Do we die alone?- Jacks departing words

When we die, do we die alone? I have been visited previously by a spirit who passed from suicide, but this time Jack came through to let us know why we needn’t fear dying alone. Here is what happened.

Today I sat in a medium circle online. I had my headphones in and as we went into relaxation I became very aware of the thumping of my heart and the boom boom, boom boom noise it was making. In my minds eye I could see clearly a life support machine and a gentleman lying in a bed. He had an oxygen mask on and was alone. He told me his name was Jack. Suddenly I heard the machine flatline. I asked if anyone in the group could take this gentleman. Nobody could. One lady suggested that it may have just happened. Sometimes this can happen with spirits. Before they transition to the spirit world they visit someone. Normally it is a member of the family but Jack came through with an important message. He was still with me when we finished the group chat so I asked him if he wouldn’t mind helping himself to a cup of tea whilst I did an interview and as soon as I finished I would chat with him. ( You know sometimes when you think life can’t get any weirder than it is right now, and you’re speaking to a spirit in your house asking him to make himself a cup of tea!)

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Jack, aged 64, from Gloucester.

“I needed to speak with you as I have recently left my body. I am aware that there will be many people at this time dying alone. Without their friends, family or loved ones nearby. I wanted you to share this message as I feel it may bring comfort to someone on the earth plane.

Although it may be perceived that when we pass, we are alone this is not true. In my case, my wife had passed before me and she was there to embrace me. My parents stood side by side ready to embrace me too. Before I join them on the spirit side I was told to connect and bring this message to you to share.

Physically your loved one may be alone when they pass. Spiritually they are not. What I felt when the machine flatlined was like an all embracing feeling of love. I wasn’t scared or panicked. I had this knowing that I was going home. I was safe. Loved. For anyone worrying about their loved ones at this time, I hope this message brings reassurance. Tell those you love that you love them every day. As we are all born, we all die.

I will leave those words with you to share. I will now make my transition to the other side and leave you in peace. Thank you for my tea. Goodbye”

He walked out my front door with a wave back. I cried for a short while conscious of the emotions being felt around the world at this time and the wonderful gift Jack had left for others.

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