Are you really ready to go offgrid?

How it started The first time the idea of going offgrid came to me when I inadvertently ended up in a sweat lodge. I had visited Rising Dawn, a local space nearby where a Mexican Shamanic healer was visiting with his daughter. We had arranged for a group of us to go along and take […]

5 people who have listened to their intuition and aligned with their purpose

When we begin to listen to ourselves and our inner knowing we automatically become more aligned with our purpose. We are listening to our hearts rather than our minds. Below are 5 examples of people in history who have listened to that intuition and fulfilled their soul purpose for being here on this planet. Albert […]

My Mushroom Experience

Plant Medicine and it’s place in the New Age of Aquarius Like with everything else on my spiritual journey the opportunity to try mushrooms came out of the blue. 13th Feb 2021 was my first experience of these plants. Just so you know a bit of background about me. I had tried smoking cannabis when […]

Why one Reiki session wasn’t going to heal my stress and anxiety

Why one healing session isn’t a quick fix I was naive maybe in my thinking back in 2008 as I set foot through the Reiki practitioners door. My expectations way too high. I needed help and I thought this lady was going to wave a magic wand and all of my stress and anxiety I was […]

Embracing a new age of masculinity

Embracing a new age of masculinity I happened across Joey Layton on Twitter. He was sharing lots of uplifting and honest tweets. I wanted to find out a bit more about him and asked him if he would be interested in guest blogging. As a woman it can be difficult sometimes for me to relate […]

The Benefits of Breathwork- Guest post by Sarah Hunter

This guest blog comes from Sarah Hunter. It isn’t a topic I know much about which is why when Sarah offered to write about the importance of breathwork and how it can be transformational I jumped at the chance. I hope you enjoy her post! Breathwork There are a few different forms of breathwork, known […]

Communicating with Animals- Guest Blog by Kathy Zablotzky

Wisdom of our Pet’s Spirits -Kathy Zablotzky I Speak With Animals Why do certain animals come into our lives? Do we already have a connection with their souls? When I first learned to speak with animals I didn’t realise that the ones I connect with would teach me so much about this life and life […]

Twin Flames

Twin flames? Soul mates? Karmics? What do they mean?

Relationships and boundaries Relationships…be it with your parents, your neighbours or a loved one, your children, your teacher or the guy you chat to at a bus stop. As people we are naturally drawn to communicate with others on some level. Our first relationship is with ourself, we learn to walk, to talk, to eat, […]

Who was Molly Brown?

Stop and ask yourself: What would Molly Brown do?

Who was Molly Brown? Molly Brown was a name that was familiar but I couldn’t quite place it, until I remembered the movie Titanic. The loud, brash, bolshy lady who was larger than life in the movie. That was the character Molly Brown. It is only in the last few years that I have found […]

Why it is worth talking to those we don’t know

When you meet strangers what do you do? Since I was little I would happily sit next to a stranger on the bus or the Metro. I don’t know if it was because my dad was a milkman and I would see him greeting everyone in the street but I never had that apprehensive feeling […]