How attending a festival can heal, inspire and connect you

Heading to festivals at 38!

Glastonbury Festival has been on my list of places to visit since the summer of 2016 when my husband and I were in the process of divorcing. I was sat at home watching Glastonbury when the Killers came on. I had first seen them performing back in 2002 at a small venue in Manchester. There was maybe 50 of us there. It was small but awesome. Seeing them perform at Glastonbury I danced around the room singing Mr Brightside. I posted on facebook asking if I was too old to go. No came the resounding reply.

Fast forward to 2019 and I was gifted a ticket, last minute, by a friend of mine. Did I want to go? Hell yeah! The Killers were headlining. I arrived at the festival with no idea of what it would be like. In my 38 years on this planet not once had I ever felt the urge to go to a festival. But this was Glastonbury! I had to go. It was hot when I arrived, and I hadn’t realised it would take me a good 45 minutes to the tent from my car. I was hot, sweaty and had heat exhaustion by the time I arrived at the tent. My friend had already arrived and kindly put it up for us. I was extremely grateful for this. We quickly met and off I headed with a small map in hand. No idea really where I was going. I located the main stage, found some shade and sat down to listen to Janet Jackson. Personally I wasn’t feeling it so headed off on a wander.

As a newbie to festivals I loved it! I had no idea who Stormzy was, or Lizzo or even Slim Thai ( I think that was his name, a rapper who recently was nominated for a Mercury Prize Award. Even though I didn’t know the songs the messages from these guys were soooo powerful! Stormzy had a way of bringing people together through the content of his music, his passion and his drive. Lizzo was all about self love and self beauty. In the crowd we were all telling ourselves I love me, then turning to our neighbours and telling them I love them. Slim Thai organised a mosh pit and at the end told everyone we never leave anyone behind.

I told my friend that I liked how he was channelling his anger in a productive way and that I was pleased our younger people had some inspiring role models. When I said this it did make me feel old! There were so many people there though, different ages from babes in arms to those in their 70’s. They were all connecting through the music at this festival. Not only is it a showcase for musicians and talented artists but it is also a space where you can leave your life behind and escape into a magical world of love, peace and music.

Dawnlight Festival 2019

Fast forward a few months and I was lucky enough to attend the very first Dawnlight Festival in North Yorkshire. Nam Prakash Kaur had a vision of bringing people together. Working alongside her four sons, this festival had a completely different feel to it. I can imagine this is what someone who attended the first Glastonbury Festival might have felt. It was magical, special and something that I had never experienced before. There was maybe 100 people there. With workshops on through the day, time for reflection with sharing circles, stunning food and a cafe serving amazing chai lattes, singing and dancing, sometimes impromptu, you felt as if you were part of a loving and supportive community of like minded people.

I arrived on the Friday and instantly felt relaxed with a nice cup of chai latte. Some people had arrived the day before but that didn’t stop them from welcoming me in. The standard greeting was a hug. And sometimes long ones. I attended a Moon Energy Centre workshop held by Nam Prakash. I had never even heard of these before. Men have 1 located on their chin. Women have 11 and we move through these centres every 2.5 days. We did an internal check in as to how we were feeling. I felt sunny and sociable. Later on when I checked which centre I was in, it turned out I was in the clitoris energy, which is sociable! Going through these energy centres every 2.5 days can explain why we can feel so up and down at times.

I didn’t feel as if I needed any healing or massage whilst I was there but if you wanted it there was some on offer. The tantric speed encounter workshop was amazing. It made me realise how little I dance, and I love dancing! We danced silently for the most part, connecting with people and looking in their eyes. Making great eye contact can be a struggle for some at times, but the more we practise the better we get. We paid compliments to others about what we noticed in them and how it made us feel. We learnt to set boundaries by saying no when others asked if we wanted to connect with them.

The atmosphere was extremely energised, especially at the end when it was freestyle dancing to some very energetic music. I bounced on a trampoline with a couple of other ladies until I finally ran out of energy and headed home at 830pm. When I got home rather than checking my phone and switching on the laptop I sat outside under the stars. I saw a shooting star and a baby hedgehog scuttled by.

Dancing at Dawnlight Festival 2019

Spartan Warrior training!

Unfortunately I had prior work commitments on the Saturday but headed back on the Sunday. I bumped into my buddy from the sharing circle on the Friday so we had a cup of tea together. I had spotted on the timetable something called Spartan Warrior Training. After the softness of the workshop on the Friday I felt like I needed something more intense. I wasn’t disappointed. We started off running on the spot. 12 men and 4 women. We then did a short visualisation where we imagined carrying a sword and shield. Tools in life to defend ourselves. We made warrior style sounds coming from deep within and the grunts resonated around the tent. We were split into 2 sides and we had to run towards our partner on hands and feet and back again. Being fairly unfit I adapted my particular posture, mine was more like a monkey running. Whenever the chap in charge shouted Spartan we had to sprint out to a field, bang a drum and back again. There was lots of squatting and hi fiving.

