The Awakening Collective

What is the Awakening Collective?

The Awakening Collective is my paid membership group where you will find

  • Monthly energy updates for the collective followed by Q&A
  • Weekly check ins to hear about your journey
  • Private tribe groups for plant medicine and spiritual businesses
  • Be the first to hear about EXCLUSIVE events
  • A VIP invite to my next book launch
  • Connection and community with other like minded individuals
  • Spiritual support through your journey
  • A space to ask questions and share experiences with people who won’t think you are crazy
  • My experiences that come up for me as I go through my day to day life as a mum in the 3D world

You get 3 days free trial. Join for only $9.95 per month just click below

We have just launched our Awakening Collective online bookstore which has a number of lists to help you find the spiritual books for you Included in the membership is our brand new book club! For only $9.95 per month you get everything above PLUS access to our monthly zoom call to discuss the books for that month. You can cancel at anytime and there will be no hard feelings.

There are more plans in the pipeline to grow our membership site and add to the offerings. We already have private tribe groups for plant medicine and spiritual businesses.