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We don’t die alone- Jacks departing words

Today I sat in a medium circle online. I had my headphones in and as we went into relaxation I became very aware of the thumping of my heart and the boom boom, boom boom noise it was making. In my minds eye I could see clearly a life support machine and a gentleman lying in a bed. He had an oxygen mask on and was alone. He told me his name was Jack. Suddenly the machine flatlined. I asked if anyone in the group could take this gentleman. Nobody could. One lady suggested that it may have just happened. Sometimes this can happen with spirits. Before they transition to the spirit world they visit someone. Normally it is a member of the family but Jack came through with an important message. He was still with me when we finished the group chat so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind helping himself to a cup of tea whilst I did an interview and as soon as I finished I would chat with him. ( You know sometimes when you think life can’t get any weirder than it is right now, and you’re speaking to a spirit in your house asking him to make himself a cup of tea!)

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Jack, aged 64, from Gloucester.

“I needed to speak with you as I have recently left my body. I am aware that there will be many people at this time dying alone. Without their friends, family or loved ones nearby. I wanted you to share this message as I feel it may bring comfort to someone on the earth plane.

Although it may be perceived that when we pass, we are alone this is not true. In my case, my wife had passed before me and she was there to embrace me. My parents stood side by side ready to embrace me too. Before I join them on the spirit side I was told to connect and bring this message to you to share.

Physically your loved one may be alone when they pass. Spiritually they are not. What I felt when the machine flatlined was like an all embracing feeling of love. I wasn’t scared or panicked. I had this knowing that I was going home. I was safe. Loved. For anyone worrying about their loved ones at this time, I hope this message brings reassurance. Tell those you love that you love them every day. As we are all born, we all die.

I will leave those words with you to share. I will now make my transition to the other side and leave you in peace. Thank you for my tea. Goodbye”

He walked out my front door with a wave back. I cried for a short while conscious of the emotions being felt around the world at this time and the wonderful gift Jack had left for others.

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Top 10 Spiritual books to read during coronavirus

Top 10 spiritual books to read during coronavirus. I was asked for some books that I would recommend to support someone with their spiritual development. These are my top 10 books that I personally have read and loved over the last 10 years

My top 10 Spiritual Book Recommendations

  • A Gentle Hug for the Soul: Providing comfort and reassurance in times of need by me 🙂 Written following my own dark night of the soul where I lost my best friend to cancer then went through a difficult separation and divorce.

  • Dancing Forever with Spirit- Garnet Schulhauser. A fabulous book for anyone who has any questions about upstairs/heaven and what happens when you pass

  • Angels in my Hair- Lorna Byrne. The first book I ever read about Angels which has since allowed me to connect and work with them. A beautiful story of how Lorna came to be visited by them and work with them too. If you are curious about angels this book is a great place to start

  • Rise Sister Rise- Rebecca Campbell. I read this book post separation and it highlighted for me the need for the rise of the divine feminine. I hadn’t even contemplated myself as a feminine being until I read this. A must read for embracing the divine feminine within.

  • Moonology- Yasmin Boland. If you have seen anything on social media about the Full Moon or New Moon and wonder how it can be relevant in your life you need to read this book. Easy to understand and you can start applying the tools straight away!

  • A New Earth- Eckhart Tolle. I remember trying to read the Power of Now about 10 years ago and not really ‘getting’ it. I borrowed this book though and it made so much sense. I took copious notes from it as so much of what he said resonated with my soul about the way to live our life

  • Same Soul: Many Bodies- Dr Brian Weiss. An introduction into reincarnation and how the soul has lived many times before and may live afterwards too. This is one I always hear recommended for anyone interested in reincarnation

  • The Surrender Experiment- Michael A Singer. If you are struggling to surrender to what the Universe has planned for you, this is a fabulous book that can highlight the opportunities and possibilities that open up to you when you surrender to the Universe

  • End of Days- Sylvia Browne. I read this whilst going through my divorce and remember Sylvia prophesising the end of marriage as we know it as it is such an outdated concept. Currently in the news for prophesising the coronavirus. A fabulous medium and seer.

