A Prayer for Humanity

I went for a walk and passed a church. It had a small sign outside which had been knocked over by the wind, saying Church Open. I had only ever been inside the church on Xmas Eve but felt pulled to go inside. It was empty and as I sat down in the pew, I began to pray. It isn’t often that I pray but I felt compelled to do so. I prayed for many things, as you can imagine there is a lot going down right now. I felt fear rising in my stomach and tears flowing down my face. Having not been much of a church goer in the past I now felt how this structure, this building, this space helped others going through difficult times. And that is what we need more of, at a time when we can’t gather, we still need a space to allow ourselves to fall apart. To cry. To pray. To release anger. Often there are many distractions in and around the home. Children to feed, homes to clean, books to be read, shopping to do. So to find a space where you can ask for guidance and help and support at this time is crucial.┬áIt doesn’t have to be a building of faith. It can be your back garden or a nearby wood. Just knowing that you can go there when you need to to ask upstairs for help is a blessing in itself.

I felt compelled to write this piece when I got home and called it A Prayer for Humanity

At this time I pray

I pray for all souls to awaken

I pray for our ancestors to come forth and release us from their pain

For our pain is no longer their pain

I pray for our ancestors to encircle us and be with us during this time

I pray that I may act always

From a space of love

And compassion

And empathy

I pray that the tides will turn

And no longer will we see

Poverty, hunger, homelessness, abuse, addictions, hurt

I pray that we learn to live in love, to be love

I pray that every person on this planet finds peace in their heart and their mind

I pray for our children

That they do not grow up into the system we became indoctrinated into

That our children will not have to work on their healing as much as we have

I pray that together we may unite against the tyranny of the world

That brothers and sisters will stand arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand

I pray that we find the strength within us

To stand up for ourselves, to stand up for what we know deep down to be right and true

I pray that we continue to find ways to connect across the miles sharing stories and experiences

I pray that we all find our place of peace

And in doing so, share it with others


I invite you to read this aloud to yourself, to share it if you feel called to and to say a prayer yourself for these crazy times we are living in. Upstairs, our ancestors and our spiritual army are with us yet we can always play our part too by asking for a little bit of help, for ourselves, and others.

Lindsay x

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