Angel Card Readings

Angel cards, for me, have a softer, more gentle energy than tarot cards. They provide support and guidance and tend to offer nurturing messages.

Naomi had a reading done and had this to say

“Had an amazing Angel Cards reading tonight and it was really (spookily) accurate. Yes it is Halloween but wow that was fab. Great to get an indication of direction I need to go. Thank you Lindsay”

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot card readings can often ask you to face up to a situation in your life that you need to deal with. There are certain cards that people worry about such as the Death card. The Death card means new beginnings, it doesn’t mean that you are going to die.

This was what Paris said about her tarot card reading

“Absolutely amazing what I was told! I listen to my audio recording all the time and it brings me so much peace! Everything was so insightful and crazy to hear as it was so accurate! I will be back asking questions for every aspect of my life I think 😂❤️so worth the money!”

Tarot Card Reading

Energy Readings

Just like when I am performing a 121 healing session I tune into your energy and ask what you need to know for your physical body. Which of your chakras are aligned and which aren’t and what you can do to bring yourself back into balance. I can do this in person or via distance.

Past Life Readings

Who were you in a past life? Have you ever wondered? In these readings I offer an insight into a past life and what lesson you need to learn from that lifetime in this one. These readings last approx 10-15 minutes and cost £20.

Akashic Record Readings

Everyone has an Akashic record. It is like a book which contains everything about you in it. From when your soul first chose to incarnate on this planet to when you pass. I delve into these records to find out more about your soul.

  • Who are your spirit guides?
  • What challenge did you choose in this lifetime?
  • Who were you in a past life?
  • What does your future you look like?
  • These readings are written up for you and sent over via email. They last approx 30-45 mins and cost £75

I offer 121 readings in person/online/ in groups or for corporate events. I record all of my readings and email or WhatsApp them to you, I also send a copy of the cards I picked for you. I am often asked how I do this when you aren’t in the same country. I simply set the intention when I shuffle the cards that I am doing the reading for you.

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Are tarot readings accurate?

Honestly I would say more or less. The reason I say this is that sometimes spirit will just give you, as the reader, an image or a word. the images can sometimes be symbolic. What an elephant symbolises to me may mean something else to you. So in the terms of Catchphrase I try as much as possible to just say what I see or hear.

Can anyone do tarot card readings?

Yes. Tarot cards are basically a tool to use to help connect us with upstairs/source/spirit/universe/ whatever you want to call it

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch. I do weekly Pay As You Feel readings live on my facebook page Wednesday 8pm GMT at


If you would like to see an example of my readings I have started doing readings for the collective every Monday over on my YouTube channel. Check it out here


I often get asked which cards I use to do readings so I have included them below for you.