A Gentle Hug for the Soul

A Gentle Hug for the Soul, came about through losing my best friend to cancer, followed by a painful divorce. I was lucky that I had access to a variety of tools which helped me get through an extremely difficult time. Once I came through it I sat down to write and this is the result.

In March 2019 it won an award in the Soul&Spirit Book Awards 2019. Highly commended for Best Real Life Spiritual story. It has been ‘dropped’ in over 13 countries now, where friends have taken it abroad and left it for someone to enjoy. It has appeared at an Ed Sheeran concert in Leeds, visited reindeers in Lapland and found a home in Australia. If you would like to preview the book you can do so below


Book Reviews

Check out what Hannah had to say about A Gentle Hug for the Soul here https://pagesplacesandplates.wordpress.com/2019/08/26/a-gentle-hug-for-the-soul/

There are now several ways that you can join A Gentle Hug for the Soul family!

Become a Gentle Hug for the Soul Ambassador

There are several ways you can be an ambassador. One is to share my posts and tweets, tagging anyone who you feel may be interested in the topics I talk about. If you use twitter or IG then you can use the hashtag #agentlehugforthesoul in your own posts

Encourage readers to share photos of their books in different places or if they are heading off on trips around the world. These pics will then be put on a Pinterest Board to see where the book goes.

You can purchase multiple copies of my book and earn a % on all sales of my book or selling my book can earn you credit towards online or offline workshops with myself.

Become a Gentle Hug for the Soul Practitioner

Having spent the last 10 years working with energy and learning Reiki, crystal healing and various other energy modalities, I realised that the sessions I was offering were more than Reiki. It is a combination of tools that I have learnt and I have decided to share these with you.

We will spend the day learning the tools I use. These include Reiki, Crystal Healing and sound/vibration work. We will be doing meditations to clear our own energy systems.

There will be manuals available which I will send to you online afterwards ( more eco friendly) The day will be very practical focused.

This course is not accredited or recognised by any ‘official’ organisation. Having been a member of a certain Reiki federation for 10 years I was offered no support or guidance. I spent nearly £1000 on being a member. I can send you a certificate of attendance as it will count towards CPD work, if you need one.

This course is about allowing you to tune into your energy, to feel your own energy and start exploring others energy. How do you read someone else’s energy?

Become a Gentle Hug for the Soul Workshop Facilitator

More details on this coming soon……

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