  • Bringers of the Dawn- Barbara Merciniak. This book introduced me to the Pleidians and their teachings for the first time. A simple to read guide which again has some great teachings for your way of being

Please note this post does contain amazon affiliate links which means I will receive some pennies if you decide to purchase the books.

I would love to hear which books have helped you on your spiritual journey!

What the World needs now is love, sweet love

As I was about to write this blog post I got this song in my head so it felt quite apt for the title. The last few days have been surreal, not only for myself but for everyone else. We have never before lived through a pandemic and being forced into isolation for many of us will bring about all sorts of fear and worry. What does the future hold? I switched on BBC R2 earlier to hear the song Crazy, crazy nights by Kiss. If you haven’t heard it check it out here I was washing the dishes and found myself singing out loud and dancing. These activities lift your vibration.

I recently added a YouTube video about going back to basics, mindfulness, gratitude, reading, writing and spending time with those you love. What the world needs now is love, sweet love. Love for yourself and love for others. Compassion, kindness and humility.

Photo c/o @jtylernix

Over the last few days my connection to the spirit world has been growing and I have been visited by some interesting characters from history including William Blake and Julius Caesar. This morning I sat down to ask what his message was and this is what he gave me

“From the old came the new. At times in history there is a call for reinvention amongst the human race. This time is now. It is not enough for you all to do bits here and there individually. In order to live on an earth that you want to there must be the crumbling of the old. It takes great courage and determination to change the ways of not only one country but the whole world. There are many of you at this time already awake and aware. It requires a determination within, and maybe sacrifice. Letting go of the parts of you that you have held onto for too long. Letting go of the fears. Fear of being you. Fear of human connection, connecting to yourself and others. Fear of change. Fear of lack. Fear of routine. Overall fear to let go and shift. For a new way to be embraced. To stand at the parapet and allow your voices to be heard. A great orator is needed. Someone who is respected for their kindness and compassion, their gentle strength, their courageous faith and trust. That person will come. In the meantime there are many of you to lead and inspire others through this period of darkness and unknown. Work together. In times of need such as this, the light joins and creates and helps to rebirth a new way of being. I thank you for your time”

Sending much love and light to you all at this time

Lindsay x

How is a past life relevant to me now?

How do I access my past life?

Normally I would recommend not thinking about your past and concentrating on the here and now. Practising mindfulness is good for being focused and reducing stress and anxiety. But what about past lives? I am a huge believer in reincarnation. Having read so many books and articles about children, especially, who have talked about their past lives, including my own children, I do believe we all have past lives.

As adults it can be difficult to remember them. Often people might try listening to a meditation to connect to a past life or visit a hypnotherapist who can guide you through the process.

Your spirit returns to learn lessons it may not have had a chance to do in previous lives. You may be with members of your family and you may have lived together previously but with different relationships. You may have been reunited again in this life because they did something bad to you in a past life and they are here to make amends in this life, or you may have another karmic connection.

I believe that the spirit keeps returning until it is enlightened and has learnt the lessons it needs to. If you are going through a particularly tough patch in your life this is useful to remember. We decided to learn the lessons in this life before we came here. Knowing this helps us to take responsibility for our own lives.

My own past life experience

Hypnosis can be used to guide you into a meditative state to remember who you were in a previous life. I was hypnotised in 2009. I lay on a treatment bed. She talked me into a meditative state. Then she asked me, “What are you wearing on your feet?” I thought, “You know what I’ve got on my feet, socks!” Then I realised that she was asking about my past life. Straight away I could see black boots.

