What does it mean to be spiritual in the modern world?

When you tell people that you are spiritual they tend to have images of you sat on the floor somewhere saying ‘Om’ Or being a chilled out ‘hippy’ I did describe myself once as a modern day hippy 🙂 Being spiritual today doesn’t necessarily mean that all you do all day is sit and meditate and do Yoga.

It means finding a place of peace. In your mind. Being happy with who you are at this moment in time. It can take work and it can take practice. It is about being thankful for the life you have. Being mindful and accepting what comes our way. Be it good or not so good. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow and expand.

Being spiritual is about kindness to others and accepting others for who they are. If they don’t float your boat you don’t have to be BFF’s just recognise them for who they are and that’s what they are about. When we speak to others do it from a place of love, not hate. That’s not kind and frankly there’s no need. The best thing we can do when others say something mean to us or aren’t particularly pleasant is to tell them in an honest and loving way that what they said hurt us. Then forgive them. Easier said than done but you don’t need to hold onto their stuff.It’s not serving you.

Being spiritual in today’s society is more about embracing who we are and loving ourselves.

How your Reiki can change over the years

When I first learnt Reiki level 1 back in 2008 I felt like a fraud. I couldn’t really feel anything. I placed my hands over peoples bodies and just set the intention that I was channeling Reiki. And I trusted that it was working.

The first time I felt something I got a shock. I was at a pamper evening doing Reiki taster sessions for a charity. I had one space left at 830pm. One of the volunteers came over and asked if she could have the space. Yes I replied. I started giving her Reiki and closed my eyes. I feel energy better when my eyes are closed.

All of a sudden I felt a chill. I knew someone was next to me. In my head I asked who it was and I got Grandma. I felt as if she was peering over my shoulder saying ‘Why are you doing that?’ ‘What are you doing that for?’ I had to ask her to back away a little bit. When the treatment ended I was in two minds as to whether I should tell this lady.

I said, I think your Grandma was with us. I felt as though she was being nosy asking what I was doing it and why. The ladies eyes filled up. She told me ‘It was the first anniversary of my Grandmas death today and I’ve just been to the graveyard to put flowers on her grave. It sounds like her. ‘I got another shiver as I had been right!

Over the last 10 years my Reiki has developed and I often feel spirits, angels or spirit guides around the person I am giving Reiki to. Sometimes my helpers put an image or a word in my head so I often know if someone is in pain, why that pain is there or what they are suffering from.

When I first started learning Reiki I never for one moment thought that I would be able to help people the way I do. If you are just starting out on your Reiki journey, the biggest lessons to remember are Trust and Intentions. Hand positions are important but trusting yourself and setting the intention that you are a channel for Reiki are more important.

Full Moon releasing

Full Moon Rituals

I’ve been doing Full Moon releasing rituals since January 2018 when I read Yasmin Bolands book, Moonology.  Sitting there writing my list of everyone I want to forgive and what I want to let go of. Then burning my list. And letting go. In my head I thought yep I have let that go. However sometimes right before the new moon I have started to feel what I can only describe as wobbly. I am ultra-sensitive. I don’t feel like being sociable. I want to be by myself. I cry easily.

Today I had a lightbulb moment. I wanted to go to a Mind, Body and Soul Fair. But since Friday I have been feeling wobbly. Was it because I’m ovulating? Was it because I’m still waiting for my divorce to come through? It didn’t feel like a stress thing. I just felt fragile and wanted to cry. I went to the library with my friends and kids. One of my very close friends spoke to me about a couple of issues that she was worried about on my behalf. I broke down in the library. She apologised for making me cry. It was all ready to come out anyway. The timing just sucked. And it was raining outside so I couldn’t wear my sunglasses to disguise my red eyes. I went shopping afterwards in the hope it might make me feel better. It did a bit. I went into Mango and bought a beautiful top.

For the rest of the day I felt wobbly but I got through it. What was going on? The next day I felt OK. On Sunday I dropped my kids off at their dads, went home, crept into bed and cried and cried. I cried for about an hour. What’s wrong with me? I then had my eureka moment. I was releasing. I had written down my releasing stuff at the full moon, BUT it was only now I was actually physically and emotionally releasing. After my cry I felt fresh and renewed. I realised that the work I am doing on myself does actually mean I have to release my emotions and allow myself to cry.

Twice this week I have heard the word Surrender. And that’s what I am currently doing, surrendering and allowing the process to work. Through releasing we are making space for greater things to come in.
If you would like to learn more about working with the moon I strongly recommend buying a copy of Yasmin Bolands book Moonology. https://amzn.to/2DA51Jx

The Transitional Shift of the Summer of 2018

I have been locked out of my website for what seems like forever. I haven’t been able to blog or do what I wanted to do with my website. I have moved house this summer and it feels like this summer has been a huge transitional shift, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Finally I’m back! There are a few changes on the website so feel free to have a look around. There will be more changes coming too… My book is nearly finished, this has been massively helped by the fact that I have no WiFi at my new home until the end of the month. I have tidied and organised my laptop and all those millions of photos I have been taking for Instagram. I feel refreshed and ready to go for September.

