The Benefits of Breathwork- Guest post by Sarah Hunter

This guest blog comes from Sarah Hunter. It isn’t a topic I know much about which is why when Sarah offered to write about the importance of breathwork and how it can be transformational I jumped at the chance. I hope you enjoy her post!


There are a few different forms of breathwork, known as Rebirthing, Holotropic, Transformational and Liberation. As well as breathing techniques such as the Wim Hof method and pranayama in yoga. Breathwork is a powerful therapy that improves mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. You are guided through altering the breathing pattern and bringing awareness to your breath to bring about a sustained, rhythmic breathing cycle.

Breathwork brings about an altered state of awareness, much like meditation and there are not only physical health benefits but also emotional and spiritual. By creating a sustained, rhythmic breathing cycle, you open up the breathing mechanism, allowing for many improvements. The meditative like state promotes a connection to your subconscious, releasing blocks, promoting acceptance and allowing you to understand behaviours and beliefs in a new, more positive way. Today I will be talking about rebirthing breathwork.

Benefits of breathwork

There are many benefits to breathwork. From resolving inner issues and increasing self awareness, to reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. It will reduce PTSD symptoms, insomnia, reduce pain and enable you to process and heal physical and emotional trauma. It can also boost our immunity, increase your energy, your self confidence as well as elevating your mood and self esteem.

Why is breathwork different to other therapies?

A lot of main stream therapies include only conversation, questions and accessing the logical part of the mind. However the powerful shifts occur when you access the deeper levels of the subconscious. This is the place where patterns, beliefs, and unresolved issues are held. You gain an altered state of awareness during the breathwork session, allowing for a greater resolution of issues, acceptance and the ability to process and move forward.

A simple practice

A simple breathing exercise you can do at home, would be 20 connecting nose breaths. Using only your nose to inhale and exhale but without any pauses. So you would breath in and at the end of the in breath immediately exhale. Just before the end of exhale you would begin the next inhale so it creates a continuous breath. Like a beautiful circle of breathing. This would be a beautiful way to begin or to end a meditation to allow you to go even deeper.

My journey with breathwork

My journey with breathwork began when I was introduced to it during a group program I was in. Shortly after I was invited to join the training course and I knew it was the therapy I’d been looking for to sit alongside my Hypnotherapy. I am now trained to practice rebirthing breathwork. The beauty I think in breathwork, is that no matter how much other therapy you’ve done, it will illuminate things in you that you had long forgotten. It allows you to heal experiences and memories that had been locked away so that you can truly move forward and let go of the past. The moment I knew the breathwork was transformative for me, was when I released the memory of an accident where I broke my back. I was guided to release the sadness, the physical and emotional pain my body had been holding onto, and afterwards realised how different my back felt, how different my whole body felt. I have since had the most amazing visions and experiences during breathwork sessions, and it is something that I love to guide my clients through, because you can see the change happening right in front of you. There is so much healing when you allow the breath to guide you.

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