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12th Sep 2020

We are all taking our places

We have all chosen our roles

Foot soldiers on the ground

Speaking up, speaking out

There for those who haven’t


Realised what is going on

Warriors of Lights

Holding the vibration

In the ether

Holding space for others

In their light

Sharing their truths via social media

There there are those who

Have chosen to take the role

Of oppressors

Of being seemingly in control

We are all playing our roles

In this game

And to see it as a chess game

One where both sides continue to move forward

Trying different tactics

What works?

What doesn’t?

We know that to battle the old way will not work

We do not want to die by the sword

We want our freedom

Yet until all of the events this year

We may have felt free

Until your freedom has been constricted

And removed

You had nothing to fight for

To change

They will continue to push

To see how far they can go

Many of you who have been working on yourselves over the last few years have boundaries, strong boundaries in place

Helping you to deal with what is going on

Continue to stand up, speak up and share your truth

For it is much needed at this time

We are all here with you

As you said in your earlier video Lindsay

We being angels, spirit guides, spirits on the other side, pleidians, arcturians, sirians, andromedeans

We are all working with you as a collective

To bring Planet Earth

Back to a space of love, community, collaboration, mutual respect to name but a few things

Continue to have faith

Continue to trust

Continue to believe in the New Earth

And together you can cocreate

The new society

Relying on others for support, resources, without greed or ego

Lindsay x

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