Consciousness Arising

Consciousness Arising- a membership group for those awakening

Consciousness Arising is more than a membership site, it is a growing community of people on their spiritual journey looking to connect with others who understand them.
As a member you will receive

  • Support from like minded individuals who understand what you are going through
  • Connection with spiritual beings who are walking a similar path
  • Insights from Lindsay and her channellings to inspire, inform and educate you on your path

Also included will be exclusive invites to a monthly circle with Lindsay starting in November 2020. These monthly circles will include a channelled message, light language activations and ascension guidance

The membership site is on an independent platform, Mighty Networks, which means you won’t be distracted by adverts or scrolling through other peoples ‘stuff’ You get to where you want to be straightaway.
It is also available in mobile format so you can download the app and use it on the go

When I went through my awakening I didn’t know anybody else who was going through it or had been through it. It was scary and overwhelming at times. I created the community back in January 2018 on Facebook.
Due to events unfolding in 2020 I have decided to leave Facebook and create a safe space, free from ads and distractions on an independent platform.I would love for you to come and join us as we connect and support each other through these times

If you are ready to join us you can connect here
Let me introduce myself, my name is Lindsay Banks. I am an intuitive, author and channeller. One thing I am really good at is connecting people and bringing together like minded individuals. It’s written in my soul plan so feels fitting I am doing this. Having gone through my own awakening in 2017 and feeling quite isolated and alone with no-one to speak to, who understood what I was going through, I realised I needed to create my own community of people who ‘get it’ for want of a better phrase.
I really hope you will join us in our growing community. As my spiritual journey continues to evolve I share not only what is coming up for me but themes for the week too. We do a weekly check in to see how you are. There is also members only events being planned and exclusive access to the Awakening Collective launching in December 2020.
You get one weeks free trial to see if it is the right space for you. There is no obligation to stay, you can leave at anytime. I have priced the membership at only ¬£4.95 per month as I didn’t want it to be too far out of peoples reach.
So if you are feeling alone and unsupported on your spiritual journey come join us, connect with like minded souls and learn more about the spiritual journey
I look forward to seeing you there
Lindsay x