121 Soul Guidance session


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What is a Soul Guidance session?

This is where we first meet via Zoom. It is a chance for us to see what is coming up for you right now and what blocks may be stopping you from fully stepping into your power.

This one hour session is purely led by intuition. Wherever you feel stuck on your spiritual journey or path this is where we get to explore it together in more depth. No two sessions are ever the same as we are all unique in our energetic make up.

My sessions have brought clarity, insight and transformation for people. I act as a soul catalyst. This may be the beginning of your spiritual journey, or you may have reached a fork in the road. The insights I offer are without ego and judgement. I often find myself channelling messages from Source/the Universe/Spirit which are for you.

I use a variety of tools to help you throughout our session. These are whichever I feel is most needed for you.

My commitment is to your higher self’s greatest good.

To book your slot click hereĀ https://calendly.com/lindsaybanks/spiritual-guidance-121

I look forward to working with you x


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