The Spiritual Journey

What is The Spiritual Journey?

Don’t talk about the woo woo, I was told at a speaker training event I attended several years ago.

No-one will listen.

No-one will want to attend this event.

When someone tells you not to do something do you listen?

Or do you trust in your heart that you were born to do this?

That you were meant to share your learnings and experience with others?

That you are as one of the chaps who attended my event says, ‘An Excellent Orator’

Do I have a powerpoint presentation? No

Do I have a structure? I write a few words on what I want to talk about and the rest is down to upstairs

Do I trust that upstairs/spirit will guide me in my work? Yes

And did they? Yes

I could have listened to that person telling me not to talk about woo woo stuff.

I could have retreated into my shell and said he is right, who am I to talk about this?

But you know what? I wasn’t born to listen to others, I was born to listen to myself and trust that this is what I came here to do

To share my own experiences of the Spiritual Journey with others

So they don’t think they are crazy

So they realise that this is something that we all go through at some point in our lives

I speak my truth and empower others to speak theirs

Long may this continue

And thank you Upstairs for continuing to guide me on my journey


The Spiritual Journey is something that many of us come to at various times in our lives. I was told, by upstairs, to firstly create an interview style video with others who had been on their spiritual journeys and how they are now helping others.  Then ‘they’ told me to create an event with the same name. You can check out underneath not only how the first event went but also the interviews I have done too. I would love to hear your thoughts!


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Wishing you well on your spiritual journey x

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