Communicating with Animals- Guest Blog by Kathy Zablotzky

Wisdom of our Pet’s Spirits -Kathy Zablotzky

I Speak With Animals

Why do certain animals come into our lives?

Do we already have a connection with their souls?

When I first learned to speak with animals I didn’t realise that the ones I connect with would teach me so much about this life and life on the other side of that curtain that divides our physical existence from our spiritual existence.

You could say I got a direct line to the other side when I began speaking with animals who have passed over!

But one of the most interesting things I discovered was that many animals who are living a physical lifetime here are very aware of where they came from and what their purpose is in this life.

Not only do they know that they come from spirit but they also know what their connection is to those they choose to be with on this earth plane this time around. Isn’t that great!!??

Us humans are such ignorant beings. We come here and in doing so allow ourselves to lose our connection with the truth of who we are, of what kind of beings we really are. But your dog, cat, horse or guinea pig has one up on you. Mostly they remember. Not all do. But most do. Some don’t remember when they’re young but it comes back to them as they grow up. Some remember from the moment they are born, a few never remember.

How do we communicate with our animals?

Communication with animals is surprisingly easy to learn to do. I think every animal communicator teaches how to do this. The hard part is not in communicating, it’s in believing that we’re communicating. If we don’t believe, or trust, we still receive their messages but we don’t think it’s them speaking with us, instead we choose to believe that we are making it up in our own heads.

But when we let go and accept the truth, that animals are souls living a physical existence just like you and me, and that they are able to communicate if we only accept what we’re receiving, then the communication starts to flow.And then, if you continue to be open to them the lessons begin.

What I’ve learnt from connecting with animals

Here are some of the things they’ve taught me about our connection with them.

We reincarnate into the same lifetimes with some of them over and over again. They may come to us as pets more than once in one single lifetime of ours. They may come into our lives during different lifetimes that we live. You would be surprised at how often our pets come to us more than once. I’ve had two of my dogs reincarnate back with me. Our dear Teddy who lives with us now was called Sunny last time he was here in our lives.

We’re all part of a soul group. Within this group we often come into each other’s physical lives to learn and teach. To give each other experiences. These can be bad or good experiences, but they’re necessary for our spiritual growth and development.

When we pass over all those souls over there who are part of our group greet us and support us in our transition. As well as those from our soul group, any souls we have helped will be there to meet us to. Those people who rescue animals or help people who are going through tough times are going to be met by SO many souls when they cross over!

Over there, that is our true home. This is just a place we visit. Members of our soul group will come and be part of our lives in whatever form is most appropriate to provide the lessons we need to grow. Some will be with us often.  We may be husband and wife in one life, mother and son in another, or even human mommy and pet dog.  But we always come together for a reason and many pets both living and passed have told me why they came here.

Not every loved one in this life, whether human or animal, will necessarily be part of our soul group.  Someone from another group may come to teach us something too.  I’ve spoken with dogs who have said they won’t reincarnate back to their family as they are not of their soul group.

Souls who come into our lives stay for as long as they need to for our mutual benefit, learning and growth and then move on.  Sadly this sometimes means they go back home when they are very young in physical terms.  It’s hard for us to understand why this happens but it’s always for a reason.  They may have come to learn one particular thing, and having learned it they leave.  They may have come to teach us how to help them deal with an illness.  We might not learn enough to keep them here this time but we might have learned enough to help another person or animal in the future.

Can humans reincarnate as animals?

They’ve shown me that we can choose our physical form when we reincarnate, human or animal.  I’ve had positive proof of this.  My friend’s dog told me about a life he lived as a human.  He told me his name, Ben Johnson.  He lived in an English village in the mid 1800s and was a blacksmith.  He gave me two names, Little Benny and Alice.  After our conversation I googled the information and found out that there are blacksmith records going back to the 1800s and I found him!

He was born between 1837 and 1840 and lived in Hawkhurst, Kent.  By the middle of the 1800s he was a blacksmith and married in 1862.    According to the records he was Benjamin Senior.  Benjamin Junior (Little Benny) was his eldest son.  He had 7 children.  His second youngest was Alice.

Animals who accompany us in this lifetime are doing what we’re doing.  Living a physical life so  they can learn, teach and grow.  We are all unique, beautiful souls who are part of the same web of life and love, and our pets have many fascinating things to tell us!

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