Message from Lord Melchizidek

Who is Lord Melchizidek?

Every week I pull cards for myself to see what is coming up this week. One of them was colour healing with Melchizidek written on the top. I didn’t feel this card meant that I needed colour healing but that I needed to connect with Melchizidek as there was a message he wanted to share. Lord Melchizidek is one of the ascended masters. Someone who came to Earth to spread joy and light. He was a priest in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. He created an Order of the Priesthood and oversees lightworkers and those who have chosen to ascend in this time. He is mentioned in the bible as being a king and priest. He has incarnated many times on Earth in different forms, more so at the beginning of Earths creation. He now works in the 1st ray. Another card I got was Mother Mary, twice! Mother Mary embodies the mother energy and Lord Melchizidek embodies the father energy. This realisation came just as I was writing this.

My personal feeling is that at this time as brothers and sisters of light this is when we come together. To the women who have done the work and risen, it is time to help our brothers ascend also. Many are currently experiencing dark nights of the soul. Send them your living thoughts. Send them healing. Our time is approaching and as souls we have all chosen to do this.

What do you want me to write?

Greetings dear one. Time fast. Time slow. What’s time? Time speed. Friction. Move. Quick. Slow. Quick. Slow. On the double. Slow right down. At the moment we have intense energies and extremes. Extremities within the earth plane as the point towards zero consciousness is being gravitated towards. Excitement in the air. Fizzle, fizzle. Fear in the air. Excitement. Fear. Swinging between energies momentarily. Stay grounded. Keep calm. Maintain your balance in order that you can maintain it for others. Yes. No. Yes. No. One minute clear. Next minute fog. BREATHE IN AND OUT.IN AND OUT. As we approach the peak more will be left. Energies of old no longer needed. Shame. Judgement. Goodbye!! Embrace this time. Write about it. For the dawning of this new era has not been seen before or will again.

Thank you for your words Lord Melchizidek and your energy



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