How to Meditate

How to meditate

My Story

I first sat down to meditate 10 years ago after buying myself a book called Teach yourself to Meditate. I remember reading it then sitting down on the edge of my bed to quiet my mind. After 2 minutes I gave up and threw the book across the room. How was I meant to quiet my mind? I was a manager in a large retail store and would often work 12 hour days. My mind was full of work stuff, me stuff, emotional stuff. There was no way I could do this.

I dabbled in and out of meditating for a few years when I would go to spiritual workshops. It wasn’t until I went through my own Dark Night of the Soul in 2017 that I realised the importance of meditating. It was my time. 15 or 30 minutes of no distractions, of focusing on my breath, of clearing my mind, of being present and not worrying about what could happen or what had happened in my past. It was mindful and it helped me stay calm. When I learnt Access Bars and had a treatment my mind finally, finally became clearer. It was much easier to sit in silence and appreciate it. I have 2 small children so silence isn’t something that is easy to come by in my house. When we put down our digital devices and spend time breathing and by ourselves it not only brings calm and stillness but it can help bring focus and clarity.

How do I start to meditate?

Just making a start is progress. There are a variety of meditation tools available now which can help. If you look on YouTube there are tons of guided meditations. I used to enjoy Jason Stephenson meditations and currently always listen to Steve Nobel too.  Listen to a few just to see whose voice you like, which ones feel calming for you. You can download Headspace on your phone. I have personally never used this but have heard great things about it. Or if you want to begin with silent meditation start slowly and build yourself up. Meditation is a practise. Spend 5 minutes with your eyes closed just breathing in and out and focusing on your breath. Switch off all distractions, TV, tablets, mobile phones etc. You can do this at home, in the garden, when you are out walking. If you are wearing sunglasses you can sit with your eyes closed on a bench and noone will notice 🙂

Having kids can make it a bit more difficult to meditate as you have to plan for it. Some people advocate waking up earlier than their children. If yours are anything like mine they will be awake at the crack of dawn. I have snuck downstairs twice to squeeze in a yoga class before they woke up, however my 5yo decided to come downstairs 10 minutes into it for cuddles. Plus I am really not a morning person. Do not beat yourself up for not gettingup at 5am t meditate. It is not worth it. You can do it in the evening once they are in bed if that works for you. You can also listen to them as falling asleep as they still go into your subconscious and you may find yourself having vivid dreams which provide you with insights and clarity too. Now I have to confess that I have also meditated in the car before school pick up, eyes closed for 10 minutes doing deep breathing is meditating. You don’t need to get into lotus position and chant OM loudly, although this can be fun too 🙂 During the coronavirus lockdown I have also taken to mid afternoon putting on my headphones whilst they are otherwise engaged, telling them mummy needs 15 minute time out and listening to a meditation. Again this didn’t work so well as after 10 minutes my 5yo was again standing over me shouting to her older brother, ” I think she’s asleep!”

Learning how to meditate when you have children can be difficult, but it can also be extremely helpful for helping calm tattered nerves.

What are the benefits of meditating?

The more you spend time out meditating, the calmer you will start to feel. Meditation has many benefits including

  • reduced anxiety
  • gaining clarity
  • feeling more focused
  • more present and better sleep.

As well as all of this it can also help bring insight into your life. Sometimes we don’t realise that there are energy blocks, stopping us from fulfilling our true potential. When we meditate we are often given guidance around these and insights into why we behave a certain way, or why a situation is happening the way it is.

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Lindsay x

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