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Joan of Arc’s thoughts on leadership

On the 2nd May I felt that I needed to post a quote by Joan of Arc which read “ I am not afraid, I was born to do this” The next day I laughed as I did my online readings and Joan of Arc appeared with the Leadership card for the collective. Talk about synchronicities. Coming back from my walk later that day, I heard the French national anthem in my head. I thought it was Napoleon, not actually realising that Joan of Arc was French, duh! Anyway, I thought I would give her an opportunity to come through and say her piece. This is what she told me

“I was very lucky in that I found my calling at a young age. When I say found it, it found me. I knew exactly what my purpose was in this lifetime. To lead. Regardless of any fear or what anyone else thought. I knew it was my destiny and I had to do everything within my own power to fulfil that. Which I did. I do not regret a single moment of my lifetime. Many of you are now asking the question, “ Why Am I here? What is my life purpose?” You cannot hear what is being given to you for there is too many external distraction. Even within this isolation and quarantine, you are not really alone for you are tapped into hundreds and thousands of people at your fingertips. This was not the case in my day. There was much darkness and I prayed. I did not pray to ask why I was here. Oh no, I prayed that I be of service, to God and to others. That was all. If I had known from an even younger age my actual destiny then I may have tried to avoid it. Yes when I was ‘told’ my reason for being I did not shy away from it. I rose to it, for this was my souls purpose. My body merely here to assist me on my path.

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I know your history is not so good Lindsay and you did not even know I was French however your ability does not lie in concerning yourself with the history and factual matters. Instead your gift allows you to tap into this great mystery of life. To be able to communicate the thoughts and aspirations of various leaders throughout time. It is of no surprise to you that I am here as there will be a new collection of works for you purely around Voices of Leaders. What makes a good leader you ask? Vision. A very definite vision of what changes need to be made. The goal. What does the end look like? What changes need to be implemented to create new structures? Who needs to be put into positions of leadership and who needs to be removed? If they will go quietly it will make it easier. Less resistance. If however, they make it more difficult, well the Revolution comes again! ( She is standing with her fist in the air!)

One needs to be honest with their word. Truth creates trust. Honesty and integrity. If you lie to your teammates/cohorts/comrades you aren’t working together for the greatest good. Change comes through togetherness. If one goes off here, the other there, breaking the ranks everything dissipates. We stay together. We stand together. We create together. Unity in your consciousness. Great minds will unite to build a vision of the people, by the people, for the people. We are all united on this side together to help you all at this time. Call upon us for guidance, strength and leadership. The time for you to stand up and lead is now.”

Like she said my history is terrible so I watched a documentary on Netflix to find out more about Joan of Arc. Basically she was born around 1412, the birth records weren’t kept then so she wasn’t quite sure of her age. Around the age  of 13 she began to hear voices telling her that her mission ( should she choose to accept it) was to expel the English from France and to install Charles as the rightful King. She took a vow of chastity. At 16 her father tried to force her to marry. However, she went to court and refused. In 1428 she headed off and managed to attract a small band of followers who believed that she was destined to save France. She cut off her hair and dressed in mens clothing and headed to Chinon, where the crown Prince lived. She promised Charles she would make him King if he could give her a small army of men. Charles agreed and the Siege of Orleans occurred where Joan and her army drove the Anglo-Burgundians back across the river. Charles became King in 1429, as she promised.  In 1430 Joan fell from her horse and was captured by the Burgundians. In the trial that followed there were 70 charges against her including witchcraft ( surprise, surprise) heresy and dressing like a man. One year leater she signed a confession to say she hadn’t received any divine guidance. This was under the threat of death. Now, even though she was in jail, with shackles on her hands and legs, apparently she changed into mens clothing. The authorities pronounced her death sentence. On May 30th, 1431, in front of a huge crowd, Joan of Arc was burned at the stake.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post. It was a bit of a surprise to me when writing it. Any comments and shares are much appreciated

Lindsay x

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