I can imagine these workshops going down well in the workplace to bring everyone together. To say it was intense would be an understatement. My thighs are killing me today. At the end we were hosed down, much needed after an hour session in the heat. Thinking it was finished I grabbed a cup of tea. Some of the guys started wrestling so I sat down to watch. A couple of the ladies had a go. I thought I have never done that before, I’d love a turn. I was paired up with Sarah. Before we started we gave each other a hug. Then…she took me down! I did try as hard as I could to get out of it but she had me. I was exhausted after all this so went and lay in the cool shade of the trees to chat and relax.

After a fairly busy morning I thought I would head to a meditation class led by Jonny and Olivia. It was a beautiful class but I was very distracted in my own mind and kept wanting to laugh at the geese in the next field which sounded as if they were laughing.

When Lisa came to visit

I then attended Ryan’s Playful Mindfulness session. My mind again was distracted but this time I got a shock. A very close friend of mine, Lisa, passed away on my 36th birthday in 2016. I’ve heard very little from her except when she turned up once in a circle and told me off. As I was sat listening to Ryan’s voice I could feel her next to me. She was a very playful character anyway. She brought up some memories and told me some stuff I needed to hear. I left the tent as Ryan was still talking. I knew I couldn’t sit in the space any longer. I walked away sobbing. Thankfully I bumped into Kitty, a beautiful soul, who took me into her tent and calmed me down. For me this was one of the things I loved about this festival. There were a lot of tears, a lot of releasing and processing ‘stuff’ going on in the camp. If you wanted someone to hold you, be present for you, hold the space for you there was plenty of people there to do that.

The closing ceremony involved singing, music and everyone standing together holding hands. A few words were said by Nam Prakash. The connections that were made at this festival, the openness, the honesty, the fun, the laughter, the tears, the authenticity, the friendships will truly stay in my heart and in my soul forever. This festival started with a vision and the reality was in my words? Awesome. Can’t wait for next year!

For more information on the Dawnlight Festival and the Rising Dawn Sanctuary head to their Facebook Page

To join a group of like minded individuals I do run a Facebook group called Consciousness Arising which you can find here

I’d love to hear if you have been to any festivals this summer and how you found them?

All the World’s a Stage

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances;
William Shakespeare, As You Like It
Photo by Rob Laughter on Unsplash
I have never seen or read this play but as I sat during a meditation the words kept rolling around my mind. When I asked them to leave, they kept coming back. Sometimes after a meditation I will open my eyes and start writing. Today for whatever reason I chose to close my eyes and I feel as if the message came through clearer. I always thought these messages came from the Universe/Source/Upstairs or whatever you want to call it. However, I have finally come to the realisation that my channelled messages are coming from a group of higher beings called The Pleidians. I have inadvertently been channelling the Pleidians for some time without realising it. From the age of 18 when I told a group of classmates we were put here as part of a big experiment to recently telling anyone and everyone who would listen that the word ‘should’ needed to be eradicated from the dictionary.
I have finally come to accept this fact and I trust what they tell me. It is always loving and guided. My channelling helped me write part of A Gentle Hug for the Soul and is also helping with my second book, although it has no name yet.

Boris Johnson and Ladies with Lollies

I wanted to share this piece with you that I wrote today especially after some of the crazy news that was in the papers last week. There was an article on women being warned not to put ice lollies in particular areas. In case you didn’t read it and are interested here is the link There was also news of a certain MP becoming the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. He has been on the political circuit for a while now and hasn’t always been taking seriously. I wonder if this will change?
Anyway, here is the piece I channelled today which I feel lends some explanation for the whole craziness going on right now
I went to a Chinese restaurant
To buy a loaf of bread. bread, bread
He wrapped it up in a five pound note a
And this is what he said, said, said
My name is Eli Eli
Chickali Chickali
Roli Poli
( This was the start of a clapping song I used to sing as a child)

Channelled piece of writing following this song

Nonsensical. Songs. We sing songs that make no sense. Yet when we live in a nonsensical world we try to make sense of it. We try to apply logic and reason. It doesn’t work. The world is changing so you can see it for what it really is. It has become disturbing and a farce. The curtains will fall. Like at the end of a play. The actors will disappear behind them and all that will be left is the audience, the observers, the seers. You will be left wondering where they have gone. They have fulfilled their duty and purpose. Now it is time for you to rise up to yours. 
When all the actors on the stage have left with their dramas and stories. What are you left with? A sense of awe and wonder? Or a sense of disappointment? What can I do now? You wonder? Where am I or who am I without the drama, the excitement and those I have been merely watching. Tune inwards and find your inner frequency. Where is it? 
I never know what I am going to write or what subject we are writing about, I act merely as the channel and I didn’t want to be one. I told upstairs I didn’t want to be the one speaking to higher beings and talking about it. But you know what? This is me. I channel. And I know I need to share these channelled writings with you.
I hope it brings something to you and as ever I would love to hear your thoughts.
Love and light

How to spot signs from the Universe

What signs & symbols can you look out for?