She asked what else I was wearing. Red jodhpurs, a black jacket. I had a beard and this awful wiry black hair. I was a soldier. I was living in a small cottage in the woods with my wife and daughter. I felt as though it was my duty to serve the king and queen so I went off fighting. When I returned the enemy had burnt down the cottage where my family had been living. The hypnotist asked me where I was. The word ‘Dordogne’ appeared in my head. My geography isn’t great and I never even knew that was an actual place! I was truly surprised when she told me it’s in France! She asked me what I was meant to learn from that lifetime into this lifetime. I said I felt as though I had prioritised my work over my family in that life and I didn’t need to do it again in this lifetime. That has been a valuable message for me as I make life decisions.

Children and past lives

My son was five when he told me about his other mother. He said she was pretty. He talked about living in York before but that he didn’t live in a house as big as this. His dad’s name was Stephen and he had two sisters, Lucy and Madge. He told me he lived in London too. My daughter from the age of two kept talking about Meany and Tomas. She was obsessed with ballet. When she was about two and a half she asked me to do ballet with her. I tried doing what I thought were ballet poses only to be told, “That’s not proper ballet mummy!”

When children first start to talk, listen carefully to what they say. Ask them questions and make notes for when they are older. Sometimes an imaginary friend may actually be a spirit with them. There are some fascinating cases out there of young children remembering past lives.

How does understanding about past lives help?

In the past life when I was the soldier I was working crazy long hours and rarely saw my family. I was working down in Peterborough and they were in Newcastle. I saw them maybe three or four times a year. Getting the message that essentially there is more to life than work was huge for me. Wisdom from past lives can make you look at your life from a different perspective. It can make you aware of any issues you have in relationships with certain people and potentially the reasons why. It can also help you focus on any lessons you are intended to learn in this lifetime.

Learning about your own past life can help you to understand your life now. It may be that suddenly you have developed a phobia of flying for example at 38. In a past life you may have died in a plane crash at 38. Not everything that goes on with us physically and emotionally can be explained from your current life. One client was having trouble expressing her truth and her throat chakra felt blocked. I saw that in a past life she had been a witches apprentice and had been persecuted for her beliefs, so was struggling to express herself in this lifetime.

I offer a 30 minute past life and healing session for £50. Email

Do you know who you were in a past life? Or maybe you have had a past life regression? I would love to hear your stories!

Notes from the spirit side….

This morning I was visited by an old friend. Nothing unusual with that you may be thinking. Maybe, but this friend passed over around twenty years ago. I was told he had passed from a heroin overdose. I haven’t thought about him in years. I used to work with him. All of a sudden he was in my mind. The image of him wouldn’t dissipate so I got up and came downstairs to write. This is what he said,

“I chose to end my life as I was in a dark place. I couldn’t see a way out. My childhood wasn’t great and as I got older I chose to numb my emotions with alcohol( He’s sat next to me smoking a cigarette as he tells me what to write) It started with alcohol and I thought that was enough. I could block out the memories and the pain. It worked when I was drunk but when I wasn’t drunk, all of that was still there. I didn’t know any of this stuff that you do Lindsay. It wasn’t even on my radar. I started taking/using heroin as it brought me a sense of relief, even more than the alcohol. I felt I had achieved something in my life. I had learnt how to deal with the pain. I know now I hadn’t but it felt like that to me. One day I thought I’ll take a little bit more, just to see what happens. That was it. I passed. I remember standing over my body, my shell and feeling such a sense of peace, like I’d never felt before. I felt free. I didn’t feel sadness or pain. I turned and walked away from myself. I saw my grandad waiting for me. He embraced me and we walked through a tunnel of bright white light.

Photo c/o dan-meyers-hluOJZjLVXc-unsplash

I went into like a movie theatre to sit down and watch my life in replay. The good bits and not so good. You were in it and I want to thank you. I realise that I wasn’t capable of loving anyone else as I couldn’t love myself. You always treated me with respect and kindness. Thank you. I am now helping others who are at that edge, who may be suffering and feeling pain. Where I can, I am signposting them and sending signs to where they can find help or talk to someone. We aren’t born to suffer or be in pain.

