Who am I?

Originally from Newcastle, I left home at 19 and headed to Mexico to teach English. It was an AMAZING experience and gave me the bug for travelling, not only that but connecting! I have always enjoyed talking to people and finding out their stories and the fact that I could now travel abroad and connect with even more people to me was just inspirational. I came home and headed to Manchester, where I studied International Business. This course also included a gap year to study in Hong Kong. I got to travel to Thailand twice, the Phillipines, China and later Japan. I went to work for a major retailer once I graduated, my 75th job application. I am nothing if not determined. Lived down in Peterborough for a while and ended up working at a store less than a mile away from where my Grandad Monty had been born! Left there and started a family and moved to York. My life in a nutshell!

My Spiritual Awakening

I lost my best friend, Lisa to cancer on my 36th birthday. Several months later I started going through a divorce process and living together for a six month period. I moved house with my children and 12 months later was facing homelessness. Thankfully I found somewhere a week before I was due to move out. These huge life experiences happened to me within an 18 month period. The loss of my friend woke me up to life. I had become emotionally numb to life. I couldn’t remember the last time I had cried or laughed or allowed myself to feel any emotions. I had suppressed them and pushed them far away. Some people talk about a dark night of the soul. It is a misleading term as this doesn’t happen in a night, it can last weeks or months. It feels heavy. Tears come. I was lucky. I had a set of tools that I used to get me through this dark time in my life. I shared these in my book, A Gentle Hug for the Soul as I wanted people to know what was out there to help them. I feel as if these tools can provide a basic solid foundation for getting through this Dark Night of the Soul.

I am sharing this video which I made with Paul Robinson which shows a bit of the work I do with people and what a spiritual mentor is


Post awakening

I would love to say that’s it. You awaken and life is simple, a bed of roses, whatever analogy you want to use. It isn’t. The awakening of your soul is just the beginning. The beginning of your own spiritual journey, which will take you through many bends and turns and there will be many opportunities to heal.

My own spiritual journey has continued and developed since my initial awakening, and I have recently came through another Dark Night of the Soul. This time I was slightly more prepared! As the Universe/Upstairs/Source continues to guide me on my path I continue to write down my experiences and the tools so they will become a guide for others. My hope is that when my children are older and read it, it helps them make sense of who they are at a soul level.

As we awaken ourselves to who we truly are, we become more at peace with ourselves. When we stop doing what we think we should be doing and instead learn to be who we truly are.

When we heal ourselves, we are also healing our relationships, our family, our children, our friends, our colleagues. 

My core values

  • I communicate with integrity and authenticity
  • I channel energy and spirits with kindness and openness
  • I create with love, honesty and fun
  • I work on me so I can be the clearest conduit for energy and spirit

Resources available to you

I have a YouTube channel where I cover topics as well as interviewing other spiritual experts about their journey here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxtIoMYTXPLh2Y3zLYqGVxw?view_as=subscriber

I write a newsletter, full of tips and hints and upcoming workshops which you can subscribe to at the bottom of the page

You can read my book, A Gentle Hug for the Soul, available here A Gentle Hug for the Soul: Providing comfort and reassurance in times of need

I also collaborated with 9 other authors and contributed a chapter to a book called Women are Roses which is available here

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