My Mushroom Experience

Plant Medicine and it’s place in the New Age of Aquarius

Like with everything else on my spiritual journey the opportunity to try mushrooms came out of the blue. 13th Feb 2021 was my first experience of these plants. Just so you know a bit of background about me. I had tried smoking cannabis when I was 17/18 and to be honest it didn’t really interest me. I smoked one spliff at uni when I thought I had failed my politics exam and I couldn’t stop giggling afterwards. I took half an ecstasy pill in the back of beyond in China and couldn’t stop swearing so to say my background in drugs is minimal would be correct. In 2020 I had a short stint on a local community radio station. I had been told I could talk about anything and for some reason I came across an article about Timothy Leary, then something popped up on my Facebook page about The University Of York Psychedelic society. As I was reading through the stories of Timothy Leary, I was intrigued by the fact that he had been using certain psychedelics to tap into his unconscious. As a channeller, I often tap into multidimensional beings and various spirits, so I am used to tapping into some part of the unknown world. I invited Casper Montgomery on my radio show to come and talk to me about the society and his own experiences of ayahuasca. It was an interesting interview and we talked about his ayahuasca experience as well as mushrooms and peoples perception of these psychedelics. Unfortunately, the topic was considered too close to the bone as I sounded as if I was advocating the use of drugs. Through the show I kept saying I do not advocate the use of illegal drugs but actually I do believe that plant medicine, when used correctly, can support people with addictions, anxiety, stress etc in the right doses and taken with the right support. I was taken off the air and asked to retrain. I kindly declined as I don’t like being told what I can and can’t talk about.

Using plant medicine has become increasingly popular over the years, ayahuasca, kambo and microdosing on mushrooms are old but new ways of tapping into our often hidden unconscious part of ourselves. I would have loved to have gone to Peru to try ayahuasca but unfortunately the opportunity never presented itself. However, the idea of being sick into a bucket on purpose doesn’t hold much appeal. Kambo is supposed to be great for removing toxins from the body and purging, again lots of puking. So when a friend of mine reached out and asked me if I wanted to go on a journey with mushrooms, I said yes. All in the name of trying new spiritual experiences of course 😊

What happened?

I took two capsules at home. My children were at their dads, so you know I am a responsible parent. Don’t get high with kids around! I must have a slow metabolism as I couldn’t really feel anything at first. About an hour later my friend checked in and asked how I was feeling. Yeah fine, I said just listening to some music and chilling out. He asked me if I wanted to do a meditation with him and see if we could meet on the astral plane. I listened to a mantra he sent and could see myself and him in my minds eye. We walked along a pathway and in my mind I drew a merkebar, it looked like a purple line in the sky. This 2d model then turned into a 3D model. We walked around the outside of this merkebar and I asked him where the door was to get in. You create it in your own mind he said. I drew a door and opened the door into the merkebar. Inside was a huge space and we both sat down in the middle facing each other. I then felt a strong pull in my heart chakra. Not long after we started to do this beautiful, coordinated, energetic dance. You know like those ones you watch on YouTube and wonder how they are so in sync. Our dance finished and I saw myself belly dancing, really well. If you have seen me dance you will know I don’t really do elegant or graceful dance but I was awesome in this scene. We eventually left the space and when we were outside I asked him why we had met and he told me you’re not meant to know everything Lindsay. That’s me told then. I came out of the meditation and shared with him my experience. His reaction? Mind Blown lol.

I then had a bath and as I was sat drying my hair in front of the mirror I did some scrying. This is where you sit staring at your face in the mirror. It sounds weird but it is a great way of connecting with spirit. What came through was a number of things. The first was that my face disappeared and I could see the stars and galaxies in me, making me even more aware that we are ‘starseeds’, beings of the stars and galaxies. My thoughts then drifted to the channellings with Joan of Arc and Cleopatra and the realisation that they are within me and I was within them as we are all energy and connected. I started to feel a bit queasy so went to bed but as my eyes were closed, I just kept laughing. I couldn’t sleep and it was about 3 hours before I finally fell asleep. I enjoyed my experience and feel in a circle environment it would be more powerful. To be guided through a meditation and utilising the plant medicine in ceremony as opposed to by myself would I feel be a much grander experience.

I do believe that plant medicine has its place in todays society as it used to all those eons ago. Plants are here for a reason and we wouldn’t have cannabis or mushrooms if they were “bad” for us. The reason they are Class A drugs is because the powers that be don’t want us to be able to access the true power and knowings of our inner mind, for if everyone saw that, the world would be a much more beautiful and colourful place.

As I write this I know I am meant to explore this further, as a way to support others in their spiritual awakening and journey. I have begun to read Psychedelic Mysteries of the Feminine and even reading the introduction there is a strong pull in my heart, like a remembering, this is what you are called to do. The Universe has kindly reminded me of many shamanic ways and tools through the healing work and circles I do and this feels like the next step on my journey.

If you have had your own experience or interested in learning more do comment below or drop me an email

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