Channelling from the 12th Dimension

Channelling from the 12th Dimension

Do you ever feel sometimes as if you are living in a movie? Last year I kept comparing happenings in the world to movies we have all seen and loved. Star Wars was probably the one I kept citing the most. It’s like the light against the dark I kept saying. And that is truly where we have been and continuing to see at this moment in time. Now for me I have been in touch with the Pleidians since 2019 and have been wondering about all of these sci fi movies out there featuring extra terrestrials and UFO’s. Were these based on books written by authors who had ‘channelled’ this information or were the directors and scriptwriters using something to transport them from the 3D world into another where they themselves met with these beings and then wrote about their existence for the main stream? I have read somewhere that it is a Universal Law ( A law created between our planet and other dimensions) that as human beings on Earth we need to be made aware of everything that is true. This has been disguised through movies so it may not seem real or palpable. Anyway, for me a lot of the movies we have watched have elements of truth in them and can help to explain a lot of what is currently going on. Allowing yourself to open your mind to the fact that we are definitely not alone on Planet Earth is the beginning.

Within our Universe there are various dimensions. I mentioned before the Pleidians who are 5th dimensional and closest to us in terms of their vibration and distance. We also have various other dimensions where other beings reside. Last week St Germaine came through and he resides in the 7th dimension. Yesterday morning as I sat channelling I spoke with a being called Taleon from the 12th dimension. Now after I first wrote down this beings name and finished my channelling I googled the name. I like to seek external validation and if anyone else has communicated with these beings. Nothing came up except for this Now this freaked me out a little bit

“Early in the 21st century, a race of aliens, the Taelons (often referred to as “the Companions”), travel to Earth and take up residence in limited numbers. The Taelons possess highly advanced technologies, many of which they share with humanity, seemingly out of generosity and good will. As a result of these advances, disease, war and pollution are nearly eliminated within three years of their arrival”

Now, the spelling I was given was Taleon, but how similar??? Here is what this being shared with me

“I am a multidimensional being from the 12th dimension ray of light. We are right on the edges of your existence. As the ascension process continues there on Earth more of you will be in contact with beings from other dimensions. Fear not, the Pleidians are still around you but they are now working with the many. For those who have already begun communication and ascension you will develop deeper connections with us from different dimensions. Eventually everyone will have the ability to do that but for now there is still much work to do on the physical and energetic bodies. We have been preparing Earth for this moment for a long time. Through the ages the Ascended Masters have been and planted seeds of discovery for you to all learn and hear of. It, along with other things is your choice whether you believe their stories or not. The communication that is coming through to many now involves new ways of living, of building, of working with the Earth and living in harmony again. With the land and each other. There is still division but this will pass as the anger and hate subsides. Continue to spread love and joy wherever you go, for it is far more powerful. We are beaming light codes and activations to Earth at this time that many are feeling and absorbing. It may be a bit much for some physical bodies to handle and you may feel exhausted at this time. Drink lots of water and fluids. Rest when needed. We are here with you at this time. Thank you for your time”

This particular being looked like an alien from Mars Attacks with a bigger head and wearing a cloak. They were in a spaceship with lots of controls and other beings in there, with a huge glass window at the front which looked out to Space.

If you have had any encounters do feel free to reach out and let me know


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