Crystals and Christmas

I generally love Christmas. getting together with those that we love and celebrating, its normally a fabulous time of the year. However it can also be a very stressful time of year too. You can use crystals at this time of year to help you feel calmer, more energised and less stressed.

  • Amethyst is one of my favourite crystals! It will make you feel a lot calmer. Place a piece in your living room to make it feel more welcoming.
  • Rose Quartz is a crystal of love. Have a bath with some rose quartz in on Christmas Eve. Hold a piece in your pocket on Xmas Day. Have some in the dining room or whereever the whole family are going to be.
  • Carnelian can be a great energy booster. If you feel exhausted after all of the festivities carry a piece of carnelian in your pocket to give you a bit of an energy boost
  • Apache tears is a great crystal for those who may find Christmas emotionally difficult. It can help you to gently let go of the past and slowly feel better about this time of the year.
  • White howlite is a stone full of calming energy, great if you are starting to feel frazzled.

Let me know if you use any of these crystals over the Christmas period and how you get on.

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