My work is gradually changing too. Whilst in the process of packing to move house I found a leaflet from when I first started offering Reiki treatments. 10 years ago I was charging £35. And I haven’t put my prices up since then. I have learnt so much more and feel so much more when giving treatments. Working with spirits/angels and guides, sometimes someone will pop in and let themselves known to me. Sometimes I find myself giving advice or telling my client things and I have no idea where it came from. From September 1st my prices will be going up. Not because I’m greedy but because my Reiki feels like more than Reiki now and I offer more than Reiki. I can tell you which of your chakras are unbalanced and help to balance them using Reiki and crystals. The services I offer have changed too since I first started NRG Healing. I have been using tarot and Angel cards for maybe 8 years now. Always doing them for myself and friends. Now I am offering my tarot card and angel card readings online as well as in person.

In 2017 offering crystal chakra balancing and Reiki

I have joined an Open Circle to help develop my mediumship as it has started coming in much more strongly. To the point that I was sat in my local pub recently and could feel a spirit next to me. His name was Old Tommy and I was sat in his seat! I am currently in the process of creating my Introduction to Crystal Workshop online which will be a mixture of worksheets and videos. At the beginning of this summer I felt a bit unsure of where exactly I was headed, mostly where I was going to be actually living but now I have found somewhere which is my base I feel fully fuelled and ready to go! I feel ready to serve, to teach, to inspire, to create! I hope your summer has been a fabulous one! Check out my updated website and let me know your thoughts!

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What is Access Bars?


What is Access Bars?

I was supposed to do a Facebook live on this subject this week with my Access Bars teacher. Unfortunately we didn’t practice and I thought I knew what I was doing. I ended up talking about my experience on my Facebook page and kept waiting for Rachael to join us. ( I’ll pop the link in at the end)  Even though it didn’t go according to plan it meant Rachael did her FIRST Facebook live, which was great!

I first discovered Access Bars last January when I was at an MBS fair in Wallsend, Newcastle. A chap was doing this Access Bars as taster sessions. I’d never heard of it and thought I’ll give that a try. A good friend of mine had died the previous October and I felt I needed something. I had the session and didn’t feel anything. I left a tad disappointed. I went home and set my first boundary to my now ex husband. I was like whoa where did that come from?

I was then at Cannon Hall farm last summer where I was working in the wellbeing tent and two ladies were offering the taster sessions again. I asked them how they describe it to people and they said it’s like sucking all of the negativity and crap out of your head. Of course I had it done again and this time I felt something, it wasn’t massive but I could feel energy moving.

I thought who wouldn’t want the negativity and crap sucked out of them? So I decided I wanted to learn how to do it to help others. It fits in well with the rest of my work. I knew my teacher Rachael, from several pamper evenings I had attended. I got in touch and last November headed over to Cleckheaton to learn Access Bars. She gave me my first full treatment. Wow! As she touched different points on my head I could feel energy in different places. I was seeing images. As I was talking to her I realised it was getting rid of any limited beliefs I had placed on myself. I had always seen myself as a fixer and saver of people. When I was younger I would often ‘collect’ waifs and strays who seemed to need fixing.

What is the benefits of Access Bars?

The space I had in my head the next day was amazing! All those little worrying niggles were no longer there, there was an emptiness. When I asked a friend what I was supposed to fill this emptiness with she just replied ‘You’. Of course lol! Dr Dain Heer and Gary Douglas make a fairly bold claim, “Worst case it is like a gentle head massage, Best case it can change your life” For me it was the latter.

Access Bars seems to be a relatively newish therapy in the UK although it has been around for about 20 years originating in Australia.
It states on their website that:
‘Access Bars has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep, weight loss, better sex and relationships, relief from anxiety, less stress and so much more!’ 

Why not try it yourself?

To find out more about Access Consciousness resources click below


And if you want to watch my YouTube video on Access Consciousness click below

I would love to hear if you have experienced Access Bars and your thoughts

Checklist for clearing your home from negative energy

joss sticksThis blog post comes courtesy of Alejandra Roja, who works at Redfin Real Estate in America. She emailed me to say that ‘When I  had friends over, they felt the positive vibes! They kept asking about my “secrets”, so I decided to write this checklist’ I use very similar methods to the ones Alejandra describes. Let me know what you think!

Cleansing your house of bad vibes can be an important step in your personal well-being – but how do you know if you have harmful energy in your home, and how do you clear it out?

