Looking after you whilst setting up a new business


Hi, I’m Lindsay. Although I have been doing this a while I set up my business officially in April 2017. I am planning to blog about crystals/reiki/wellness/spiritual stuff, anything I come across where I think, yep that’s great, love it! My first blog is about looking after yourself when setting up a business. Setting up a business is intense. Let me know your thoughts 🙂

So you have your business idea, you have gone to the bank and got a loan, set up your bank account, you have a Facebook page and have signed up to every single social media account that you can think of.

You may have children, you may not, but at the moment every spare second is dedicated to your business. There’s just one thing that you have forgotten… YOU! You may be working a full time job and setting up your business in your spare time, you may be a full time mum and doing the same, the house is a tip but you know what you’re doing something. This is your life, your passion, you are choosing to do something you love. The only problem is it is constant, addictive, you love seeing people comment on your products, lifestyle, photos. How do we step away from this and make time for ourselves?

Some people schedule time in their diary, honestly! It is tough to schedule time for yourself, if its in your diary you are more likely to commit to it. I have a 5.5yo and a 2.5yo. My 2.5yo only started nursery in January. I’m a full time mum and she goes for 6 hours per week. Those 6 hours are so precious to me. I don’t go home, as if I did I would do housework. Instead I go for a walk, a coffee, networking or do a treatment swap with a friend. Something that makes me feel like me again. I listen to meditations in the car pre pick up. It might only be 15 minutes but it helps me recentre and balance for the day. I do Angel cards, or tarot cards with the kids in the morning. They help me pick out crystals for the day.

Having a bath is a luxury. Once a week, when the kids are finally asleep, I have a Himalayan Salt bath. This always helps to soothe my aching muscles, my annoying leg cramps and just chills me out. My salt lamp is switched on a couple of hours before I go to bed, and if my leg cramps have been particularly bad I also spray some Magnesium spray with lavender on my legs before bed.

Eating the right food is also crucial when starting a business. We need the right fuel. I have recently been eating a ton of spinach and kale! I have recently found an amazing recipe consisting of avocado, kale and edamame beans, who knew that by massaging kale it makes it green again and actually smell really fragrant! Spinach smoothies also sound rank, but are surprisingly tasty. Whizz a handful of spinach and a banana with nuts and seeds of your choice, plus a splash of almond milk makes an amazing tasty smoothie. Some days I chuck in blueberries or whatever other fruit the kids are refusing to eat.

I have learnt so much over these last few months, not only about registering with HMRC, dealing with accountants and how bloody Instagram works, although I am still a newbie to this, but also about how important it is to say you know what, enough, I need something for me now, whether it be a bath, a meditation, a run whatever, remember to look after you and you will be able to give more to your business, your family and friends.
Lindsay xx

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