I am more equipped on this side to help others on Earth, than I was on the Earth plane. ( I asked why he came through) To say thank you and to let you know that there are a team of us spirit side working also on healing the suffering and pain on Earth. Keep up the good work!”

We were friends for a short period of time and whilst I was writing this I did feel very emotional. I asked where the best place to put his message was and I was told here, so here it is.

If you have any thoughts on this do get in touch below. Thank you for reading



Are you experiencing a Dark Night of the Soul?

What is a Dark night of the Soul?

Originally penned by 16th century poet, Saint John of the Cross, describes a spiritual crisis in the union towards God. Now, many of us today aren’t informed or aware of this Dark Night of the Soul so when it happens it feels more like the shit has hit the fan. We have no concept of what is going on so we struggle through it, until we happen across a blog or a YouTube video that just happens to mention that what we are experiencing is similar. The symptoms of the Dark Night of the Soul are similar to depression but can we distinguish between the two? I feel that with the dark night of the soul it is indicative of a spiritual transformation taking place. With depression there is a struggle to get out of the abyss. With the dark night of the soul, there is a faith or a belief, no matter how small that something bigger and grander than us, will pull us out. Whatever it is, it can feel for many like we are the only person in the world going through this at the time. We’re not. I had no idea when I went through mine what it was or what resources were out there. Please know you don’t have to go through this alone. I have set up a Facebook group for anyone going through ‘stuff’ called Consciousness Arising which you are welcome to join. It is a safe community where you can ask questions and feel safe to do so.

What are the symptoms of a Dark Night of the Soul?

Please note this list doesn’t cover everything, most of these are how I felt going through my own experience

  • Wondering what your purpose is in life
  • Some people say they see/hear the Devil
  • Your soul feels torn between what it ‘has been taught’ to do and what it feels it wants to do
  • Your life may not feel like yours anymore, instead it is controlled by work, a partner, family
  • You question your own existence
  • You question life itself, how did we get here?  Why are we here?
  • You cry, a lot

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

My experience

I experienced my own Dark Night of the Soul back in 2017. I had lost my best friend to cancer on my 36th birthday the previous October, then my husband and I decided to separate a few months later. Everything I had known for the previous 10 years was gone. Disintegrated. I didn’t know who I was anymore. I had been a wife and a mum for so long I wasn’t sure who Lindsay was anymore. I remember about 8 months later taking a video of myself dancing crazily around the living room singing to the Killers and sending it to my sister. That’s the Lindsay I remember she said. How did I lose myself so much? I spent 6 months finding myself again. Clawing within, grieving for my friend, for my marriage. Who had I become? I couldn’t remember the last time I had laughed freely, like proper belly laughed or cried. Why was I here? What was my purpose? I did a guided meditation to meet my spirit guide. He came through to me and told me my purpose was to teach, to educate and to inform. To teach what, I asked. He laughed and disappeared. Even though he didn’t tell me what I had to teach, I made it my mission to share knowledge and to connect with others. I came through it and thought I’m pleased I don’t have to do that again. Unfortunately I did have another one. I didn’t even know you could have two so please be aware that you can. Thankfully this one was shorter and involved more healing and shedding trauma, not only mine but past and ancestral and yes it hurt, yes it was painful and I cried, a lot. Would I do it again? Yes, because I know the healing I am doing is helping my children, and their children and our future.

How can you get through a Dark Night of the Soul?

I had my tips and I also asked in my FB group for theirs, so here is a list of things that may help

  • Meditating
  • Journalling
  • Drinking herbal teas
  • Saying the Lords Prayer
  • Speaking to Angels
  • Spending time outdoors in nature
  • Sleep ( AKA a spiritual practise)
  • Massage
  • Allowing yourself and everything around you to fall apart
  • Screaming and roaring outside
  • Beating a drum

If you have had your own experience of the Dark Night of the Soul then do feel free to share and if you have any tips on how you overcame it also let us know. Thanks for reading


What is Ascension Flu?

