These are just some of the testimonials I have received in 2020. I am always grateful to be a stepping stone in peoples spiritual awakenings and their journeys. Working through intuitive guidance and facilitating healing too.

“What you did for me was help put me on a journey to finding my true path/purpose – you guided me and gave me space to speak about all the stuff that was going on in my head and whilst I didn’t end up doing a lot of the stuff I had planned, having that space opened up opportunities I would never have imagined or thought of. I was so terrified of being visible when I started working with you and I mean this is a totally un-boasty way but since working with you I have had poems published in a book, contributed a chapter to another book that is being pulled together now, done an interview about my experience of trauma as part of the relax kids summit, have written my own book that I am in the process of publishing and have another on the go (my one for Martin House), I have applied for a programme and been accepted into it following a selection process that put me way out of my comfort zone and I am beginning to explore and connect with my spiritual side again after keeping it buried for so long. I can’t quite put into words what it is you do but I know that none of this would have happened if We hadn’t done those sessions – we spoke about what I thought I wanted but you helped me find my true path instead. I honestly would not have got here without those sessions and I am sure I will need many more as I navigate all this further!! I think you have a super power for creating transformation – it was like we got all of the conscious mind stuff out there in the sessions so the deeper stuff could flow freely and you helped me to understand channeling and many other things. I can’t thank you enough 💜 x” Kirsty

“You give me knowledge in areas that I’m lacking and confidence to believe in my own abilities. To trust myself and a ‘higher power’ but most of all, not to be afraid of asking for help” Rachel

“I must admit about the advice you gave me about singing and dancing was great but at that time I didnt feel comfortable saying but I have advanced SLE with organ damage and Antiphospholipid syndrome causing mini strokes, clots in my lungs etc so I couldnt dance as I’m bedbound to a hospital bed in my living room and get breathless when I sing due to my lungs being damaged and left in such poor condition infact all of my organs have/are being attacked due to the SLE (Lupus) however your advice about writin it down was brilliant eventhough the osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia made it hard I done it.. I have been feeling back to my old self and have given some amazing readings and I really believe given I’ve had 2 more mini strokes TIAs since we last spoke on here I’m starting to believe when I’m having strokes that I’m half here and half with spirit and I’d love to hear your opinion on this but you got me back doing what I love by helping me release a lot of pain and anger so thank you Lindsay 👍🙏🏻🌈” Emma

“Oh my Goodness. I don’t know how you do this. I really don’t… and over WhatsApp!! You couldn’t have been more specific, insightful or helpful.  What seems to be a jumbled mess to you, makes perfect sense to me. Especially about me ‘walking away from financial security which isn’t really financial security’ – which you were struggling to explain! This reading left me with no questions or queries.” Danni