Are you really ready to go offgrid?

How it started

The first time the idea of going offgrid came to me when I inadvertently ended up in a sweat lodge. I had visited Rising Dawn, a local space nearby where a Mexican Shamanic healer was visiting with his daughter. We had arranged for a group of us to go along and take part in a healing session which was beautiful and then ended up being invited to stay for a sweat lodge. As we stood drinking a cup of herbal tea in the kitchen I decided after saying yes, to what it actually involved. You take your clothes off and sit in the dark, I was told. I had stopped wearing a bra a few months earlier and was wondering how I was going to feel getting naked in front of 12 others. Thankfully we had towels and by the time we entered the sweat lodge it was 10pm at night so dark enough that noone could really see anything. Crawling on hands and knees to sit in the dark with steaming rocks in front of me I wasn’t sure what to expect. Breathing in the mentholated fumes my head began to feel clearer and I began to sweat, a lot.

Listening to the beautiful chants my mind drifted and all of a sudden I was on the precipice of a cliff with my Native American spirit guide. He swept his hand across the plains and told me to ‘claim the unclaimed land’. Always cryptic I had no idea then what he was talking about. Over the next few months I was guided to blog posts and YouTube channels about what this actually meant. In 2020 I met Kate Brown who set up the Offgrid Community Network on Telegram and became absorbed in meeting other like minded individuals who wanted to leave the system and set up communities.

So far I have talked about it a lot and started making gradual moves to leaving the matrix and I trust that when the time is right the land will appear. For now I continue to follow my intuition and listen to where I am being guided. Yesterday I had a revelation/insight/epiphany. How can I be ready to go offgrid and live in a motorhome/yurt/shepherds hut when I have so much physical stuff in my home?? Where would it all go? So began the physical decluttering of my life. Books I have carried around 15 houses with me since leaving home at 19, a carrier bag full of photos of me, often drunk, in my twenties, photos of people I never even speak to. Even clearing through photos brought up a lot of memories for me. I cried as I saw myself in my twenties and thirties with often beaming smile in various countries and with a variety of people. All of these people I have met on my journey have helped me to get to this place. I also realised that a photo is merely a snapshot of a moment in time. You can see the memory but you can’t always remember the feeling you had then. I am keeping photos of my children for when they are older and will find a safe space for their storage.

I have kept old coins, stamps, letters from when I was 18 and living in Mexico, to ones from 22 and in Hong Kong, xmas and birthday cards from relatives for myself and my kids. Why am I holding onto so much ‘physical’ stuff? It gives me a sense of security maybe, from my past. That my life has been fulfilling and I have enjoyed the experiences I have been lucky enough to have, grateful for the many friends I have met. What the photos don’t show though is the breakthrough moments. Those moments which actually mean the most. The tears. The pain. The hurt. It is these moments which aren’t often captured on camera but offer us the biggest transitions in life and are the most monumental on our journey.

If you are wanting to go offgrid we need to start removing our attachments to physical ‘stuff’ The need for which has been created by mass consumerism. We need this cream, this moisturiser, the latest gadget, to keep ‘stuff’ to prove our lives so far have been worthwhile. Now is the time we get to create our own worthwhile lives. Going offgrid, setting up community, choosing to leave the system which has kept many of us enslaved to a society which doesn’t serve us mentally, emotionally, spiritually, a society which has kept us disconnected from ourselves and others. So let’s start saying goodbye to the physical ‘stuff’ in our lives and hello to new experiences, a new world and a new way of living

If you are planning on going offgrid I would love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks Lindsay! This is such an important insight. Many people want to go off grid but when push cones to shove, there is physical stuff to deal with but also emotional stuff. Simply moving this stuff can shift us emotionally. This happened to me when i moved a heVy bookshelf and all the books fell off… i burst out laughing at what i’d tried to do hut then was caught in a moment of equally balanced laughing and crying!
    Then i became aware how much i missed my mum who’d passed 5 years ago…and released grief i didn’t even know was still there. So thanks for sharing your experience Lindsay & i’m sure people will find it helpful. 😃👍

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