I didn’t even know Ascension Flu was a thing until yesterday! I had taken myself off for a walk in the woods as I try to do most days. I wasn’t feeling particularly great but wasn’t sure why. In my mind I asked if I had the onset of flu. I was told ‘ascension sickness’ What on earth is that? I came home and tweeted asking if it was a thing. Tumbleweed. I decided to google it and found that several bloggers had written about it and one author, Brigid Delaney, had written about it for the Guardian.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

What is Ascension Flu?

Ascension flu occurs when our physical bodies fail to keep up with our spiritual growth. We are aligning with energies and frequencies which may not have been felt before. As we head towards 2020 we are entering a new phase of being and that can affect us physically. We may not feel well, but not really sure why. We may go to the doctors, they may run tests and nothing. It is as if you have the actual ‘flu’ but different. Below are some of the symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Ascension Flu?

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Pains and aches within the body that can’t be explained by a doctor
  • Hot flashes through the body
  • Waking up through the night and not being able to go back to sleep, or if you do only for a couple of hours
  • Extremely vivid dreams
  • A change in diet
  • Headaches- Our 3rd eye chakra and pineal gland may be opening, allowing us to connect to ourselves and the other side.
  • Sore throat- For many of us we have kept quiet about the work we do and maybe even our beliefs, hiding them from friends and family. Our throat chakra is the place where we communicate from. As our energies ascend we are more likely to share these beliefs with others.
  • Ringing in ears- this is opening up our clairaudience.
  • Sensitivity to noise ( really felt this yesterday with my 5yo daughter!)
  • Cravings for particular types of foods. I haven’t eaten nachos in years then had them twice in one week! Eat what your body wants you to eat. Some of us may comfort eat at this time as we want to protect our solar plexus area
  • Crying for no reason. I have never cried as much as I have the last 4-6 weeks. Sobbing my heart out at the wheel of my car whilst singing to Ellie Goulding.
  • Gritty or blurry eyes
  • Skin issues

We aren’t just a physical body, we are energy bodies and with that we carry around a lot of information within and around our bodies. We are healing not only our ‘stuff’ that has happened in this lifetime but we are also healing our past life ‘stuff’, our ancestors ‘stuff’ so is it any wonder we have physical symptoms of releasing these energy blockages that we have been carrying around for a lifetime?

How can you get through Ascension flu?

The biggest tip I would say is to be kind to yourself. If you have a daily routine of meditating or yoga carry on. If not you might want to think about how you can implement these into your life. Take nana naps if you can. Even a 10 minute snooze in the car before you pick your kids up from school can help. Go to bed early. Eat what you feel like eating. Ask your body, is this what my body needs right now? Allow yourself to go with the flow. The benefits of ascension flu is that once this has passed you will be more aligned energetically, and this will cause a ripple effect to your family and friends and loved ones around you.

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How will Reiki help me?

I was working today with a friend of mine. We were both at a company to offer wellbeing services to their staff, namely massage and Reiki. My friend, June, was giving massage and I was offering Reiki. The reactions of the staff varied. Some people were completely opposed to the idea of having Reiki whilst some were very open to it.. My first experience of Reiki was back in 2002. I was studying International Business in Hong Kong and my friend, Felix, had been off on a weekend retreat to learn it. He came back and placed his hands on my back. I remember feeling this intense heat. “Wow, whats that?” I asked. His reply? “Reiki” I went back to uni, got my degree and forgot about it. In 2008 I split up with my boyfriend, failed a job interview for my own job and felt stuck. What do I need? I don’t need a massage, I need something more. I then remembered Reiki.

Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

My first Reiki session

I found a lady in Peterborough and went off to her house for a session. I had no idea what to expect. I lay down on a couch with blankets over me, fully clothed I may add! ( I often get asked if you need to be naked for Reiki. Personally I prefer you keep your clothes on! There is no need to be naked)  She placed her hands on and around me, then spoke to me about fairies and angels. “Crazy lady”, I thought. I didn’t feel anything at the time and left thinking what a waste of money. However, what I didn’t realise at the time was how Reiki works on our energy bodies. It takes times to work and sometimes it can be quite subtle.

