Himalayan Salt Baths

I used to love nothing more than a bubble bath. However I hated the prune like feel I would get on my fingers after getting out of the bath.
I discovered Himalayan Salt baths a couple of years ago. I’d honestly never even heard of salt baths until I started buying the products myself.
There are several reasons why Himalayan Salt baths are good for you

  • Himalayan Salt contains 84 trace minerals, these same minerals are present in the human body. So when you have a bath your body absorbs any missing minerals.
  • It helps to detoxify us through reverse osmosis, pulling toxins out of the body
  • Its great for anyone with muscular pains, bathing in the salt water can help reduce inflammation. Its great if you suffer from restless leg syndrome!
  • My favourite… you don’t get prune like skin after a Himalayan salt bath! It can help with eczema, acne or psoriasis as it doesn’t dry out your skin

So how do you have a salt bath?

Make sure your bath is roughly 37 degrees celsius. I have experimented greatly with the amount of salt needed for a bath and have found that approx 1/3 cup is plenty for your average size bath. I chucked 1kg of salt in once, but it made no difference. Stay in the bath for 20-30 mins and pat yourself dry.

If you want to add some essential oils in then feel free. I have been using my friend Rubys Devaiya Oils. She makes blends called Stresses Away, Aches Away and Dreams Away which are just fabulous. Her oils can be found here:

Bags of plain Himalayan Salt and Himalayan Salt mixed with Devaiya Oils are available via my store. All my salts come in compostable bags so good for you and the environment.

Let me know what you think of Himalayan Salt Baths 🙂

If you are on any medication or suffer from diabetes/low/high blood pressure or circulation problems please consult a doctor prior to taking a salt bath

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