My Kundalini Yoga Experience

Filling your own cup

As an energy healer I like to think that I am in tune with the energy of my own body. A couple of days ago I felt a bit flat and a bit low and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Today I woke up and the same energy was there. I dropped the kids off, came home and did a bit of work. I had a load of dishes to wash, from the night before, clothes to hang out and the usual list of household chores. I had had a conversation a few days ago with an old friend who told me, “You’re always giving Lindsay” As an empath that comes very naturally to me and it’s true. I have learnt especially since setting up my own business, that I need to look after me too. I always tell self employed business owners that looking after you is as important as looking after your business.

The Rising Dawn Sanctuary

The Rising Dawn Sanctuary is a beautiful place in the outskirts of York. Jote Prakash, who with his mum, Nam Prakash, runs Wellness Wednesdays. This is where I headed today. I threw on a pair of stretchy pants and drove over to see if this would help my energy. I was also enticed by the fact that they were offering Kundalini Yoga. I’ve never experienced this particular type of Yoga. I tend to do Yoga with Adriene via YouTube videos in my pyjamas.
I was greeted by Jote Prakash with a hug and a cup of mint tea. The place feels peaceful and serene and at once you are made to feel at ease. You are invited to bring some food to share for lunch. Unfortunately, being on a tight deadline today I couldn’t stay, but the vegetable curry smelt beautiful. Jote Prakash’s granny arrived, who is also extremely welcoming. You feel like you are meant to be there. Several other ladies arrived and we went into the airy room for our meditation and yoga session. Mats, cushions and blankets are all provided for you. I arrived completely unprepared so was grateful for this.

Photo by kike vega on Unsplash

Releasing stuck energy

I will be honest with you. I can’t remember all of the details exactly of the class as I was in a relaxed meditative state for most of it. However, as a beginner to a ‘public’ yoga class, I felt at ease and that was due to Jote Prakash telling us not to worry about what anyone else was doing and to be in our own space. We got into one position for the yoga where I had my hands clasped together and forefingers pointing upwards behind my back. As we bent forward, I was overcome with an urge to cry. I have never experienced crying upside down, which was quite surreal. I didn’t feel sad or unhappy. I just had this moment of ‘release’. For anyone who already does yoga or meditation you will understand. If you have never done yoga or meditation, a release can come in the form of tears, when stuck energy is moved. I welcomed it and allowed the tears to fall up my face, rather than down. Once we had done the yoga, we were given the opportunity to shake it out. I felt a bit silly at first but soon got into the swing of shaking my hands, feet, head, legs, hips. It felt awesome and I could literally feel the energy vibrating through my hands. We ended with some chanting and even though I didn’t recognise the words I hummed, which is encouraged as you are then getting the vibrational sound and the healing.

Being in the stillness

People often see me as being happy and outgoing, which I generally am. Sometimes however, there are moments where I don’t feel like that. We can’t feel happy and positive 100% of the time. It’s not natural. What we can feel, when we practise meditating, letting go, healing etc is stillness. When we learn the art of stillness within and being in the moment, we become more present and aware. When we are aware of how we are feeling, we then have that choice to embrace it or to push it down and repress it. Repressing it might work in the short term but at some point, you will have to deal with all of those repressed emotions. Whether it’s a year from now, 5 years or 10.

Heal those repressed emotions

If you are ready to face those unresolved, repressed emotions seek out a trained therapist or healer. Reiki is fabulous for releasing emotional blockages. Or if you happen to live in York head to a Wellness Wednesday with Jote Prakash and the Rising Dawn Sanctuary.
To find out more about the Rising Dawn Sanctuary and the events they run head over to

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