What on earth is a chakra? And why do I need to know what they are?

Do you ever feel ‘out of sorts’ and can’t quite work out what the problem is?  It could be that your chakras are out of alignment. A what? What on earth is a chakra? Why didn’t I learn about these at school? Good question! Chakras are an essential part of us. I tend to talk […]

How can crystals help me?

I bought my first crystal back in 2008 at a psychic fellowship evening. The couple selling them were aptly named HeHiSheLo, he was 7ft tall, she was 5ft tall. It was a rough piece of rose quartz. I had no idea what it actually was at this time, to me it was just a pretty […]

Setting up a business with children

When I set up my blog on my website I wanted it to be all about Reiki, crystals, Himalayan salt products and how we use them in our daily lives. My business is fairly new and in order for it to grow I need to meet people. How do I meet those people? Well I […]


“Gratitude is the best attitude” Have you ever noticed that people who are happy rarely have anything to grumble about? The more thankful you are for things you currently have in your daily life, the more things that come into your life to be grateful for. Even if it is simple, little things that you […]

Looking after you whilst setting up a new business

  Hi, I’m Lindsay. Although I have been doing this a while I set up my business officially in April 2017. I am planning to blog about crystals/reiki/wellness/spiritual stuff, anything I come across where I think, yep that’s great, love it! My first blog is about looking after yourself when setting up a business. Setting […]