Power Animal

Have you met your power animal?

What is a Power Animal?

A power animal, is a bit like a spirit guide, in that everyone has one. It can change depending on where you are at in your life. A power animal is an animal representing a person’s interconnection to all life, their qualities of character and their power, their inner self, their higher consciousness. Just as humans often find comfort and power with physical animals, so too can they find that same relationship with power animals.

Can I have more than one power animal?

Yes. Depending on where you are at emotionally, spiritually and mentally on a daily basis your power animal may change. One day it might be a bear, the next a lion. There are a huge plethora of power animals that you can have. I’m not going to list them as there are far too many. Once you discover what your power animal is you can google it.

How do I meet my power animal?

You can do this through guided meditations, visualisation, you can ask before you fall asleep for your power animal to come through in a dream. You might also be lucky enough to see an animal in the physical world. For example yesterday I was driving through the countryside and as I approached a bend there was a barn owl sat there, as if waiting for me. It flew alongside the car for several minutes before flying off. You might see a Deer in a field. If you are out and about and notice a particular bird/insect or wild animal take note. Research your animal and see if any of the qualities resonate.

In shamanism power animals are honoured and well respected. In shamanic work the power animal is essential. They can bring in wisdom so for example an owl would bring in wisdom. A bear might bring in strength.

What is my experience of power animals?

Well you see this beautiful flamingo below? I have had him/her come through to me twice in the last few months. The first time was when I went to birth my drum. The lady running the workshop guided us on a shamanic journey and the flamingo was the animal that popped into my head. When we came back I said I thought the flamingo was here to encourage me to have fun and balance in my life.

Power Animal

Ray Hennessy

I ran a Reiki share this week. Whilst I was giving Reiki to one of my students I saw a beautiful black wing out of the corner of my eye. I closed my eyes then saw this beautiful eagle flying across the mountains. I told her afterwards that the eagle was with her. She has had this eagle through several times before. I then closed my eyes and got the flamingo again. Another timely reminder to have fun and achieve a balance. According to https://trustedpsychicmediums.com/spirit-animals/ “the flamingo calls for you to be vibrant and outgoing, and to be well-balanced and resourceful in life.There are infinite possibilities for you, and all these you can achieve because of your intelligence and creativity. Once you find your purpose, you are unstoppable. You can achieve anything that you want to achieve, and your life will be so much more than you imagined!”

How cool is that? The way I see it the power animal is another tool in your spiritual toolbox that you can use to gauge where you’re at in your life. To provide insight and some wisdom.

Let me know if you connect with your power animal and if so what it is!

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