Top 10 Spiritual books to read

Top 10 spiritual books to read. I was asked for some books that I would recommend to support someone with their spiritual development. These are my top 10 books that I personally have read and loved over the last 10 years.

My top 10 Spiritual Book Recommendations

  • A Gentle Hug for the Soul: Providing comfort and reassurance in times of need by me 🙂 Written following my own dark night of the soul where I lost my best friend to cancer then went through a difficult separation and divorce.


  • Dancing Forever with Spirit- Garnet Schulhauser. A fabulous book for anyone who has any questions about upstairs/heaven and what happens when you pass


  • Angels in my Hair- Lorna Byrne. The first book I ever read about Angels which has since allowed me to connect and work with them. A beautiful story of how Lorna came to be visited by them and work with them too. If you are curious about angels this book is a great place to start


  • Rise Sister Rise- Rebecca Campbell. I read this book post separation and it highlighted for me the need for the rise of the divine feminine. I hadn’t even contemplated myself as a feminine being until I read this. A must read for embracing the divine feminine within.


  • Moonology- Yasmin Boland. If you have seen anything on social media about the Full Moon or New Moon and wonder how it can be relevant in your life you need to read this book. Easy to understand and you can start applying the tools straight away!


  • A New Earth- Eckhart Tolle. I remember trying to read the Power of Now about 10 years ago and not really ‘getting’ it. I borrowed this book though and it made so much sense. I took copious notes from it as so much of what he said resonated with my soul about the way to live our life


  • Same Soul: Many Bodies- Dr Brian Weiss. An introduction into reincarnation and how the soul has lived many times before and may live afterwards too. This is one I always hear recommended for anyone interested in reincarnation
  • The Surrender Experiment- Michael A Singer. If you are struggling to surrender to what the Universe has planned for you, this is a fabulous book that can highlight the opportunities and possibilities that open up to you when you surrender to the Universe


  • End of Days- Sylvia Browne. I read this whilst going through my divorce and remember Sylvia prophesising the end of marriage as we know it as it is such an outdated concept. Currently in the news for prophesising the coronavirus. A fabulous medium and seer.


  • Bringers of the Dawn- Barbara Merciniak. This book introduced me to the Pleidians and their teachings for the first time. A simple to read guide which again has some great teachings for your way of being

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I would love to hear which books have helped you on your spiritual journey!

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