Past life regression- why it is important to know who you were in a past life

How do I access my past life?

Normally I would recommend not thinking about your past and concentrating on the here and now. Practising mindfulness is good for being focused and reducing stress and anxiety. But what about past lives? I am a huge believer in reincarnation. Having read so many books and articles about children, especially, who have talked about their past lives, including my own children, I do believe we all have past lives.

As adults it can be difficult to remember them. Often people might try listening to a meditation to connect to a past life or visit a hypnotherapist who can guide you through the process.

Your spirit returns to learn lessons it may not have had a chance to do in previous lives. You may be with members of your family and you may have lived together previously but with different relationships. You may have been reunited again in this life because they did something bad to you in a past life and they are here to make amends in this life, or you may have another karmic connection.

I believe that the spirit keeps returning until it is enlightened and has learnt the lessons it needs to. If you are going through a particularly tough patch in your life this is useful to remember. We decided to learn the lessons in this life before we came here. Knowing this helps us to take responsibility for our own lives.

My own past life experience

Hypnosis can be used to guide you into a meditative state to remember who you were in a previous life. I was hypnotised in 2009. I lay on a treatment bed. She talked me into a meditative state. Then she asked me, “What are you wearing on your feet?” I thought, “You know what I’ve got on my feet, socks!” Then I realised that she was asking about my past life. Straight away I could see black boots.

She asked what else I was wearing. Red jodhpurs, a black jacket. I had a beard and this awful wiry black hair. I was a soldier. I was living in a small cottage in the woods with my wife and daughter. I felt as though it was my duty to serve the king and queen so I went off fighting. When I returned the enemy had burnt down the cottage where my family had been living. The hypnotist asked me where I was. The word ‘Dordogne’ appeared in my head. My geography isn’t great and I never even knew that was an actual place! I was truly surprised when she told me it’s in France! She asked me what I was meant to learn from that lifetime into this lifetime. I said I felt as though I had prioritised my work over my family in that life and I didn’t need to do it again in this lifetime. That has been a valuable message for me as I make life decisions. I have also seen myself as a Lemurian priestess.

Children and past lives

My son was five when he told me about his other mother. He said she was pretty. He talked about living in York before but that he didn’t live in a house as big as this. His dad’s name was Stephen and he had two sisters, Lucy and Madge. He told me he lived in London too. My daughter from the age of two kept talking about Meany and Tomas. She was obsessed with ballet. When she was about two and a half she asked me to do ballet with her. I tried doing what I thought were ballet poses only to be told, “That’s not proper ballet mummy!”

When children first start to talk, listen carefully to what they say. Ask them questions and make notes for when they are older. Sometimes an imaginary friend may actually be a spirit with them. There are some fascinating cases out there of young children remembering past lives.

How does understanding about past lives help?

In the past life when I was the soldier I was working crazy long hours and rarely saw my family. I was working down in Peterborough and they were in Newcastle. I saw them maybe three or four times a year. Getting the message that essentially there is more to life than work was huge for me. Wisdom from past lives can make you look at your life from a different perspective. It can make you aware of any issues you have in relationships with certain people and potentially the reasons why. It can also help you focus on any lessons you are intended to learn in this lifetime.

Learning about your own past life can help you to understand your life now. It may be that suddenly you have developed a phobia of flying for example at 38. In a past life you may have died in a plane crash at 38. Not everything that goes on with us physically and emotionally can be explained from your current life. One client was having trouble expressing her truth and her throat chakra felt blocked. I saw that in a past life she had been a witches apprentice and had been persecuted for her beliefs, so was struggling to express herself in this lifetime.

Do you know who you were in a past life? Or maybe you have had a past life regression? I would love to hear your stories!

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