How to store and carry crystals

I’m often asked what you do with your crystals once you have cleansed and programmed them. There are several ways you can store your crystals. Some people like to keep them in a lovely velvet bag. If you do this and have a piece of carnelian inside this will cleanse the other crystals for you. Mine currently sit on bookshelves and bedside tables, kitchen units, wherever there is a flat space and it feels appropriate to keep it there it lives there. You can place them in a nice pottery bowl, or ceramic bowl.

When it comes to carrying them there are several options. It is better that you carry them on you as opposed to in your bag. If you do keep them in your bag then I would recommend getting them out and holding them through the day to connect with its energies.

You can place them in a trouser or skirt pocket. You can wear them in your bra. This does depend on the size of the crystal, as it can look a bit odd if its protruding from one side of your top. They can also sometimes fall out of the bra as several of my customers have told me has happened to them. It could be a bit of an icebreaker trying to locate your crystals in a meeting room!

An American company, Max & Vera, have come up with a solution in the way of crystal wearing bras. They look great but they tend to cater for the smaller bust. Check them out The picture below is from their website and shows how the crystal is incorporated into the bra. I think its a great idea! They also offer a sports bra for when you are doing yoga or meditation.

I’d love to hear or see how you store your crystals and also how you carry them. There are some amazing shelving for crystals on Pinterest too!

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