made, oh aye. And be grateful for that. If they weren’t cocking up as much there would be no need for you to all join together and unite. This is the time to stand up for your sovereignty. ( He puffs his chest out, holding a spear/flag on top of a hill)

This is the time for you all to stand up for your freedom. I very much enjoyed the Mel Gibson movie Braveheart, however it has hopefully prepared you to fight for your freedom. Your freedom of speech. Your freedom of movement. Your freedom of the life you were born here to have. There are plenty of resources in this world for every single person to have access to food, water, shelter and safety. Those in power/control/authority got greedy and refused to share. I was also killed for speaking my truth. Yes I killed many along the way and of course as you know it was my choice to exit Earth in this way. This time there will be no sacrifices as you battle. Noone will be killed for standing up and speaking their truth ( That’s a bold statement I said) What I mean is that there will be no innocent bystanders along the way. Keep your protests peaceful. Battle with your hearts. Keep your vibes high and do not be swayed by external circumstances. You believe in yourself Lindsay as do I. I wish you all well on this journey and please know that myself and other leaders are with you all.

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