A couple of weeks later I noticed that I felt calmer. She emailed me later to ask if I wanted to learn it. I was intrigued so said yes. Even when I first started practising Reiki I felt like a fraud, as I couldn’t feel anything in my hands. Clients would often say how they had felt heat or tingling, so it was obviously working for them. It took me a while to learn how to feel and see energy.

Over the years I have become much more in tune with others energies. I recognise what sensations are in my hands and what they mean for myself and my client. With a massage we can feel straight away the benefits of the physical touch, of our muscles relaxing and feeling ‘better’. Having a Reiki session differs as it works on our energy fields. Sometimes people hold onto their emotions, afraid to let go. Reiki opens up that space. I remember one client ten years ago sobbing on my treatment bed as she had held so many emotions in for so long. When I offer Reiki to clients my intention is to hold the space for them, to allow their emotions to rise to the surface and be released. When we repress our emotions it can make us feel physically unwell. Reiki can bring those emotions up to be healed.

Reiki has many benefits and I often see clients for only one session. In today’s world many businesses talk about client retention. If I saw someone 12 times a year for Reiki I wouldn’t feel as if I was doing my life’s work. I would rather see them once or twice then they either continue their healing path with other modalities or they choose to learn it for themselves. Taking responsibility for their own wellbeing and spiritual path. Reiki can help us to release ‘stuff’ that we no longer need.

To find out more check out my YouTube video on Reiki and FAQ here

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A sweat lodge in the U.S

My experience in a sweat lodge

How I ended up in a sweat lodge

I truly believe that the Universe conspires to put you in the right place at the right time for what you need. A Facebook post by a friend went out last Sunday saying that some Mexican shamanic healers had arrived at the Sanctuary they run. Did anyone want some shamanic healing for a donation? I posted it into my Facebook group, Consciousness Arising and several people said they were interested. On the Monday I had arranged a physical meet up for said group. It was going to be in a central location in town. One of the guys in my group, Paul, suggested we meet at the Sanctuary instead. Great idea!

On a fairly warm Monday evening we arrived at the Rising Dawn Sanctuary. A fire had been lit in the grounds and we sat with a cup of herbal tea chatting. Several members of the group went for the shamanic healing whilst we chatted about synchronicities and the Universe. Nam Prakash, who runs the Sanctuary, asked me if we would like to stay for the sweat lodge ceremony which was happening later that evening. Several members had to head off. Five of us said yes we would love to. After about an hour finally one of us asked what is a sweat lodge and what do we have to do.

Entering the sweat lodge

Tai, the Mexican shaman, had built the sweat lodge with natural twigs and thrown blankets over the top. It looked like a short domed hut. We were standing in the kitchen drinking tea when we found out that in a sweat lodge it was too warm to keep your clothes on. Luckily there were some towels to protect our modesty as some of us weren’t quite prepared to be half naked in a tent full of strangers. A fire had been lit not far from the sweat lodge. Tai and his daughter, Sunflower led us through a beautiful ceremony thanking the four elements, Earth, Wind, Air and Fire. The women were invited into the lodge first.

It was dark outside so we undressed, placed the towels over certain places and headed in. As you enter you say an ancient Toltec phrase to give a blessing. There is a hole dug in the centre where the hot rocks would be later placed. We crawled around the hole, slightly ungracefully. There was lots of ow’s and ouches as we stood on twigs and rocks. Thankfully I had brought my cardigan in which provided some cushioning for my bum on the hard ground.

Note: This is not THE actual sweat lodge we went in

The men were invited in following the women. We sat in the darkness whilst the rocks were gradually brought in and filled in the hole. A herbal blend had been stewed which would later be poured on the said stones to create the steam. As I sat half naked in this dark tent, I was giggling to myself. The members of my group will never want to come out with me again! Eventually the last rock was placed in the centre. The makeshift door was closed. Pitch black. Tai started chanting and warbling, using his throat to make these beautiful sounds which resonated within and around you.

