THE most amazing crystal I have worked with in a long time-Auralite 23

I visited the Zentist in York yesterday to see if they would stock my book, A Gentle Hug for the Soul. As I was in there I was invited to hold some of the more rarer crystals they have in stock. Now I must have over 200 crystals in my home alone, so I thought they wouldn’t have many I didn’t have.

A piece of moldavite was first placed in my hand. It felt very tingly. A herkimer diamond was placed in the other. Sadly I have had 2 of these and both have disappeared 🙁 I was browsing their shelves when something caught my eye. As with most crystals they tend to pick you than you picking them. It was purple on the top and red on the bottom. I thought it was a cross between amethyst and red jasper. There are tiny flecks of black, gold and silver in it too. I held it and decided I needed to take it home with me to try as I had never heard of it before. It was auralite 23.

Auralite 23 crystal

This crystal was first found in Canada in 2007. When scientists examined it they found it consisted of 23 different minerals. These are

  1. Titanite
  2. Pyrite
  3. Limonite
  4. Cacoxenite
  5. Goethite
  6. Sphalerite
  7. Gialite
  8. Pyrolusite
  9. Covelite
  10. Gold
  11. Copper
  12. Bornite
  13. Rutile
  14. Epidote
  15. Nickel
  16. Magnetite
  17. Ajoite
  18. Hematite
  19. Chalcopyrite
  20. Silver
  21. Lepidocrosite
  22. Platinum
  23. Iron

Now I read the small description card that came with it and held it in my left hand. I was writing in my journal before bed and after a few minutes I realised that there was a very loud ringing in my ears. I can imagine thats what tinnitus is a bit like. If I have had loud ringing before it has been after watching some TV or listening to music too loudly.

I was very aware that the loud ringing was continuing so I put down my book and closed my eyes. I have heard voices before in my left ear quite clearly. I’ve been told ‘let it go’ and ‘you will be on stage’ This sounded like a radio being tuned in. Eventually I realised that a word was being said and after a few more minutes I realised it was Angels. I lay down and fell asleep holding the crystal. Apparently it is meant to help you connect to higher dimensions and clear all your chakras.

It is known as a master healer, can help to eliminate bad luck, and can help to inspire you. Said to work on cell regeneration and muscle aches, what is not to love about this crystal? The only downside? If you aren’t a particularly grounded person you would need to carry a grounding stone too as it can take you up into the clouds 🙂

To learn more about Auralite 23 you can buy a copy of Ashley Leavers book below

And if you want to buy yourself a piece you can get one here

If you have used auralite 23 I’d love to hear your experiences!

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