Feathers often symbolise that Angels are nearby. Pennies can be reminders from loved ones. I’ve also heard of buttons from our dearly departed. But what signs and symbols can you look out for? Why are they important? I am sure many of you would agree that you know what is best for you and you know where your life is headed. I am reminded of the song by Swedish House Mafia, “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, cos Heaven’s got a plan for you” We are a small piece of this vast cosmos and even though we do like to think we know best and where we are headed, there can be a bigger plan at work. Bigger than we can often imagine. This is where the Universe signs come in.

I was driving back from Glastonbury last week and the main A road was closed. I got diverted and is often the case all I had to rely on was my sat nav. As I drove along the solitary, single land roads I was questioning if ‘it’ knew where we were going. I had nothing else. No road signs. No maps. I had to trust it. The sun was setting and 2 baby deers ran across my path. Two hares appeared and ran across my path. As I drove slowly along another hare ran alongside my car with me. Note you will have to zoom in. It was on the right hand side!

When the sign appears more than once

Sometimes if we aren’t listening or noticing the signs we see them more than once. I finally got home about 20 minutes later than expected. I thought nothing more of it until a friend posted on her Facebook page that she had been out walking and seen a hare. Bare in mind, I have never in my life seen a hare! I looked up the meaning of it. The basic meaning of it was rebirth. If a hare crosses your path it means prosperity and abundance in the future. Wow that’s cool I thought. A week later I was doing my cards for the week and pulled this card:

Another hare! The message was very similar. A time of rebirth and to see all of the seeds that I have planted to be sown. How cool is that? I have also been craving water over the last couple of weeks. Drinking it and bathing in it. So much so that I went for a full immersive swim in the North Sea last week. Something I have never done before. It felt amazing! It was effing freezing but afterwards I felt tingly and super proud of myself for taking the plunge!

What signs should I look for?

The Universe sends you signs in different forms. Animals, numbers, symbols, people. Several people may mention the same word or name or comment to you. Take note. The Universe has your back and wants to help you forward in the right direction. To live your life on purpose. When we face resistance and have to battle or fight, it can sometimes be because we are going the wrong way, or we aren’t quite ready for it.

Look out for the signs and symbols for you. Look up what they mean and see what message the Universe has for you today! Be open to receiving the signs and they will appear. I’d love to hear what you see so comment below!



The Glastonbury Experience!

Manifesting my Glastonbury trip!

I had never been to a music festival until this year. It was on the List. The List that I wrote back in January of things I wanted to achieve, places I wanted to visit and experiences I wanted to have. Glastonbury Festival was on it. My friend called me 10 days before the festival to say he had a spare ticket, did I want to go with him? Hell yeah! Is it on your vision board? He asked me. No but its on the List! After saying yes I had 10 days to prepare myself and get together what I needed. I googled for tips and ideas.

Having your period at a festival

( If you are squeamish and don’t want to read about blood or periods then skip this paragraph) I realised I was going to have my period that weekend and started googling having your period at festivals. I had heard so much about the toilets and how they weren’t particularly pleasant, so the last thing I wanted to do was to spend more time in the toilets than I needed to. I have a mooncup so tried using that before I went. Nightmare. You need to practise using this for probably several months before going rather than a day. The bathroom resembled a scene from a horror movie after I tried to empty it one morning. That’s not going to work. I then spent nearly a whole day reading and reviewing period pants. I eventually ordered some to be delivered next day delivery. I can sometimes be a bit last minute! They didn’t arrive on the Thursday and I left on the Friday. I ended up doing a last minute supermarket dash stocking up on tampons, pads and panty liners. None of which are green or environmentally friendly. However, I knew what I was doing and could change them in the dark if need be. In the end it wasn’t as big a deal as I had thought it would be

Arriving at Glastonbury festival

Non squeamish people you can resume reading here. Bag packed and drove down to Glastonbury. When you park take note of any flags and numbers nearby. I took a photo of where I parked my car which was actually extremely handy. Now bear in mind you might have a bit of a walk to where you are camping. It took me an hour from where my car was to reach the tent. Take a trolley or wheely device to carry the heavier stuff. When I arrived it was 28 degrees and by the time I got to the tent I had a thumping dehydration headache. Decide who you would like to see before you get there. The time it takes to get between stages can take up to half an hour or more. You also need to take into account waiting times at the bar, eating, sitting and enjoying some of the therapies on offer in the Healing Fields.

