Abuse of power: This is where it ends

Following the passing of George Floyd and the riots on the street I asked my Pleidian guide, Alkiel to explain a bit more about what is going on right now and this is what he gave me

I ask if Alkiel is nearby. He says yes, I’m always around.

“There is a lot of anger on your planet right now being fuelled. When I say being fuelled I mean that there are some entities purposefully staging events to create anger within the collective. There are events occurring which seem out of your control. What is within you? When you feel anger, if not recognised or transmuted into something worthwhile it spreads. If you can transmute it into something so a positive comes out, this is a more worthwhile use of your time. When I say you, I mean one’s, everyone’s. Turning a feeling into an action is admirable and often it is easier when we are having intense feelings, be they love or anger, to create something new from it. Remember, as one person, it may feel difficult to begin. However, when one person takes action and believes fully in their actions, for the highest good, may I add, a snowball effect occurs. You spoke with Martin Luther King. Imagine for one moment that he had never stood up to speak his truth. This is how movements and change occurs Lindsay. One person, one voice, touches the hearts of many and they recognise the truth within themselves too. It’s not about colour, it’s to do with power. Abuse of power. Seeing it in the physical, with the passing of George Floyd, has provoked reactions across the world as you are not used to seeing such physical abuses of power. Yet it is everywhere around you right now. There has been many instances of abuse of power over the years and this is where it ends. ”

It is my hope that Alkiel is right.

Channelled on 29th May 2020

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