Ancestral Healing- What is it and why do I need to do it?

What is ancestral healing?

I’ve had several clients where relationship stuff is coming up for them and not necessarily in terms of a partner or husband or lover or whatever. It’s more to do with patriarchal lines, matriarchal lines and ancestral healing. So if you haven’t heard of this before, then do stay tuned because I’m going to try and give you as much knowledge as I can about what I know around ancestral healing and also looking into your matriarchal and patriarchal lines and how this can bring you to a sense of greater peace with the relationships that you currently have and any particular situations that you are in.

It started with a past life regression..

My ancestral healing for me started when I had a past life regression back in 2008. I had a past life regression done in 2009 and in that past life regression I was working in retail, I was working 60 hours a week. I rarely saw my family. I was at the opposite end of the country.I maybe saw them two or three times a year if that. I was very much focused on my job, focused on my career, et cetera. I had a past life regression done where , it turns out I was a French soldier living in the Dourdogne area. I didn’t even know that was a name of the place or an area. I was a soldier serving the King and queen and in that lifetime, I think it was 1642 I was in, it was in the 16 hundreds.

I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it was in the 1600’s and basically my life was spent serving the King and Queen and doing my duty. I had a wife and a small child and in that lifetime I rarely saw them. Unfortunately the enemy came along and burned my house to the ground whilst I was away and took my child and my wife. So that was my first recollection of a past life. And when I was asked under the hypnosis what are you meant to learn from that lifetime? And this one, it was very much around that in their lifetime. I had sacrificed my family for my work and that’s very much how I felt in terms of the career that I’ve chosen was that I put everything else on hold in order to have this career.

So in terms of a lesson, it was very interesting. Having an awareness of what role you played in a past life, who you were and what lessons you need to learn in this lifetime can be really beneficial. You may be finding that sometimes you’re repeating the same patterns again and again and again, and you’re wondering the reasons why. And you might have gone for some initial healing, but you’re still stuck and you’re like, I don’t know why. And if you haven’t investigated or looked into your past lives, it could originate from there.

Understanding yourself at a deeper level than before

So you know, we’ll have many lifetimes before and we may have many lifetimes afterwards and in the lifetimes before, you might not have learned the lesson that you need to learn in this lifetime. So just having that awareness and knowing, firstly, who were you in a past life and what lesson do you need to learn from then in this lifetime can give you greater understanding of you as a whole soul. It can help sometimes to change your perception on the reasons why you’re potentially making mistakes or why you keep going down the same road again and again and again. So in terms of ancestral healing and what that looks like is revisiting those timelines and where you’ve been in your past and sending healing to those particular areas. Now I came across past life healing in 2008 and it wasn’t until about two years ago when I was treating my clients that past life stuff started coming up for them.

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And when I was asking upstairs, you know, why is past life stuff coming up for my clients. I thought what I was meant to do is cleanse, clear the chakras, cleanse their energies and that’s it. But what I found is the more that I developed as a soul and spiritually and personally, the more that I was being asked to grow within my role. So people’s past lives started coming through in their healing sessions when it was one to one. So my first one I think shocked me. As soon as I started facilitating the healing session, straight away I said, I can see you as a witch’s apprentice and you were persecuted in that time for doing what you were passionate about, what you loved. And in this lifetime she was struggling too. So often someone’s past life can have repercussions in this lifetime. And it’s only by being aware of it and solving it that it can allow us to move forward. So I then asked if I could try and see people’s past lives via distance, which I did. And then I started working with those people. It’s like this is who you are in a past life. Now let’s do the healing work.

It’s remembering that we are not just this physical body, but we are an energy body and we are a soul. And our soul contains fragments from the past. So it contains every past life that we’ve had. And what’s rising up for many people at this moment is not only the healing work for themselves, that’s happened in this lifetime, but also the healing work from their past lives. So if stuff’s coming up for you at this moment in time and you think, well, I’ve already healed that in this way. You know, I’ve had Reiki and I’ve had this and it’s obviously not working because there’s still stuff coming up. It has worked because you’ve healed the stuff that’s going on in the present, but there’s more to do. It’s like peeling an onion. You’ve taken off the first layer.

You’ve done some work on your physical body, physically you may feel fine. Then you start on your emotional body and then you start going back through your past lifetimes and then you go beyond. So the ancestral healing is like a process and a stage to go through or that can be gone through in order to help you move forward. Now the other things to be aware of in terms of when we are doing any sort of ancestral healing is that not only is it healing for your own soul, but that this healing work also heals your ancestral lines. Your parents, your grandparents and beyond. You were in your mother’s womb and she was in her mother’s womb and she was in her mother’s womb. So along that line it’s called the matriarchal line. And along your father’s side is the patriarchal line. So there comes a point for those of us that are going through this now, it’s like all the karmic cycles of the past ends with us. We are feeling not only stuff that’s going on for us but also for our parents and our grandparents. I say this to so many people but it is true. My grandparents lived through the Second World War and if you think what it was like during that time. There was poverty and there was this distance There was a lot of men came back from the war and couldn’t talk about their feelings. There was no such thing as PTSD then. Or if there was, it wasn’t recognized and they had to find their own ways of coping with what was a really stressful time. And then our parents have taken that all onboard and then we’ve taken that all on board. So the stuff that’s coming up now is around healing our ancestors past, as well and going back through the generations. And again, there may be patterns within your own matriarchal lines or patriarchal lines.

Being able to trace what’s going on through those two lines can again give you that greater awareness and understanding of what is going on for you and what needs to be healed in terms of karmic cycles. What some of us are doing at the minute is healing all of that so that our children aren’t carrying it on for future generations. So I just wanted to share with you this information because I’ve had several conversations over the last few days, specifically around ancestral healing, matriarchal lines, patriarchal lines.

You can ask yourself questions when you are feeling anxious, fearful, sad, or whatever is coming up for you. First of all, does it belong to me? Is it from my mother’s side? Is it from my father’s side or is it from a past life? And then you can start to explore them all.

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