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Do you suffer from Ostrich mentality?

When the shit hits the fan, what do you do? What do you do? Do you hide your head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening? Do you look the other way? I used to do this when I didn’t want to face up to a situation in my life. I did it so […]

A Speck of Our Soul

11.1.2020 When we are gone What is left? But merely a speck A speck of your soul That continues on To above To around A continuation of us Our being Our core essence Continues to live Within other galaxies and the stars You carry on This speck Which may seem tiny to Earth energies But […]

This is not a drill

This is not a drill I have heard this several times over the last 24 hours through bloggers, YouTubers and directly into my email too. What does it mean? In case you have been in full hibernation we are in the middle of an apparent pandemic. People have been advised to stay indoors, to have […]

Why one Reiki session wasn’t going to heal my stress and anxiety

Why one healing session isn’t a quick fix I was naive maybe in my thinking back in 2008 as I set foot through the Reiki practitioners door. My expectations way too high. I needed help and I thought this lady was going to wave a magic wand and all of my stress and anxiety I was […]

Embracing a new age of masculinity

Embracing a new age of masculinity I happened across Joey Layton on Twitter. He was sharing lots of uplifting and honest tweets. I wanted to find out a bit more about him and asked him if he would be interested in guest blogging. As a woman it can be difficult sometimes for me to relate […]

Message from Lord Melchizidek

Who is Lord Melchizidek? Every week I pull cards for myself to see what is coming up this week. One of them was colour healing with Melchizidek written on the top. I didn’t feel this card meant that I needed colour healing but that I needed to connect with Melchizidek as there was a message […]

The Benefits of Breathwork- Guest post by Sarah Hunter

This guest blog comes from Sarah Hunter. It isn’t a topic I know much about which is why when Sarah offered to write about the importance of breathwork and how it can be transformational I jumped at the chance. I hope you enjoy her post! Breathwork There are a few different forms of breathwork, known […]

A conversation with George Michael

How I ended up speaking to the spirit of George Michael In 2019 I was on Twitter scrolling through the journo request hashtag and found a lady looking for a medium. I reached out and asked if I could help. She was from the Daily Star and asked if I could contact the spirit of […]

Communicating with Animals- Guest Blog by Kathy Zablotzky

Wisdom of our Pet’s Spirits -Kathy Zablotzky I Speak With Animals Why do certain animals come into our lives? Do we already have a connection with their souls? When I first learned to speak with animals I didn’t realise that the ones I connect with would teach me so much about this life and life […]

A Prayer for Humanity

I went for a walk and passed a church. It had a small sign outside which had been knocked over by the wind, saying Church Open. I had only ever been inside the church on Xmas Eve but felt pulled to go inside. It was empty and as I sat down in the pew, I […]