Message from Lord Melchizidek

Who is Lord Melchizidek? Every week I pull cards for myself to see what is coming up this week. One of them was colour healing with Melchizidek written on the top. I didn’t feel this card meant that I needed colour healing but that I needed to connect with Melchizidek as there was a message […]

A conversation with George Michael

How I ended up speaking to the spirit of George Michael In 2019 I was on Twitter scrolling through the journo request hashtag and found a lady looking for a medium. I reached out and asked if I could help. She was from the Daily Star and asked if I could contact the spirit of […]

A Prayer for Humanity

I went for a walk and passed a church. It had a small sign outside which had been knocked over by the wind, saying Church Open. I had only ever been inside the church on Xmas Eve but felt pulled to go inside. It was empty and as I sat down in the pew, I […]

Who are the Hathors?

Who are the Hathors? Before I go into this I would like to share with you my story behind this. It is very rare that I set the intention to communicate with a group of beings I have never heard of. This weekend was my 40th and as we headed into Scorpio season I felt […]

Latest channellings from the Pleidians

12th Sep 2020 We are all taking our places We have all chosen our roles Foot soldiers on the ground Speaking up, speaking out There for those who haven’t Yet Realised what is going on Warriors of Lights Holding the vibration In the ether Holding space for others In their light Sharing their truths via […]

Latest message from the Pleidians-30/9/2020

30.9.2020 Dear ones, we feel the anger rising The anger rising in order to heal The anger rising in order to change To push ahead To push through Through the years that it’s been suppressed Through the years it’s been pushed down Your rage, your mothers rage, your grandmothers rage and beyond Your rage, your […]

A conversation with William Wallace

23/8/2020 Earlier today I was having visions of Braveheart. Then Rob Martin, a cartoonist, called me and mentioned William Wallace. I have just led a guided meditation and felt William Wallace come through again. As I was walking through the graveyard I felt his presence again. His opening line was, “ You’re going to need […]

Abuse of power: This is where it ends

Following the passing of George Floyd and the riots on the street I asked my Pleidian guide, Alkiel to explain a bit more about what is going on right now and this is what he gave me I ask if Alkiel is nearby. He says yes, I’m always around. “There is a lot of anger […]

Joan of Arc leadership

Joan of Arc’s thoughts on leadership

On the 2nd May I felt that I needed to post a quote by Joan of Arc which read “ I am not afraid, I was born to do this” The next day I laughed as I did my online readings and Joan of Arc appeared with the Leadership card for the collective. Talk about […]

Stand in your Light

This blog post is a bit different to my others. I channelled this message with the help of my Pleidian guide, Alkiel. I asked him what do you want me to write and this is what I was given. “We are gathering In preparation.For soon the hour will come.As many of you Earth plane. Have […]