How can crystals help me?


I bought my first crystal back in 2008 at a psychic fellowship evening. The couple selling them were aptly named HeHiSheLo, he was 7ft tall, she was 5ft tall. It was a rough piece of rose quartz. I had no idea what it actually was at this time, to me it was just a pretty pink crystal which had caught my eye. I sat down. I was actually at this psychic evening on a third date. My date hadn’t seen my crystal and had gone to pick one for himself.

He came back with a rose quartz Buddha, seriously!

I didn’t really have a clue about crystals then. That was my first purchase. I googled it and found that rose quartz is a crystal for love. Not only love with another person, but self-love. I put it on my bedside cabinet and would hold it for a few minutes at night before I went to sleep, or a few minutes in the morning when I woke up. It sounds odd, but it was comforting. Rose quartz is like a gentle hug for the soul.

I bought a book on crystals and started purchasing a few more when I saw them out and about. One of them was a small piece of amethyst, said to help with headaches. I was working at a major supermarket at the time and would often suffer with headaches. I hated taking paracetamol so thought I would try using crystals. I carried it in my pocket and would lie with it on my third eye chakra, as it was supposed to help. My headaches didn’t disappear but they did become less frequent.

My crystal collection grew and as my knowledge of them did too, people started asking me if I could get them a piece of citrine, or carnelian, rose quartz or amethyst. This is how I started selling crystals-I realised there was a demand, people love the beauty of crystals and if they can help with an aspect of their lives, be it physical, emotional or spiritual then even better!

Crystals come from the earth. They harness the earth’s energies. It is these energies that then resonate with a person’s energy. The crystals work with our physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Going back to my chakra blog you can use crystals to help balance your chakras. (LINK) Starting in reverse order. If you tend to be ‘floaty’ to live in your head, have lots of ideas and struggle to bring yourself back down to earth then red and black crystals can help you to feel more grounded. Red crystals are associated with the root chakra, and black crystals to the lower root chakra, which is found between the feet.

Orange crystals help to balance the sacral chakra. Physically they resonate with the reproductive organs. They can also help you to embrace creativity, be it writing, art or dancing for example.

If you need a bit of energy it’s all about yellow crystals. Yellow crystals are the same colour as your solar plexus chakra. Picking up a piece of citrine or amber can really help your energies lift. The added bonus of citrine, is that if you pop a piece in your purse apparently you will always have money flowing in!

I mentioned earlier how rose quartz is a crystal for the heart chakra. Well whilst that gives you a gentle hug which is nice, there is also something called the higher heart chakra. A crystal which resonates with this is malachite. Whilst rose quartz is gentle, I describe malachite as a sledgehammer to the heart. If something needs attention whether love for yourself or another, malachite breaks through anything and starts to heal your heart and relationships.

If you are struggling to communicate, be it talking too much and not really listening to what someone has to say. Or not feeling that you can actually say what’s on your mind then a blue crystal such as lapis lazuli, or sodalite can really help to balance your throat chakra and help you to communicate more effectively.
My favourite story about crystals that I have read over the years is the fact that the Greeks used to drink out of amethyst goblets to stop them getting drunk. Now whether this happened or not I obviously have no idea, but I think this is a great story to show that people have believed in the uses of crystals for years.

If you have a lot on your mind ( don’t we all?) and are struggling to fall asleep at night then a piece of clear quartz on the crown chakra and amethyst on the third eye may help with this.

There is a crystal for nearly everything. If you need a crystal for stress, tiredness, luck, communication, love there is a crystal to help you. I pick one every day. I look at my collection and just think in my head, right what do I need most today? My hand or eye is always drawn to one which I then pick up and carry with me throughout the day. If you are in a shop or at a fair, and see someone selling crystals, do the same. If the person selling them believes in their properties, they will have no qualms at all about you touching them, or picking out a handful and choosing one. I really encourage it.

As well as individual crystals you can also carry sets. I make up sets for chakra balancing, psychic development, anxiety, driving lessons, kidney problems. You name it and I will be happy to find the right crystals for you. Feel free to drop me an email to discuss what you are looking for.

One of my favourite ways to use crystals is to do a chakra balance. You basically lie down and place the crystals, in line with your chakras from your feet to your head and relax. I tend to use hematite, red jasper, carnelian, citrine, rose quartz, sodalite, amethyst and clear quartz. Lie down for 20-30 mins and enjoy J . Sometimes you feel the crystals wobble on the chakra, sometimes you may feel a warmth, a coldness, a surge of energy and sometimes nothing. Because everyone’s physical and emotional make up is different, everyone’s experience of a crystal chakra balance is different.
Thank you for reading and any questions feel free to ask 🙂
Lindsay xx

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