Feeling the steam!

As the herbs and water were placed onto the hot rocks the steam hit your face. It was quite intense at first and caught the back of my throat, which made me cough. As it subsided and the next lot of steam hit my face I became more used to it. We were encouraged to deep breathe and you could feel your sinuses clearing. In my mind I could see my Native American guide standing with me on a cliff edge pointing at the land and telling me to claim the unclaimed land. I could feel my body and my face dripping in sweat which made me feel cleaner and more purified. The basic idea behind sweat lodges are that they are to help purify the mind and body.

I lost track of how long we were in there but by the time we came out and got dressed it was after 11pm. We gave thanks by the fire and everyone said how they had felt. There was a Full Moon bright in the sky and I truly felt as if I had been part of something special. I told the guys in my group how proud I was of them for saying yes to something that they had no idea what it was and for joining me in my crazy adventures!

The Universe knows where you need to be and when so listen to your intuition, let it guide you, for you never know where you may end up. To see me chatting with guests about their spiritual journey head over to YouTube. If you like it please like and subscribe

Have you ever taken part in a sweat lodge ceremony? I’d love to hear your thoughts

Dance like noone is watching

What is Qoya?

What is Qoya?

What is Qoya? Every now and then I happen upon something new and different that I have never experienced before. This was the case with Qoya. During a summer play date with some friends we were sat in the garden, in the beautiful sunshine, the children playing happily. My friend, Will, mentioned that she was going to be running a Qoya class at a festival a couple of weeks later. She mentioned she needed some guinea pigs. Let’s do it now then, several of us said. We had no idea what it was. Will said was that it was

“An embodiment practice about becoming more and more able to listen to the wisdom within your body and tuning into your true essence which is Wise Wild and Free…. and being able to use that wisdom to guide you through life”

Beginning the Qoya class

Qoya class

Will put some music on and we started dancing, 6 of us, in the garden. The kids joined in, we had fun and we laughed! When Will mentioned that she would be putting on a Qoya class in York I was excited. I am not a fan of gyms.

Eight of us came together on a cold Sunday morning. We were greeted by a beautiful mandala mat, with positive affirmations and a variety of oracle cards. Yoga mats and blankets were provided for those of us who forgot to take one, yep that would be me.

We sat down and did some breathing work, picked a card and chatted to our neighbour about what it meant for us. my card was the Black Madonna.  The guide book stated that , “It helps us to become conscious of the light in the dark, of the intersection of sexuality and spirituality. The darkness we sometimes feel is potential. It’s crucial that we all go through this to create new or more life. She is the promise of what doesn’t survive the fires of suffering was never meant for us.” I felt that was very apt as having gone into the Full Moon in Pisces it does ask us to face our shadow.

Dance like noone is watching

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Opening of the chakras

We did some heart opening exercises, designed to open the chakras and hip opening exercises too, where a lot of tension can be stored. We could keep our eyes closed if we wanted to or leave them open. The music that was played fitted exactly with each type of movement we did. What I really liked about this class was that it wasn’t like an exercise class to get you physically fit. We were often checking in with our bodies, how does that feel? Listening to our bodies, how do our bodies want to dance. A shadow dance felt extremely different to the free dancing at the end where you could go wild.

Each class has a theme and this one was ‘Breaking Free’ Following the shadow dance we did some body shaking whilst Will told us a story of a gazelle and a lion. I didn’t even hear the end as I was in tears after several minutes. I cry a lot as a way of releasing what no longer serves me, so this didn’t come as a shock to me.

For me Qoya works as it allows us to tap into our emotions, our intuition and truly feel the energy of the movement. Will held the space for all those in the circle very well and you truly got the feeling that she embodies the spirit of being wild and free in her heart. I will definitely be going again!

For more information on Qoya contact Will at

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