Go with the flow. I have no qualms about going anywhere by myself. I was lying in the tent one morning and I heard a lady say that she had missed going to see a band that she loved because she didn’t want to go by herself. This is YOUR festival and YOUR experience. Don’t stay with your friends if it means you miss seeing one of your all time favourite bands. I wanted to see the Killers and my friend wanted to see the Chemical Brothers so we went our separate ways and both had a blast! I got chatting to a chap next to me and we went for drinks afterwards. My friend got chatting and went out afterwards too. Neither one of us came back and said how gutted we were that the other one wasn’t there.

Messages from the musicians and artists

Be open to new bands and artists. I had never heard of Stormzy ( What? I hear you cry) I live in my own bubble at times. I saw him and thought he was amazing! A grime artist ( I didn’t know what that was either!), an entertainer, 25, on the Main stage at Glastonbury, bringing black ballet in front of thousands, and giving shout outs to upcoming artists that he personally knows, oh and showing huge gratitude, a belief in God and singing about it. For me it showed true authenticity! Lizzo was another artist that I had heard of but never heard before.

We were three rows from the front. Onto the stage came this lady with such force, energy and presence. Wearing a bright purple sequin leotard with an extremely high leg line, this amazing hair and owning the stage. Another artist who expressed huge gratitude. She had been to Glastonbury a few years before and 2 people had turned up to watch them and this year she was performing in front of maybe 30000 people? Lizzo is a lady about body positivity and self love. She had the whole audience telling themselves, “I love me. I am beautiful” then turning to our neighbours and telling them the same. A lady with a global message of love. Her authenticity and gratitude shined through.

Prior to Lizzo coming on the stage was Slowthai, a white rapper from Northampton, 24. During this whole festival one thing I learnt is that I have no idea how to dance to rap or grime so I seemed to spend a lot of time bouncing and doing some sort of bobbing. I saw my first mosh pit via the screen. My friends actually wanted me to participate in one and thought it would be fun. I preferred to watch on the big screen. At 24 to be playing at Glastonbury, I think is awesome and hats off to him. From my personal point of view, he seemed to be channelling anger in a very constructive way, which I think makes him a great role model for our younger generation. ( I feel so old writing that but it is how I feel) I also just saw a tweet from him that said. ” See you on the Pyramid Stage next year” Love it! Aim for the skies.

What is Glastonbury festival about?

Overall for me, watching these artists, Glastonbury is more than just the music. It’s about ambition, drive, determination to succeed, having that dream, authenticity, love and gratitude. Immense gratitude for their journey. I wish them all well and am so grateful that I got to see them all live.

My top tips for enjoying the Glastonbury experience

  • Take a reuseable water bottle and stay hydrated
  • Compostable toilets are cleaner and smell better than the longdrops, they are the way forward!
  • Longdrops are green toilet cubicles scattered around the site. Take your own toilet roll.
  • Suncream, hats, wellies AND comfortable footwear are a must
  • You can take your own alcohol onto the site which saves you money, but no glass bottles
  • A sleeping bag and a self inflated mat with a blanket on top kept me warm enough at night
  • Some places only take cash. There are cash machines on site but they do charge so take some cash too
  • You can volunteer there which means you get to camp, take showers and eat meals in exchange for working in various areas
  • Be prepared for a long walk to the car
  • Take your own bin bags
  • Enjoy the experience!

YouTube link for Stormzy

YouTube link for Lizzo ( If you are offended by strong language don’t watch)

YouTube link for Slowthai ( This video contains explicit language)

I would love to hear your thoughts on Glastonbury Festivals, your experiences and what you thought of the music this year

Why arguing with the Universe doesn’t work!

I got into an argument with the Universe the other day. I decided I had had enough. I wanted off the spiritual train and wanted a ‘normal’ life. I told it that I didn’t want to be a conduit. I didn’t want to be a messenger. I didn’t want to tell people about all of this ‘out there’ stuff that I have been learning recently.

Who am I that they will listen to me? I don’t want to be the weirdo. The odd one out. The person that people might think has gone slightly crazy. I wanted the learning and knowledge to stop. I felt out of my comfort zone, which I am prone to do. I felt overwhelmed by the knowledge I was gaining. I felt like I couldn’t handle anything else the Universe was throwing at me. I cried. Seriously. Going beyond Reiki and crystals and stepping into this unknown voyage towards multi dimensional beings and life on other planets freaked me out. I had a moment on the stairs whilst I was singing my kids to sleep when I thought, I am such a small part of this world that goes way beyond this earth.

