A week in the life of NRG Healing and me

Behind the Scenes

I thought I would share with you a mini snippet of a week in the life of NRG Healing. It always sounds easy when you think I’ll start a business. I have a product and I want to sell it. If you have people who want to buy it, great stuff! That’s half the battle.

I started NRG Healing originally back in 2008 when I left my job in retail management. I was going to have loads of Reiki clients and be busy all the time. This didn’t happen. I used lots of free advertising, back then social media was nowhere near the size it is now. I taught several Reiki students, attended pamper evenings and organised a few myself too. Then I got pregnant. I soon decided that I was going to be a full time mum instead. Several years later I had my daughter and it is only now that she is nearly three that I have decided to give NRG Healing another chance. My website was designed and built over several months. It then took several meetings and lots of emails being sent to have my logo designed, which I love. I have been to various networking meetings over the last 7 or 8 months and met LOTS of people. Back in 2008 I used to shyly say that I was a Reiki teacher and sort of mumble my way along trying to describe who I was and what I did. Now I am a lot more confident in saying who I am and what I do. It takes practice and it takes time.

This is what a week in the life of NRG Healing sometimes looks like.

Monday- My children are with their dad so I start the day with a large mug of decaf coffee and do 3 angel cards for the week. I’ve been doing these for 9 years now so trust in them and their messages. I also pick 1 or 2 crystals for the week. I have found that they generally resonate with the cards. I post these on IG, have a quick tidy up then sit down to write, respond to emails, make up salt bags, make necklaces, whatever needs doing.

Tuesday- I meet up with my ex to take my daughter to parent and toddler group. She has been going since she was a baby and loves it! We then do a handover at lunchtime so I have Tuesday afternoon free to shop and catch up on any more work or emails.

Wednesday- My first school run of the week, which takes a bit of getting used to again. My son wants to play outside at 7:30 am. He’s nearly six and still in his pjs, and it’s been raining. We get dressed. Whilst my son and I are brushing our teeth my daughter decides to turn the lock on my son’s door and locks herself in his room. She can’t unlock it. Panic strikes. I call 999 and apologise for ringing them but my daughter has locked herself in a room. The lady is very calm and kind. The fire engine is on its way. My nearly 6 year old is very excited! Whilst I’m not. They come and use a door wrench thing to open the door, without breaking it, phew! My daughter has been happily sitting on my son’s bed but gets a bit of a fright when all of a sudden there are three firemen at the door. A friend pops by to take my son to school whilst I take my daughter. They are currently at two different schools which are about 15 mins walk away from each other and they both start at 8.45 so one of them is always late on a Wednesday or Friday.

I then head to my weekly networking meeting. It’s fairly informal with breakfast and coffee. We talk about PR, York business week and hanging Xmas baubles in unusual places. Pick up both kids from school at lunchtime and head home for an afternoon playing outside.

Thursday- School run again. We drop my son off then me and my daughter have the morning together. We sometimes go it alone and sometimes meet friends. Today we head to the local park where we sip babycinos and cappuccinos, then we take it in turns on the zip wire, which I love! Before heading back again to collect my son then head home.  Make lunch, play and update Social Media in between

Friday- Drop both kids off at different schools then work again. Write some blog content, answer emails then back to do two pick ups, lunch, play and more Social Media.

Saturdays are days for me and the kids to do something fun before I drop them off with their dad for a few days. I try to do minimal work on Saturdays.
Sunday- This is either spent at a fair or creating content for my website and blog. I am also currently doing a PR course online so I try to catch up with the materials from that.

This year I have learnt that you have to learn a lot of skills to be able to manage and market your business effectively. I have taught myself the basics in Facebook, twitter, Instagram and about to delve into LinkedIn. I plan for 2018 to start doing video content which will be great. I would love to hear from you about what a week for you looks like in terms of home, business and family.

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  1. Hello again nice to read your story we must have another crystal learning day again and brilliant about the hymalyan salts I would like to buy some please thank you lynda

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