Crystals for Love

Happy Valentines Day! A day of love. A day to remind us to show others in our lives how much we love them. But have you stopped to think about whether you love you? I was at a womens networking event on Monday night and as I was giving a presentation on crystals and chakras I asked how many of them could truly say I love me. Maybe 2 or 3 hands went up in a room full of 50 women. It took me until I was 36 to be able to truly say, you know what I do love me. Its not easy, but I so wish I had learnt so earlier.
In order to love others we have to love ourselves. Our heart chakra governs our connection to love. The ‘love’ crystal is commonly Rose Quartz. It is a stone of compassion and self love. I describe it as a gentle hug to the soul. A reminder to be kind to yourself and love yourself.
Malachite is what I call a sledgehammer to the heart. It is for gently dissolving any unresolved emotions to do with the matters of the heart. So that first boyfriend that broke your heart that you have never really gotten over, this will help to heal that wound.
This Valentines Day why not try saying I love Me, as well as I love You?

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