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

In a nutshell these past few months have seen me learning about different types of multidimensional beings such as Pleidians, Andromedians and Arcturians. I have been guided towards channellers, who communicate with these beings. Watching them is fascinating. Check out Rob Gaulthier on YouTube or Gaia and Barbara Marciniak on YouTube. They both have these interesting voices when they channel. Watching them I wondered who is it I am channeling? When I write following a meditation? I always thought it was the Universe or Source. I have asked but they are yet to answer me. It’s weird, not weird, because when I listen to them and see them, I don’t question their authenticity. I believe what they are saying and the beings they are channelling. Reading Barbara Marciniak’s book “Bringers of the Dawn” was eye opening. As I was reading it I kept saying, “I knew that” or “I said that” AN example being last year I remember telling several people that the word ‘should’ needed to be eradicated from the dictionary. The reason for this? If we stopped saying I should, it would make people feel less guilty for not doing something that they don’t actually want to do, but feel they should based on others expectations. When I was 18 I remember having a conversation at school about how the world began. Was it evolution or the big bang? Neither I replied, we are here as part of an alien experiment. I was being deadly serious. The class laughed.

I can’t stop the path that I am on. I can’t choose to unlearn everything I am learning. I can’t argue with the Universe, well I can and it may hear me BUT  I love to share my knowledge with others through writing and speaking. That is my path. I may be able to pause the train sometimes but I have to keep going. If you read this and think I’ve gone crazy that’s fine. I have to speak my truth. And it might sound a bit out there but I chose this path so on I go.

I’d love to hear if you have had any experiences of multidimensional beings. Let me know below!


Feeling Inspired!

I recently arrived back from the U.S. I have jetlag, so am currently writing this at 2am. My America trip came about through manifesting. I wrote down on Facebook that I wanted to go over there and 2 weeks later I was invited. I headed out to Denver, Colorado to stay in an Airbnb with Nicole for 4 days. ( I honestly think Airbnb is the new way forward in terms of staying in other countries) On arrival we headed out to Denver Botanical Gardens with another girl staying there, Bella.

During a thunderstorm the three of us were sat under some trees. Nicole started to tell us her story. She was running late on September 11th. As she was on the ferry heading to work she noticed that there was smoke coming from the tower next to where she worked. She thought that maybe a helicopter had clipped the tower. Apparently that was quite common! As she got off the ferry and started walking towards work in her $400 pair of shoes, she noticed what looked like a huge dust cloud. She felt an arm grab hers and turn her around to face the other direction. The next 5 hours were a blur. She somehow made it back onto the ferry, covered in dust and dirt. At the other end she was hosed down. She didn’t know what to do, where to go or even what was happening as all communication was down. A kind elderly gentleman approached her and offered her a cup of tea at his apartment. She went with him. He tried calling her mum several times on the phone, gave her numerous cups of tea, fed her and gave her some clean clothes. As she drove to her mum’s house she said the highway was eerily quiet. What should have been a 10 minute journey took her over 3 hours. Flags started to be hung from apartment windows. She got to her mum’s house who finally told her what had happened. She then went to collect her son from daycare. When she got there there were still children whose parents worked in the towers, who hadn’t yet been collected. She picked up her son and took several other children home with her to look after until their parents came back. The next day she realised she wouldn’t be going back to work. The second tower she was heading towards had collapsed. She didn’t have a job to go back to. She retrained as a teacher and worked for several years in some of the toughest schools. She currently works as a social worker helping homeless ladies and is an online entrepreneur. Hearing her story, I felt sadness but I also felt inspired. She was part of a hugely traumatic event and she decided she wanted to help others. That life wasn’t about owning a pair of $400 shoes. It was about helping others and living life to your fullest.

Whilst in Denver I visited the Molly Brown house Museum. If you have seen Titanic you might remember this character. She was quite loud and formidable in the movie. Born to Irish Catholics in Missouri, she decided to move to Colorado at 18 to live with her siblings. She married James Joseph Brown and had 2 children. Her husband struck gold and they became millionaires overnight. Margaret Brown spent a lot of time giving back to the community. She ran for Senate several times but didn’t get in as women didn’t have the vote at that time. She was instrumental in helping women achieve the vote. Colorado was the first state where women got the vote. She taught herself several languages and was fluent in them. In 1909 James & Margaret signed a separation agreement. In 1912 Margaret Brown was travelling in Egypt when she received a telegram to say her grandson was ill and she needed to get back home. She boarded HMS Titanic. When it began to sink she was annoyed at how few people were in the boats and started telling the crew they needed to fill them. Apparently, two men then picked her up and dropped her 4ft over the edge into a lifeboat. She was with 22 women and 2 men. She told them that in order to survive the night they would all take it in turns to row the boat to keep warm. When RMS Carpathia came to rescue them, all of the passengers in her boat were alive. Once on board she helped translate for the 3rd class passengers and organised a fundraiser for the survivors of the ship. She wrote down the names of the families who were donating money and a list of the families who weren’t. She then left this list in the dining room hall. Eventually those who weren’t donating decided they wanted to and their names were crossed off the list. Margaret Brown raised $10,000 from this. When she arrived back in New York she raised another $10,000 and was made president of the Titanic Survivors Association. She decided quite late in life that she wanted to be an actress and went off to train in drama. She became the actress that she had always wanted to be. In 1932 she passed away in her sleep.

