The Importance of Doing Nothing

How many of you have a To Do list?

Being self employed and a mum I regularly have To Do lists. Last week I really struggled to focus. I had loads to do and my to do list was getting longer, but all I wanted to do was to sit down and catch up on Made In Chelsea, of which I missed the whole season last year as I was busy working. So instead of cracking on I allowed myself time to watch it. I allowed myself time to finish Light is The New Black, which is an amazing book by Rebecca Campbell and I highly recommend. I allowed myself to watch a movie, Bad Santa, bit late but never mind. I allowed myself time to meditate. I allowed myself time to have a personal training session, which I had won. I allowed myself time to enjoy being with the kids, playing in the park and baking cakes.

Allowing ourselves to step away from our To Do list and just be is a really important stage in our lives. We need to have moments of nothingness, where our brain just switches off, away from our businesses, our family, our homes. Sometimes out of this nothingness can come great ideas, an initiative, some spark. When we are ready we can then go back to our to do lists and crack on with the list, being even more productive than we were before. Constantly immersing ourselves in social media or work brings no benefits.

So Just for Today do nothing. Relax. Put away your to do list. Allow yourself to be… wherever and whatever that looks like.

Let me know what your favourite ways of doing nothing are!

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