Signs You Have Bad Energy in Your Home
You can tell whether the energy in your home is good or bad – or neutral – based on the way you feel inside. A house filled with good energy feels fresh and vibrant; it’s full of life, and you feel good being there. On the other end of the spectrum, a home drowning in bad vibes will make you feel like you’re being stifled, smothered or even crushed. You can feel the tension in the air, and there are a thousand places you’d rather be.

Negative energy and stress go hand-in-hand, so if you’re constantly frazzled or at the end of your rope, your home could be partly to blame. If you’re not sure whether your home has bad energy of its own, check out these red flags:

  • Excessive complaining. If you or your family members catch yourselves complaining, even when things are okay (or worse, when they’re actually pretty good), you may have negative energy in your home. The same is true if you’re struggling to find the positivity in life.
  • Negative relationships. When the people around you – spouses, children, family and friends – are negative, it’s worth taking a look at the kind of energy you’re putting out there. Negative energy attracts more negative energy, and it becomes a vicious cycle.
  • The blame game. Household members always pointing the finger? Negative energy in the home could be preventing them (and you) from looking inward to place responsibility where it really belongs.
  • Criticism. If there’s a lot of criticizing going along with all the blame, your home could be swamped in bad energy. When you (or others in your house) send out negative vibrations, you’re increasing negative energy in your space.
  • Clutter. One of the biggest signs of negative energy in a home is clutter. Clutter blocks the way energy flows through a home, so it could be keeping bad energy in and making things worse.

Even if you aren’t picking up on any of these warning signs that you’re dealing with bad energy, it’s a good idea to clear your house when someone has had an argument, been sick or is experiencing stress at work. Negative energy can seep into your space over time, as well, so it’s okay to get attempt to clear it whenever you feel like doing so.

Your home is the one place you should feel safe and secure, but if you open the door and you’re practically swimming in a pool of bad energy, you need to cleanse it – and this checklist will help.

Clearing Bad Energy From Your Home: The Ultimate Checklist
Fortunately, it’s typically easy to clear bad energy out of your home to make room for positive energy. You’ll have to do an all-over cleansing, but it’s straightforward and simple.

First, clean the house. Get rid of all the clutter by putting things away or disposing of them, and make sure you clean every corner. Open all the blinds, and, weather-permitting, open your windows. Let in as much light and fresh air as you can as you clean. Don’t forget to dust, vacuum and check for cobwebs – you don’t want the negative energy or bad spirits to have any reason to stick around.

As you clean, know that keeping broken items in your house is bad feng shui – and items that don’t bring you joy can only drag you down. If you have an item that’s irreparably broken, it’s time to move on.

When you’ve cleared away the clutter and removed broken items from your home, you can finish sending the bad energy packing.
What you need:

  • 5 lemons
  • ¼ c. ammonia or white vinegar
  • Sage, frankincense or copal (or all three)
  • A fireproof dish for catching embers and ash (Native Americans used abalone shells)
  • Sea salt
  • A bell
  • Selenite

Doors and Windows
The doors and windows are where outside energy enters your home. Keep them purified by mixing a bucket of water with the juice from five lemons, 1 cup of sea salt and ¼ cup of ammonia or white vinegar. Clean the doorknobs, doors and frames, and windows in your home with the solution to keep them purified.

Throughout Your Home
The ancient Native American technique of smudging can help remove bad energy in your home. The Native Americans used it for millennia because they knew it worked – and fortunately, the same materials they used are readily available in health food stores and online.
Burning sage – particularly white sage – is a simple and fast way to clear out bad spirits and negative energy. Add frankincense (which you can use alone, too, if you don’t like sage) and copal incense to chase out all the negative vibes so there’s plenty of room for good ones. You can also use patchouli or other herbs recommended by healers.

Follow this step-by-step guide to smudge your home with sage (or other herbs).
1. Stand in the center or at the front door of the room you want to cleanse. Most people begin in the kitchen, as it’s the heart of the home.
2. Light the sage bundle like you’d light incense, and let the flames die out (they will, very quickly).
3. Fan the sage carefully to encourage a steady stream of smoke. Envision the smoke absorbing bad energy and carrying it away.
4. Cleanse yourself first by lightly fanning the smoke around your body, beginning at your feet and working up toward your head.
5. Walk clockwise around the room, swirling the sage bundle in circular motions. Pay special attention to the walls, corners and floor, and don’t forget the ceiling.
Some people choose to recite incantations or make positive affirmations as they’re smudging. If you’re comfortable, saying a prayer or appealing to a higher power for positive energy can help.

After you’ve smudged each room, pour salt into each corner and let it sit for 48 hours. The salt can absorb negative energy. Ring a bell three times in each corner to break up any stagnant energy, which the salt can then absorb. In two days, vacuum the salt away. Many people choose to use salt lamps to keep cleaning negative energy, as well.