Having visited the house and reading what little I did about her, she came across as a strong and independent woman in her time. A women who wasn’t afraid to rock the apple cart. A woman who spoke her truth, in a time when most didn’t like to hear the truth. A woman who refused to wear a corset and instead took up boxing in her garage! A woman who I believe inspired many and continues to do so to this day. I left the museum feeling inspired. If Molly Brown could do what she did in the early 1900’s what can we do now?

We can speak our truth.

We can rock the apple cart.

We can inspire.

There are even more inspirational stories that came out of the U.S but I’m going to save them and include them in book number 2! Who inspires you? Do you inspire others? I would love to hear your inspirational stories!

How to Meditate

Happy World Meditation Day!

I organised my first pop up meditation in the beautiful city of York. I got my dates wrong but it didn’t matter. The sun was shining and we had 54 people turn up. There were 4 guided meditations on offer, so for those who have never meditated before it was a case of sitting and listening to the meditations. We had a variety on offer. I started with a chakra cleanse meditation. This helps people to become aware of their chakras, or energy bodies within and around them.

Jote Prakash from the Rising Dawn Sanctuary then led a meditation based on the breath and Kundalini teachings. We had Katy Garner, the Stress Less specialist, leading a meditation around focusing on a mantra. Julie Wrigley from Smooth Moves Lab then had us standing up and focusing on our bodies and awareness around them. They were all very different meditations which I hope showed people that there is no right or wrong way to meditate. It was the first time I had done a standing up meditation so a new experience for me! The feedback was fabulous and I have been asked to organise another one.

My Story

I first sat down to meditate 10 years ago after buying myself a book called Teach yourself to Meditate. I remember reading it then sitting down on the edge of my bed to quiet my mind. After 2 minutes I gave up and threw the book across the room. How was I meant to quiet my mind? I was a manager in a large retail store and would often work 12 hour days. My mind was full of work stuff, me stuff, emotional stuff. There was no way I could do this.

I dabbled in and out of meditating for a few years when I would go to spiritual workshops. It wasn’t until I faced my own challenging time that I realised the importance of meditating. It was my time. 15 or 30 minutes of no distractions, of focusing on my breath, of clearing my mind, of being present and not worrying about what could happen or what had happened in my past. It was mindful and it helped me stay calm. When I learnt Access Bars and had a treatment my mind finally, finally became clearer. It was much easier to sit in silence and appreciate it. I have 2 small children so silence isn’t something that is easy to come by in my house. When we put down our digital devices and spend time breathing and by ourselves it not only brings calm and stillness but it can help bring focus and clarity.

How to Meditate

Just making a start is progress. There are a variety of meditation tools available now which can help. If you look on YouTube there are tons of guided meditations and you might feel overwhelmed. Listen to a few just to see whose voice you like, which ones feel calming for you. You can download Headspace on your phone. I have personally never used this but have heard great things about it. Or if you want to begin with silent meditation start slowly and build yourself up. Meditation is a practise. Spend 5 minutes with your eyes closed just breathing in and out and focusing on your breath. Switch off all distractions, TV, tablets, mobile phones etc. You can do this at home, in the garden, when you are out walking. If you are wearing sunglasses you can sit with you eyes closed on a bench and noone will notice 🙂

The more you spend time out meditating the calmer you will start to feel. Meditation has many benefits including reduced anxiety, gaining clarity, feeling more focused, more present, better sleep. I wish you every success in your meditating journey. Namaste.

If you would like to find out more then please get in touch via the form below. And if you are interested in joining me on my Facebook page head over to 

Paranormal Investigation York

The last time I attended a paranormal investigation was about 10 years ago. I was living in Peterborough and had started to become interested in spirits, after visiting a medium. It was a fabulous experience and from what I remember and there was definitely evidence of spirit in the way of voices being heard and footsteps in a corridor.

When I found out that there was a new Paranormal Research group in York, I got in touch with them as I was super excited that living in one of the most haunted cities in the UK there would be a chance to visit some of the buildings with an experienced team.

