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Channelling from the 12th Dimension

Channelling from the 12th Dimension Do you ever feel sometimes as if you are living in a movie? Last year I kept comparing happenings in the world to movies we have all seen and loved. Star Wars was probably the one I kept citing the most. It’s like the light against the dark I kept […]

Are you really ready to go offgrid?

How it started The first time the idea of going offgrid came to me when I inadvertently ended up in a sweat lodge. I had visited Rising Dawn, a local space nearby where a Mexican Shamanic healer was visiting with his daughter. We had arranged for a group of us to go along and take […]

5 people who have listened to their intuition and aligned with their purpose

When we begin to listen to ourselves and our inner knowing we automatically become more aligned with our purpose. We are listening to our hearts rather than our minds. Below are 5 examples of people in history who have listened to that intuition and fulfilled their soul purpose for being here on this planet. Albert […]

United in Freedom, Sovereignty and Power

27/02/2021 To all those souls Choosing to follow the narrative For without you all It would not be pushing us To forge new pathways And find new ways of being And living We are truly grateful that your soul chose to be here now To be following the rules And doing as you’re told For […]

My Mushroom Experience

Plant Medicine and it’s place in the New Age of Aquarius Like with everything else on my spiritual journey the opportunity to try mushrooms came out of the blue. 13th Feb 2021 was my first experience of these plants. Just so you know a bit of background about me. I had tried smoking cannabis when […]

Top 10 things I have learnt from being single

Wow, when I was writing the title for this post I can’t believe it has been two years since my last relationship with another adult. When I separated from my husband I remember a friend asking quite early on if I would marry again. I said I would, but not in the traditional way. By […]

You are returning Home

You Are Returning Home-Latest Channelling from the Pleidians 8/2/2021 When we begin our journey home Back to that space of love Back to the heart There are transitional moments For you on Earth As you navigate your way home Thoughts and beliefs Which have been engrained Within the mind, the subsconscious The physical and energetic […]

Do you suffer from Ostrich mentality?

When the shit hits the fan, what do you do? What do you do? Do you hide your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening? Do you look the other way? I used to do this when I didn’t want to face up to a situation in my life. I did it so […]

A Speck of Our Soul

11.1.2020 When we are gone What is left? But merely a speck A speck of your soul That continues on To above To around A continuation of us Our being Our core essence Continues to live Within other galaxies and the stars You carry on This speck Which may seem tiny to Earth energies But […]

This is not a drill

This is not a drill I have heard this several times over the last 24 hours through bloggers, YouTubers and directly into my email too. What does it mean? In case you have been in full hibernation we are in the middle of an apparent pandemic. People have been advised to stay indoors, to have […]