You can further protect your home by putting selenite on your windowsills. Selenite can cleanse energy and raise the vibration in your home to a higher level. Many healers recommend using other healing crystals. For instance, black tourmaline is a protective crystal that absorbs depression and negative energy. Rose quartz opens the heart chakra, while amethyst helps with intention setting, and citrine allows you to manifest your dreams. If you have a favorite that works for you, place it in rooms where the bad energy seems to collect.

How Have You Cleansed Bad Energy From Your Home?
We’d love to hear how you cleanse negative vibes from your living space, so please share your story in the comments below.

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Surviving your first year in business

My first year in businessI set up NRG Healing when I knew my husband and I were going to get divorced. I wanted a flexible business that worked around my two children, and I wanted to do what I love. Crystals, Reiki, Himalayan Salt, helping people, teaching and exploring natural alternatives to medicine.

​I’m not going to lie, its been tough. Nearly every evening I spent working; What was my website going to look like? How do I use Twitter? What on earth is Instagram? Do I need an accountant? It is a steep learning curve as you have to learn so many things aside from what you are most passionate about.

I have been to various networking events and training sessions with experts in their field. I have learnt from some extremely strong women who I would call my mentors. These ladies have not only helped me acquire new business skills, but also been able to share their life experiences with me too, which have been a great help.

My top tips for surviving your first year in business

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and use people as sounding boards.
  2. Running your own business can take up a LOT of your time. Remember to plan in some you time too, daily, weekly and monthly. If I know I have big fairs coming up I will give myself a day off before or afterwards to recover
  3. Be realistic about what you can achieve
  4. Plan
  5. Collect peoples’ email addresses with their permission
  6. Surround yourself with positive, supportive people who believe in you and your business
  7. Sometimes when we think our business is going a certain direction, a curve ball is thrown in. Go with your gut, if it feels right to do something different do it 🙂
  8. Your passion in your business will shine through so perservere, perservere and perservere
  9. If you need to outsource something choose the thing you are really not great at, be it accounts, marketing or social media
  10. Finally be yourself, people appreciate authenticity and someone being themselves.

I’m hoping the next year is a bit easier, but I am sure it will still bring its fair amount of challenges which I am well up for!

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My top 8 tips for selling at a fair or event

I have been selling at fairs and events over the last few years. Over this time I have picked up a few tips which I wanted to share with anyone who has a product or service they are looking to take to an event.

  1. Do your research on the event you are attending. Who is the organiser? How long has the event been running? What is the expected footfall? This helps you to gauge how much stock you will need, and how well organised the event will be.
  2. Take your own food and drink. You’re there to make money not spend it.
  3. Take 2 different pairs of shoes of different heights if its going to be a long day.
  4. Have a float and invest in a card machine so you don’t lose out on any sales.
  5. Find out exactly what space you have. Utilise the height of the space if it’s a small area.
  6. If you are going to have a white background then find something to fill it. I saw a variety of backgrounds at the last fair including wallpaper and shower curtains. Find what works best for your stall.
  7. Have a selection of flyers and business cards to hand out. A lady selling candles and room sprays sprayed each one and handed them to everyone passing by
  8. Smile and enjoy 🙂 When you are passionate about your products or service it really comes through

If there are any other tips that you have please feel free to add them in the comments below

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How to store and carry crystals

I’m often asked what you do with your crystals once you have cleansed and programmed them. There are several ways you can store your crystals. Some people like to keep them in a lovely velvet bag. If you do this and have a piece of carnelian inside this will cleanse the other crystals for you. Mine currently sit on bookshelves and bedside tables, kitchen units, wherever there is a flat space and it feels appropriate to keep it there it lives there. You can place them in a nice pottery bowl, or ceramic bowl.

When it comes to carrying them there are several options. It is better that you carry them on you as opposed to in your bag. If you do keep them in your bag then I would recommend getting them out and holding them through the day to connect with its energies.

You can place them in a trouser or skirt pocket. You can wear them in your bra. This does depend on the size of the crystal, as it can look a bit odd if its protruding from one side of your top. They can also sometimes fall out of the bra as several of my customers have told me has happened to them. It could be a bit of an icebreaker trying to locate your crystals in a meeting room!

An American company, Max & Vera, have come up with a solution in the way of crystal wearing bras. They look great but they tend to cater for the smaller bust. Check them out www.maxandvera.com. The picture below is from their website and shows how the crystal is incorporated into the bra. I think its a great idea! They also offer a sports bra for when you are doing yoga or meditation.

I’d love to hear or see how you store your crystals and also how you carry them. There are some amazing shelving for crystals on Pinterest too!

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