When I saw they would be investigating the Merchant Adventurers Hall, I jumped at the chance of going. The Merchant Adventurers Hall in York was built in 1357. I honestly can’t believe that this building still exists! If you are ever in York I highly recommend a visit. According to it’s website, “The Great Hall is where the Medieval merchants first gathered to conduct their business and to socialise. The Undercroft used as an almshouse to help the sick and the poor until as late as 1900. The Chapel offering spiritual care to the merchants and the inmates of the almshouse.”

Even though York is extremely haunted, the chance to actually investigate the buildings are few and far between. I was greeted by Claire with a warm welcome. There was 10 of us in total. Cameras and microphones had been set up around the building, to see what could be picked up. We walked into the chapel area and Kevin asked for a volunteer to be a human pendulum. I offered straight away even though I had no idea what it meant. I stood in the middle of the circle. I closed my eyes, as it was a bit intimidating having strangers watch me. Kevin told me to relax and started with asking spirit to show them yes. I felt my body lean slightly to the left. When he asked for a no I felt myself leaning to the right. Kevin then started to ask a series of questions. Nearly every time my body would lean left or right. We connected with a male spirit called Thomas. In my mind I got the year 1687, but we couldn’t confirm this at the time of writing. The only time I didn’t move was when Kevin asked him if he had done anything ‘dodgy’ in his dealings. Thomas refused to answer lol. One of the other participants then went into the centre. A lady spirit came through who had been a nurse during the time when the building was used as a hospital. Kevin asked her a few questions and asked her if she wanted to be moved to the light. She said yes and as Kevin moved her on, the chap became quite emotional.

We then went and sat at the other end of the Great Hall. Myself and another lady felt the spirit of a boy who was quite playful. We were using pendulums to ask him questions and a spirit box. ( If you watch Ghost Adventures, it is what Zak uses when he is investigating places) Nothing came through on the spirit box. Kevin again moved this boy into the light as he wanted to pass.

Using a combination of tools meant that as guests we got to experience different ways of communicating with spirit and gathering evidence. We used a planchett and the drawings looked like an eagle. We asked for some initials and we couldn’t tell exactly what they were, maybe a DP? Or DT? A planchett is a writing tool used to communicate with spirits. Everyone places a finger on it and it moves by itself. There was definitely noone pushing it.

My favourite tool of the evening with an amazing result was a tablet, which ‘maps’ out a human body. A bit like when you have an Xbox kinect. It can see where you are standing. There was 4 of us upstairs. I stood in front of a court style box. The 3 ladies in front of me were recording a video. They had me and could see me on screen. A joke was made and they all started laughing. I felt inclined to tell them off. I told them, I am being told that you need to be serious. I am including the video for you to see. My right hand went cold. Then tingly as I could feel someone with me. I felt it was a serious chap. Several of us had been experiencing pain in our shoulders and back of the head all night and I felt it was this chap coming through. I am just waiting for confirmation that I can share this video with you.

The other awesome thing that happened was that the team had put a tray with old one penny pieces on top of a chest. We had asked several times if they could be moved. We heard a few noises then moved upstairs to investigate. When we first came down I looked at the coins and thought that’s unusual. I couldn’t remember there being a small penny in the corner. It was tarnished and very green looking. I thought nothing of it until someone else piped up that there was an extra coin there. Like I said there are webcams set up so no one could have physically put it there without someone seeing it.

For me, as someone who believes there is a life after death, I didn’t go as someone who needed proof. I went because I love finding out people’s stories and how the spirits are connected to buildings. I was given plenty of opportunities to ask spirit questions and to be involved in the investigation, which was great. Kevin and Claire very much encourage you to be involved. Like Kevin said, it is your investigation as much as ours. So, if you watch Most Haunted or Ghost Adventures and think I’d love to have a go, why not check out their events and pretend you are Yvette, Karl or Zak! You won’t regret it.

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The Divine Feminine

I woke up at 315am this morning. I couldn’t get back to sleep so decided to sit up and start writing. I wasn’t sure what I was to write about but in my head I got the words Divine Feminine, so I rolled with it. Within all of us is a masculine and feminine energy, our yin and yang.  Both men and women have the feminine and masculine within them. The masculine relates to the logic, decision making, rationale whilst the feminine energy relates to the nurturing, intuitive and compassionate side to ourselves. When the energies are out of alignment we can feel stuck, lost, not entirely sure of who we are.

Working as an intuitive healer has helped me explore my feminine side so much more. When I went into my first graduate job with a major retailer, it was a dog eat dog world. It was competitive and tough, and male dominated. I wore a mask to work. I couldn’t be seen to be weak. I just went in and got on with my job, striving to be the best I could be, working long hours and actually ignoring myself. Ignoring the person I truly was inside. I was working there because having graduated with a degree in International Business this was what I felt I was meant to do. I got burn out. I was stressed and finally went for some healing. This was the beginning of my healing process. I gradually became more aware of who I was.

