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Attending a paranormal investigation

The last time I attended a paranormal investigation was about 10 years ago. I was living in Peterborough and had started to become interested in spirits, after visiting a medium. It was a fabulous experience and from what I remember there was definitely evidence of spirit in the way of voices being heard and footsteps in a corridor.

When I found out that there was a new Paranormal Research group in York, I got in touch with them as I was super excited that living in one of the most haunted cities in the UK there would be a chance to visit some of the buildings with an experienced team.

Merchant Adventurers Hall

When I saw they would be investigating the Merchant Adventurers Hall, I jumped at the chance of going. The Merchant Adventurers Hall in York was built in 1357. I honestly can’t believe that this building still exists! If you are ever in York I highly recommend a visit. According to it’s website, “The Great Hall is where the Medieval merchants first gathered to conduct their business and to socialise. The Undercroft used as an almshouse to help the sick and the poor until as late as 1900. The Chapel offering spiritual care to the merchants and the inmates of the almshouse.”

Even though York is extremely haunted, the chance to actually investigate the buildings are few and far between. I was greeted by Claire with a warm welcome. There was 10 of us in total. Cameras and microphones had been set up around the building, to see what could be picked up. We walked into the chapel area and Kevin asked for a volunteer to be a human pendulum. I offered straight away even though I had no idea what it meant. I stood in the middle of the circle. I closed my eyes, as it was a bit intimidating having strangers watch me. Kevin told me to relax and started with asking spirit to show them yes. I felt my body lean slightly to the left. When he asked for a no I felt myself leaning to the right. Kevin then started to ask a series of questions. Nearly every time my body would lean left or right. We connected with a male spirit called Thomas. In my mind I got the year 1687, but we couldn’t confirm this at the time of writing. The only time I didn’t move was when Kevin asked him if he had done anything ‘dodgy’ in his dealings. Thomas refused to answer lol. One of the other participants then went into the centre. A lady spirit came through who had been a nurse during the time when the building was used as a hospital. Kevin asked her a few questions and asked her if she wanted to be moved to the light. She said yes and as Kevin moved her on, the chap became quite emotional.

We then went and sat at the other end of the Great Hall. Myself and another lady felt the spirit of a boy who was quite playful. We were using pendulums to ask him questions and a spirit box. ( If you watch Ghost Adventures, it is what Zak uses when he is investigating places) Nothing came through on the spirit box. Kevin again moved this boy into the light as he wanted to pass.

Tools to speak to spirit

Using a combination of tools meant that as guests we got to experience different ways of communicating with spirit and gathering evidence. We used a planchett and the drawings looked like an eagle. We asked for some initials and we couldn’t tell exactly what they were, maybe a DP? Or DT? A planchett is a writing tool used to communicate with spirits. Everyone places a finger on it and it moves by itself. There was definitely noone pushing it.

My favourite tool of the evening with an amazing result was a tablet, which ‘maps’ out a human body. A bit like when you have an Xbox kinect. It can see where you are standing. There was 4 of us upstairs. I stood in front of a court style box. The 3 ladies in front of me were recording a video. They had me and could see me on screen. A joke was made and they all started laughing. I felt inclined to tell them off. I told them, I am being told that you need to be serious. I am including the video for you to see. My right hand went cold. Then tingly as I could feel someone with me. I felt it was a serious chap. Several of us had been experiencing pain in our shoulders and back of the head all night and I felt it was this chap coming through. I am just waiting for confirmation that I can share this video with you.

The other awesome thing that happened was that the team had put a tray with old one penny pieces on top of a chest. We had asked several times if they could be moved. We heard a few noises then moved upstairs to investigate. When we first came down I looked at the coins and thought that’s unusual. I couldn’t remember there being a small penny in the corner. It was tarnished and very green looking. I thought nothing of it until someone else piped up that there was an extra coin there. Like I said there are webcams set up so no one could have physically put it there without someone seeing it.

For me, as someone who believes there is a life after death, I didn’t go as someone who needed proof. I went because I love finding out people’s stories and how the spirits are connected to buildings. I was given plenty of opportunities to ask spirit questions and to be involved in the investigation, which was great. Kevin and Claire very much encourage you to be involved. Like Kevin said, it is your investigation as much as ours. So, if you watch Most Haunted or Ghost Adventures and think I’d love to have a go, why not check out their events and pretend you are Yvette, Karl or Zak! You won’t regret it.

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I’d love to hear if you have ever been on a paranormal investigation and what you found. Get in touch!


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