Lindsay in the Media

Part of my Soul Plan is to be seen and to be seen in the media. This isn’t to fulfil my ego but to fulfil my purpose. To share stories of spirituality and spread seeds for those on their own spiritual journey.

Lindsay was asked to channel the spirit of George Michael for the Daily Star in December 2019

In January 2020 Lindsay featured in the Sun Fabulous magazine talking about how meditation helped her through divorce

Having been featured in the local and national press I am happy to speak to journalists in front of and behind the camera about a wide range of topics including and not excluding:
Spirituality, Reiki, Crystals, Tarot, Festival experiences, Entrepeneurship, Running a spiritual business, Resilience, From Retail to Reiki, Spiritual Awakening, Channelling multidimensional beings., The Spiritual Journey

On Thursday Oct 10th I created an event to raise awareness for World Mental Health Day 2019. I spoke to That’s York TV about the reasons behind it


I have appeared on numerous podcasts including The Human Conversation with Jules White

I spoke to Ros Jones about running a spiritual business, going through a divorce and losing my best friend to cancer;

Speaking with Jonathan Cowap at BBC Radio York about being a spiritual entrepeneur

Appearing as a guest with Dale Tobin

In this episode I speak with Emily Smith of Dare to Fly about Pleidians, multi dimensional beings, spiritual awakening and the resistance!

What is a Spiritual Entrepeneur? I spoke to BBC York on what this meant

I spoke with the fabulous Shanna and Mande of Sense of Soul podcast about channelling the Pleidians and my spiritual journey so far. Highly recommend a listen



Resources available to you

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