Tarot card readings

Why do you want to use Angel Cards?

What are Angel Cards?

There are a huge variety of Angel Cards out there now with a variety of designs. They stem from the idea of traditional tarot cards in that they are used to support our intuition and guide us in our daily lives.

I have been using Angel cards since 2008. I heard about them from a medium that I had been to see and went out and bought a pack of Doreen Virtues Angel Cards.  I started using them on a daily basis. What struck me most was how some days I would get the same card two or three days in a row. I would shuffle the cards and choose one. Just to check I would sometimes put the card back in and reshuffle them, the same one would come out. How did that work? In a pack of 52 cards?? I would write down which cards came out and it was funny how situations would present themselves in my daily life that resonated with the cards.

What is the difference between Angel Cards and Tarot Cards?

This is THE most asked question I get. For me the Angel cards feel more supportive, kinder and nurturing. When you are going through a really difficult time for example the last thing you may want to see is the Tower card for example. ( This can indicate that you are going through a process of chucking everything out basically)

Tarot card readings

Photo by Kayla Maurais on Unsplash

Can anyone use Angel Cards?

Yes! They are a fabulous tool to help you tune into your inner intuition. I created an online course which can help you learn how to read them for yourselves and others in as little as 28 days! And for a bargain price of $11.11. Click the link below to access the course.


Which Angel Cards are available to buy?

I cover this in the course on how to choose your own deck but I have included the ones I use below. Note they are affiliate links

I tend to use these ones for my Past Life Readings

I use these in my weekly readings and LOVE the artwork

These are ones I use in my weekly readings too. These are also available in the Awakening Collective Membership group.

These are the tarot cards I use in my 121 readings. I love the details on these cards and find something different in them every time I read them for others.

Readings are available to buy through my shop page https://www.lindsaybanks.uk/shop/

I would love to hear of your experience with Angel cards and if you have enjoyed this blog please do share.

Namaste x

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