Adopting an I Can Attitude!


On Saturday I had no plans for the Sunday. Whilst browsing FB I noticed that a lady was giving away a ticket for an all day event in Leeds. I had no idea what it was but asked if I could have the ticket. All it said was that it was to see Richard McCann at iCan Live! I got a phone call from my friend about an hour later. She was ringing me to say that she was going to see him for the fourth time and taking her mum. I still had no idea who he was so she filled me in a bit and just told me that he was amazing and very inspirational.I didn’t even get a chance to google him before Sunday as I had my parents here. I drove to Leeds on the Sunday morning with no expectations at all except to have a great time. I arrived just in time.

I don’t want to spoil his story but he had a shitty start to his life basically. He looked for the opportunities in everything that he did to turn his life around. He is an inspirational speaker who has travelled the world. He has a beautiful family and is encouraging his kids to be empowered, which I loved. He included some videos of them saying things like I Love Me, which was super cute, as his daughter must have been about two. We need to encourage our children and ourselves to say this. It’s really hard at first but the more we tell ourselves and our children tell themselves the more we attract love into our lives.

​Its about saying yes and grabbing those opportunities that present themselves to us on a daily basis. The only thing stopping us from doing it is fear, and really what do we have to be afraid of? That someone will laugh at us? That we make a fool of ourselves? Who cares, at least we have tried and given it a go.

One lady bravely stood up in front of 400 people and sang a song about pigeons! Some people who were afraid to talk in public were getting up on the stage to speak.

He talked about positivity and how important it is. When we choose to be negative we operate at a lower vibration and that attracts people to us who may not be good for us, it can bring darkness into your life. When we choose positivity it can only bring better things into our life.

We did some goal setting with a chap called Craig Wilkinson. Again his story isn’t all rainbows and sparkly lights but he’s doing a great job helping other people to set and achieve their goals in specific parts of their lives.
He talked about visualisation and the importance of vision boards, the Law of Attraction. All of these tools are within our reach.

If you get the chance to see either Richard McCann or Craig Wilkinson I would highly recommend it. It was an amazing and inspiring way to spend my Sunday and I am extremely grateful to the lady who gifted me a ticket 🙂

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