United in Freedom, Sovereignty and Power


To all those souls

Choosing to follow the narrative

For without you all

It would not be pushing us

To forge new pathways

And find new ways of being

And living

We are truly grateful that your soul chose to be here now

To be following the rules

And doing as you’re told

For it has brought more of us together

United in freedom, sovereignty and power

We thank you

You have taught us truly

How to stand in our power

To set boundaries

And say no

We aren’t having it

To allow us to express our discontent and happiness

Whereas before we may have stayed quiet

You have helped us to find our voices

And use them

For the good of all

Sharing information with those we know and don’t

You have allowed us to create communities of folk

Who would otherwise have never met

For this we thank you

You see

Although you may feel we are doing ‘wrong’

We are carving a new way of living and working together

To live a life of freedom, sovereignty, empowerment

Not only for us but for you too

And although you may not yet see that

One day you will

And you will feel gratitude too

For the rebels, conspiracy theorists

And the unruly

For those who weren’t afraid to speak up

To speak their truth

And say this is not OK

When the world is united

Working together, with each other and the Earth

And you are ready

There will be a space for you and

We will welcome you with open arms

Without judgement

For we had our path to follow

And you yours

We will be there for you

To hold the space

When you need it

Until then we send you love, compassion and empathy

And thank you from the bottom of our hearts

For sticking to your path

So we may find ours

If we do not happen to meet in this physical lifetime

We will see you on the other side

And greet

As the loving, unique souls we are

We thank you

We love you x

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