Setting up a business with children

When I set up my blog on my website I wanted it to be all about Reiki, crystals, Himalayan salt products and how we use them in our daily lives. My business is fairly new and in order for it to grow I need to meet people. How do I meet those people? Well I use Twitter to connect with local businesses, Facebook to meet other mums and in the six hours I have child free I try to do some networking.

Having children and setting up a new business is tough, like really tough. A friend of mine sells products at school fairs. I don’t know how she did it but she made it look easy. I sell products at fairs. I took my children to a school fair in Leeds with me, I had been there before so knew the layout, thought yes I can do this. We got there, unloaded some stuff from the car. My 2.5yo fell over on the way into the school, she cried, wanted picking up, whilst I was pulling a trolley and carrying bags. Another mum walked past, thankfully took pity on me and asked if I needed a hand, yes thank you. She carried half of my stuff into the school. We unloaded the first lot, headed back to the car, got the next lot of stuff and then 5.5 yo falls over. Seriously? You couldn’t make this up. Cue tears and lots of kisses on knees. Right lets just get us in and set up. I set up whilst the kids eat all of the food I had prepared for the day in an hour. The café runs out of cakes after an hour. They want to go outside, 5 mins later another dad is carrying my crying 2.5yo out of the mud. She is covered in mud and twigs, by cuddling her I am now too. The day got better, I sold a lot, made some lovely friends and we did enjoy ourselves, eventually.

Fast forward two weeks and I have set up a meeting with a blogger. She would like to try out my products and write about them. Woop woop is what I think. However I hadn’t planned the logisitics properly. We are to meet in her building of work in the centre of York. OK. My OH is supposed to be looking after the kids. The meeting is at 4pm. At 3:35 pm my kids are still naked in the garden playing water fights and OH not home. I have two choices, I stay at home and cancel or just go. I threw clothes on the kids, have no idea what I look like and head out the door. On the way I tell kids to please be good and behave.

We enter the building. There is something of huge interest in the building. Me and the blogger start chatting in the café. My kids run around and around the item of interest, until the receptionist comes over and asks us to maybe find a spare room as there are meetings going on. There are no spare rooms. Seriously? The building is huge. I end up conducting my meeting outside with a ramped area and bars that the kids can run down and hang off. My eldest keeps counting the number of words the other lady has written on her page, strangely proud and annoyed at the same time lol!

I wanted to share this with you because as a mum its tough, as a mum trying to build her business its tougher. If we are having meetings in your building a little compassion goes a long way. Don’t be put off or feel like you have done something wrong. The reason women work is generally for their family. Stay strong, and carry on regardless. Note there is no mention of crystals or himalayan salt products, I just wanted to share my day to day stuff 🙂 Love  and light xx


“Gratitude is the best attitude”

Have you ever noticed that people who are happy rarely have anything to grumble about? The more thankful you are for things you currently have in your daily life, the more things that come into your life to be grateful for. Even if it is simple, little things that you are thankful for it is worth saying a silent thanks for what you have.

Recently I have come to realise how important my family is to me. Since finishing university my priority was to have a good job, to strive to the top of where I wanted to be. I didn’t realise at the time that having spent five years of my life with the same company I had probably spent a lot more time there than I had with my family. I have been trying to make it up to them since :).

I am thankful for simple things too. I was out walking a few weeks ago in the village where I live. In my village people are very trusting. I have over the last few weeks paid 80p for a bagful of home grown tomatoes which were beautiful, made a small donation to Oxfam for several bramley apples, which I made into a tart, picked up some free apples where a family have too many and rather than waste them leave them in a box for people to help themselves and also helped myself to numerous free blackberries from a field. For all of this I am thankful, and it would be lovely if more people shared what excess food/ produce they grew rather than waste it.

The more thankful you are in your life for simple pleasures, the more you will attract into your life. So if you have taken the time to read this then just take a minute longer to offer a silent thanks for the things you appreciate most in your life. If you need help I have written a small list of things I am thankful for.

1  My family 2 My friends 3 Having a lovely home4 my newly established veg garden which has given me carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and plenty of lettuce 5 Chocolate ? 6 My health 7 good food 8 having Reiki in my life

This is just a sample, your list may be different but just give thanks for one thing a day and you’ll soon find you attract more of the same. As the unknown author said below:

“If a fellow isn’t thankful for what he’s got, he isn’t likely to be thankful for what he’s going to get”

Looking after you whilst setting up a new business


Hi, I’m Lindsay. Although I have been doing this a while I set up my business officially in April 2017. I am planning to blog about crystals/reiki/wellness/spiritual stuff, anything I come across where I think, yep that’s great, love it! My first blog is about looking after yourself when setting up a business. Setting up a business is intense. Let me know your thoughts 🙂

So you have your business idea, you have gone to the bank and got a loan, set up your bank account, you have a Facebook page and have signed up to every single social media account that you can think of.

You may have children, you may not, but at the moment every spare second is dedicated to your business. There’s just one thing that you have forgotten… YOU! You may be working a full time job and setting up your business in your spare time, you may be a full time mum and doing the same, the house is a tip but you know what you’re doing something. This is your life, your passion, you are choosing to do something you love. The only problem is it is constant, addictive, you love seeing people comment on your products, lifestyle, photos. How do we step away from this and make time for ourselves?

Some people schedule time in their diary, honestly! It is tough to schedule time for yourself, if its in your diary you are more likely to commit to it. I have a 5.5yo and a 2.5yo. My 2.5yo only started nursery in January. I’m a full time mum and she goes for 6 hours per week. Those 6 hours are so precious to me. I don’t go home, as if I did I would do housework. Instead I go for a walk, a coffee, networking or do a treatment swap with a friend. Something that makes me feel like me again. I listen to meditations in the car pre pick up. It might only be 15 minutes but it helps me recentre and balance for the day. I do Angel cards, or tarot cards with the kids in the morning. They help me pick out crystals for the day.

Having a bath is a luxury. Once a week, when the kids are finally asleep, I have a Himalayan Salt bath. This always helps to soothe my aching muscles, my annoying leg cramps and just chills me out. My salt lamp is switched on a couple of hours before I go to bed, and if my leg cramps have been particularly bad I also spray some Magnesium spray with lavender on my legs before bed.

Eating the right food is also crucial when starting a business. We need the right fuel. I have recently been eating a ton of spinach and kale! I have recently found an amazing recipe consisting of avocado, kale and edamame beans, who knew that by massaging kale it makes it green again and actually smell really fragrant! Spinach smoothies also sound rank, but are surprisingly tasty. Whizz a handful of spinach and a banana with nuts and seeds of your choice, plus a splash of almond milk makes an amazing tasty smoothie. Some days I chuck in blueberries or whatever other fruit the kids are refusing to eat.

I have learnt so much over these last few months, not only about registering with HMRC, dealing with accountants and how bloody Instagram works, although I am still a newbie to this, but also about how important it is to say you know what, enough, I need something for me now, whether it be a bath, a meditation, a run whatever, remember to look after you and you will be able to give more to your business, your family and friends.
Lindsay xx