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

I was first made aware of the different energies within me when I had my Soul Plan done, with Jude Robinson. She told me that I would be successful in business as I could bring in the logic and decision making of the masculine but balance it with the healing and compassionate side that I have. As my intuition has grown stronger over the years I have learned to listen to what my body wants and what my soul craves. Walks in the fresh air, sitting under the light of the Moon, singing out loud in the car and dancing like no-one is watching ( even though they sometimes are) As I have been working with the Moon the natural rhythm and cycles are in flow. Building other women up rather than pushing them down and competing with them now comes naturally to me. Giving a stranger a compliment such as I love your top, or your nails or whatever it is, lifts them. As we lift others we in turn lift ourselves.

Embracing our feminine side doesn’t mean we have to wear swishy skirts and have long soft flowing hair. It is about learning to trust our intuition and our knowing that was built into us from the moment we were born. Since time began women have been persecuted for their beliefs, their witchery, their clothing choices, their birth choices. I read today that women can now have injections into their labia at a cost of £950 per time. Seriously?? How did we get to this? You are gifted with an amazing physical body. For health reasons if you need surgery I get it.

For the sake of our feminine energies and womanly togetherness let’s embrace and support each other, as well as ourselves. As Rebecca Campbells book says, “Rise Sister Rise”

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My Kundalini Yoga Experience

Filling your own cup

As an energy healer I like to think that I am in tune with the energy of my own body. A couple of days ago I felt a bit flat and a bit low and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Today I woke up and the same energy was there. I dropped the kids off, came home and did a bit of work. I had a load of dishes to wash, from the night before, clothes to hang out and the usual list of household chores. I had had a conversation a few days ago with an old friend who told me, “You’re always giving Lindsay” As an empath that comes very naturally to me and it’s true. I have learnt especially since setting up my own business, that I need to look after me too. I always tell self employed business owners that looking after you is as important as looking after your business.

The Rising Dawn Sanctuary

The Rising Dawn Sanctuary is a beautiful place in the outskirts of York. Jote Prakash, who with his mum, Nam Prakash, runs Wellness Wednesdays. This is where I headed today. I threw on a pair of stretchy pants and drove over to see if this would help my energy. I was also enticed by the fact that they were offering Kundalini Yoga. I’ve never experienced this particular type of Yoga. I tend to do Yoga with Adriene via YouTube videos in my pyjamas.
I was greeted by Jote Prakash with a hug and a cup of mint tea. The place feels peaceful and serene and at once you are made to feel at ease. You are invited to bring some food to share for lunch. Unfortunately, being on a tight deadline today I couldn’t stay, but the vegetable curry smelt beautiful. Jote Prakash’s granny arrived, who is also extremely welcoming. You feel like you are meant to be there. Several other ladies arrived and we went into the airy room for our meditation and yoga session. Mats, cushions and blankets are all provided for you. I arrived completely unprepared so was grateful for this.

Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

Releasing stuck energy

I will be honest with you. I can’t remember all of the details exactly of the class as I was in a relaxed meditative state for most of it. However, as a beginner to a ‘public’ yoga class, I felt at ease and that was due to Jote Prakash telling us not to worry about what anyone else was doing and to be in our own space. We got into one position for the yoga where I had my hands clasped together and forefingers pointing upwards behind my back. As we bent forward, I was overcome with an urge to cry. I have never experienced crying upside down, which was quite surreal. I didn’t feel sad or unhappy. I just had this moment of ‘release’. For anyone who already does yoga or meditation you will understand. If you have never done yoga or meditation, a release can come in the form of tears, when stuck energy is moved. I welcomed it and allowed the tears to fall up my face, rather than down. Once we had done the yoga, we were given the opportunity to shake it out. I felt a bit silly at first but soon got into the swing of shaking my hands, feet, head, legs, hips. It felt awesome and I could literally feel the energy vibrating through my hands. We ended with some chanting and even though I didn’t recognise the words I hummed, which is encouraged as you are then getting the vibrational sound and the healing.

Being in the stillness

People often see me as being happy and outgoing, which I generally am. Sometimes however, there are moments where I don’t feel like that. We can’t feel happy and positive 100% of the time. It’s not natural. What we can feel, when we practise meditating, letting go, healing etc is stillness. When we learn the art of stillness within and being in the moment, we become more present and aware. When we are aware of how we are feeling, we then have that choice to embrace it or to push it down and repress it. Repressing it might work in the short term but at some point, you will have to deal with all of those repressed emotions. Whether it’s a year from now, 5 years or 10.

Heal those repressed emotions

If you are ready to face those unresolved, repressed emotions seek out a trained therapist or healer. Reiki is fabulous for releasing emotional blockages. Or if you happen to live in York head to a Wellness Wednesday with Jote Prakash and the Rising Dawn Sanctuary.
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