How do I spot signs from the Universe?

What signs & symbols is the Universe sending you?

Feathers often symbolise that Angels are nearby. Pennies can be reminders from loved ones. I’ve also heard of buttons from our dearly departed. But what signs and symbols can you look out for? Why are they important? I am sure many of you would agree that you know what is best for you and you know where your life is headed. I am reminded of the song by Swedish House Mafia, “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, cos Heaven’s got a plan for you” We are a small piece of this vast cosmos and even though we do like to think we know best and where we are headed, there can be a bigger plan at work. Bigger than we can often imagine. This is where the Universe signs come in.

I was driving back from Glastonbury last week and the main A road was closed. I got diverted and is often the case all I had to rely on was my sat nav. As I drove along the solitary, single land roads I was questioning if ‘it’ knew where we were going. I had nothing else. No road signs. No maps. I had to trust it. The sun was setting and 2 baby deers ran across my path. Two hares appeared and ran across my path. As I drove slowly along another hare ran alongside my car with me. Note you will have to zoom in. It was on the right hand side!

When the sign appears more than once

Sometimes if we aren’t listening or noticing the signs we see them more than once. I finally got home about 20 minutes later than expected. I thought nothing more of it until a friend posted on her Facebook page that she had been out walking and seen a hare. Bare in mind, I have never in my life seen a hare! I looked up the meaning of it. The basic meaning of it was rebirth. If a hare crosses your path it means prosperity and abundance in the future. Wow that’s cool I thought. A week later I was doing my cards for the week and pulled this card:

Another hare! The message was very similar. A time of rebirth and to see all of the seeds that I have planted to be sown. How cool is that? I have also been craving water over the last couple of weeks. Drinking it and bathing in it. So much so that I went for a full immersive swim in the North Sea last week. Something I have never done before. It felt amazing! It was effing freezing but afterwards I felt tingly and super proud of myself for taking the plunge!

What signs should I look for?

The Universe sends you signs in different forms. Animals, numbers, symbols, people. Several people may mention the same word or name or comment to you. Take note. The Universe has your back and wants to help you forward in the right direction. To live your life on purpose. When we face resistance and have to battle or fight, it can sometimes be because we are going the wrong way, or we aren’t quite ready for it.

Look out for the signs and symbols for you. Look up what they mean and see what message the Universe has for you today! Be open to receiving the signs and they will appear. I’d love to hear what you see so comment below!



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